Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Scottsdale Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


What I have gotten out of my college experience is, to be professional, you gotta look professional, talk professional, and act professional. This is valuable because, every job or any career, that you are going to be working at or applying for, they all are looking for people that are professional and well bring more business to there place. All jobs, no matter what kind of a job it is, they all required a professional looks and behavors. Being professional is not all you need to get a job though, you still need the proper skills or education for that feild. This is why I attended this college, is to be more professional, than I already am, and to learn get more education for myself.


I'm going to college currently under a Vocal Scholarship, so I've learned that my time is very valuble. During performance week we rehearse every day after classes with a dinner break inbetween rehearsals. If you want to survive this week you have to finish your homework early, find time to eat and sleep or you easily become sick. with exhaustion. Procrastinating only depletes the quality of the work you'll turn in and makes a worse impression on your proffessors. It's a changing and growing experience through which I've become somewhat of an extrovert, as opposed to my previous reclusive self. I use to never talk in class, just smile and nod, but now I'm cracking jokes and asking questions. My heart no longer races, nor my face turn red when a teacher calls upon my name in class.


I have attended two different colleges to attemp my BA degree in Hospitality Management. I learned that all schools are not created equally, and it is exteremly difficult to balance work life and completion of homework assignments. At the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, I am taking a full load of classes online, which includes a total of twelve asignments a week, plus teaching fulltime. I have learned that I need to better balance my time. It has been a great learning expereince for me because I use my learning expereinces and frustrations to better help understand the students that I teach. I have also learned that a grade is only a number, it is more about what knowledge you have gained from the class. And of course, how you apply your newly gained knowledge.


Well, I would give myself a wake-up call! I would sit down and clearly explain to my 'self 'that I have a natural gift for cooking, and NOW is the time to take my passion, knowledge & experience for cooking healthy organic foods to the next level. To seriously consider the variety of opportunities I can create and make the necessary adjustments in my lifestyle to meet those expectations. I would work diligently with myself to develop my talent and create an outline of what the necessary steps would be to produce a career path in the culinary arts and clearly convey that procrastinating and self-doubt are not luxuries I can afford. Furthermore, I would express how valuable it is to visualize the kind of future I would choose to co-create with my abilities and how to direct my creative energy and passion by putting my point-of-focus on obtaining as much experience during my senior year as I possibly could. Therefore, I shall excel and soar to new heights and bring the sum of my educational experience to fruition; sharing my gift of culinary cuisine with the world.


I would welcome the opportunity to go back in time and give my "high school senior" self advice or career direction. As a younger gal I was very focused on public speaking, if "young me" could experience "adult me" now there would be very little similarity! "Young me" would probably find "adult me" quite hilarious! I would advise "young me" to consider the possibility that they may be interested in a culinary or graphic arts pursuit, be curious about the future. Explore all the careers out there (it's a big world, after all!) that use your natural talents. Don't be afraid to tell your parents that a 4 year college may not be your forte. Don't worry about what other people will think, chase the dreams that make YOU happy. Move far away, the midwest doesn't understand your ideals or outlook on life. And, later when you have that cold that you'll need prescription meds for from the student union, ask the dr. if it will interfere with your birth control. On second thought, strike that last one but be prepared for a wildly joyous ride, she was worth it.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have had a few suggestions about making my transition from high school to college. First, I would have suggested that I waited. Second, I would have looked around for housing a bit more than I did. Finally, I would have gone to my school orientation. My father passed away only 5 months before I started college. I graduated early from high school and instead of allowing myself a break to grieve, I started college almost immediately after my graduation from high school. I would also tell myself to spend a bit more time seeking housing as what I found is comfortable but quite a distance from school. I would have like to selecte something that would have been within walking distance. Finally, I would have talked myself into going to my school orientation. If I had gone, perhaps I would have met a few students there and would have felt more comfortable in classes the first few days. Since I can't go back in time I can only share my experience with others.


To go to culinary school first. Then to have gone on to traditional college. Loving what you're learning makes it more easier to get through the classes. And to have saved every penny I made while working at the same time. If I had done all this, then theoretically I would be done with college, and have the means to start my own business.


In the time between senior and graduation many transitions should have occured but, some changes don't come when needed. If I could go back and talk to myself, I would say that time is short and the military isn't capable of servicing all my needs for college. I would also say,"Stay in the books!". Being smart is the ultimate key to sucess, not only with class but with life and its many situations. Thank you for this opportunity.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to stay focused in my school work because working hard can take you very far in life, making the jump from high school to college not so bad. Not saying that there wont be bumps in the road, but staying focused mentally could mean all the difference. Just a little perserverance , integrity, and character are easy steps to sucess. And lastly, have fun because learning is power!


If I had to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself this: "College is tough, but you can be prepared for it! Join some extracurricular programs similar to your major so that you can be a little more open-minded. You can never learn too much and its great to have a little head start in some new things in school. Networking is great too! The more people you know, the more resources will be available to you. You never know who you'll bump into and who can get you anykind of information. Aside from all of that, be confident in yourself! You can do anything if you really set your mind to it. It will be hard sometimes, but if you have confidence, ambition and a lot of perserverance, you'll do great and you'll be carrying that diploma in no time!"


Be patient with yourself and don't worry about getting all your work done the first time. It takes time to adjust to new classes, new school, new people and being out on your own.


i would have told myself to focus and achieve more than what i did. knowing what i know now i would have tried to exceed a lot more in high school. Joined more clubs, and would have been more involved with my school. i would have tried harder to get a scholarship while the privlege was at my advantage


If i were to go back in time and communicate with myself as a high school senior, i would inform myself of only one thing. I would tell my self to never stop applying for scholarships and to treat scolarships as a partime job. Scholarships are priceless and help pay for schooling, even if I change majors three times. I woud not want to tell myself anything else because i believe going through the transition from high school to college will help decide the outcome of my personality. Going through the rough times has made me stronger and gave me a will to strive for good grades. The one thing i would change is the amount of scholarships i applied for.

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