Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A peeson who doesn't want to achieve nothing in life


I think a person that is not driven or disipline should not attend Lawson State Community College. I say because there is no support system for persons who are just students. Because the facaulty and staff chrildren attend the school, they tend to make sure that their kids get all the help ,counceling, and advise needed. I make sure that I get all the services I need to be successful at my school. I get the help I need because I research and ask for it.


People who do not like loud music, sometimes noisy libraries, and slow application processes should not attend this school. Some of the young males arrive at the school with their music very loud. The library is very noisy unless you go in there early in the morning which is when there are harldy any people at school. The slow application processes mainly go towards the financial aid office. They have you traveling different places at different times to get the papers you need to file and scholarships for financial aid instead of telling you what you need all at once.