Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have been more serious about my grades and work ethics.


The advice I would inform my younger self about would be applying for scholarships, better study habits, and make a budget. I would tell myself to search tirelessly for scholarships like my mother tried to tell me. The more money in a student's pocket, the less stress they have about each semester with tuition, books, and general expenses. I would also inform myself self about working on my terrible study habits. Because procrastination is a great evil as a college student, I would tell myself to push through each assignment, finish early, and have a tutor even if I don't need it. I would finally instruct myself to make a budget for myself. Having money is good, but saving money is better in the long run. I believe with this advice I would have been better prepare for the stress and workload of a college student.


As a high school senior has already completed most of the requirements for graduation, I would mostly encourage myself to stay focused and finish strong, do my best in all my endeavors. It would be important to work really hard, enjoy the last moments and encourage friends to pursue college. I did work the summer of my graduation, so I would encourage myself to do that again ( I learned alot about me and money too). I would volunteer and be active in my community. Developing better study habits is also something I could definitely share. Take the ACT again, even though you don't want to do it. Go to the college of of your own choice. Investigate all financial avenues and apply, apply, apply for scholarships. Most of all I would say reach for the stars and never give up on yourself or your dreams! You can make it!


the advice i would give my self is to keep a level head at all times. also to not take school for granted because i realized how expensive college can be unlike high school was a free education but now kowing my family is not fortunate to send me to college.


The advice that I would give myself as a high school senior now that I am a college student would be to look at alternative resources with the funding of college, maturity level, different view points , and motivation to stay in school consistently. I pick those topics because of the fact that there was not many people to give a lot of resources to help fund my education as a potential college freshman. Secondly, I would have been more mature when first attending college and kept my head in the books instead of working a meanless job. My view points of trying to grow up fast from high school to college level behind the obstacles of discipline that I needed to help me in college. However, I regret that mistake because the discipline would have kept me focus more on education then playing or the attitude of having more time for school later in life. Lastly, I would have stayed motivated to complete my education while I had the chance to be fully funded, but chose to play instead. With looking at my future vs. past, I would have made the wise decision to stay in school for more advancement.


The best advice i would give would to manage your time properly. As a current college student I am having to juggle jobs and school work and it becomes very overcoming. After being stressed and overwhelmed and seeing your grades drop you finally get a plan to change things to work in your favor. I have found that planning is the best way to go. You fail to plan, you plan to fail is my everyday motto dealing with school and life. I have found that making a poster board with my classes and times i choose to study helps very well. It helps me balance everything out smoothly and even leaves me with time for personal stuff. I would tell anyone making the transition to plan, over plan if you have to and be disciplined and focused always and never get discouraged!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college life, I would tell myself, "Buckle down and study as much as possible. Try to make nothing but A's and B's. College life at Lawson State isn't all that bad, but it isn't all that great like I thought it to be. There are not enough parking spaces, some of the classmates are very rude, and the financial aid office is a total mess. Also, you should really put in for as many scholarships as possible. They will come in handy. It also may be very useful if you started looking for a part-time job. That way you'll have some money in your pocket for gas to get back and forth to school. It'll also help you pay for any expenses just in case your financial aid does not cover all of it. The tuition at Lawson may be cheaper than other colleges and universities, but the books are very, very expensive. Take some time out to get yourself organized and well prepared for college. And be sure you research what college you would like to attend after Lawson State!"