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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to study more for quizzes and finals because they are more intense in college. I would have also told myself to apply to more than one college to keep my options open and look more into courses of study to narrow down my interests.


Start working on scholarships as soon as junior year. Learn all you can about financial aid and grants. Join as many clubs available that gives you an opportunity to be eligibiable for a scholarship. Join as many sports as possible that gives you a scholarship. Always do good in school to help increase your scholarship opportunity. Create friendships with your teachers, all your teachers, they might be the ones to nominate you for a scholarship or an award that can help you with a scholarship. Plus that are the best ones to proof over your scholarship essays, give you tools and advice on where to find scholarships and how to apply, and give you letters of recommendations. If you work part-time while going to school then talk to your parents about how both you and your parents can help save up for college. College is very expensive (especially when it's your own money that you have to pay fpr it), starting early on saving money is the best thing to do!


Making the transition into the college life is a big step in continuing your education and building a strong foundation for your career; come prepared. Making the move oversees for school is a big sacrifice, leaving home and moving away from family. It's here that independence becomes a major factor and possibly one of the hardest things to experience, especially if done alone. Despite the difference in miles or time zone, whether the loneliness kicks in soon or later, be strong always. Believe in yourself completely; continue to amaze the world in your greatest endeavors. Imagine it being your first and last time to experience the college life, make not only the most but also the very best of the entire event. Study hard. Continue with the goal of ascending from the crowd of sameness to your own stand of greatness. In the end, the reward is a much greater achievement -knowledge. Don't let anything or anyone get in the way of your education. Stay focused and always know that you're taking the opportunity to do things others have only dreamed of doing but have never done. Instill in your heart that you're making everyone proud.