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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could tell my high school self a thing or two, I'd start off by saying, "Angel! Stop screwing around!" My senior year in high school I completely blew off, I did the bare minimum just so I could get by. While everyone else was sending out college applications, getting acceptance letters, getting things for dorm rooms, I did nothing. I didn't do homework, I slept in class, I was a complete bum. I allowed myself to be distracted by...well... things I'm not so proud of and because of that I graduated with a low GPA and no idea of what I was going to do next. I would've told myself to focus, to go after what I wanted, and not sit around wasting my life. That way, when I finally did walk across that stage I wouldn't have had that impending feeling of doom I got from knowing my family was ashamed of my procrastination. I would've smiled with confidence because I knew I was going somewhere to do great things and that everyone would be proud of me in the end (and to be honest, that's all I wanted).


Its been amazing


Thinking back fifteen years, knowing the things I know now. I would have told myself don't follow my friends. Everyone is different, and we all have different paths in life. We all should know what our gifts and talents are, therefore we should apply it to the good of our use. If you go to school and major in the something you really don't want to you will never be happy. You should not have other people influence your choice of schools, or your career path. Do what you are comfortable with and what you can handle within your limits.


Make sure not to get into old habits and be more outgoing. Explore the area and get lost on purpose. There are systems in place and not all of them should be exploited nor broken, part of them are actually useful and fun to have.