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The classes are small enough to allow for a personal experience each and every time you attend them. Le Moyne is also really big on service learning and giving back to the community.


Le Moyne College is unique because it is a small school where the faculty and students are able to work easily together and interact. All of the faculty care about the students and they are always there for the students, even in instances when students need to talk to them about issues not related to the class that they teach.


Whats unique about Le Moyn eis that it looks at every student indivdually and does what it can to accomodate its students, whereas other schools i looked at i felt that they did not do this and that students were just a number in their book. With the other schools i looked at i had heard from prior students that they didn't always have to go to class and stuff but with Le Moyne it is different atendence is important and they also encourage you to go out and get involved!


The grounds are beautiful. The background of the green grass against the red bricked buildings are just complimentary of one another. Its a Jesuit campus, but you rarely see any Jesuits (so don't worry if you aren't Chrisitian). The atmosphere is inviting and seems that everyone is joyous., great atmosphere.


The teaching staff is unbeatable. Not only are they renowned experts, but they also respect students as adults. Also, and this is exceedingly unique, the professors meet with students one-on-one becuase they genuinely care about academic performance.


The community based learning. Its like one big family!


The college is known for releasing some of the most gifted and amazing chefs into food industry. The Culinary Institute of America has the title of the most prestiginious college in the world and has a helping and educating learning system in which you will all be started from the same rank, as you all move up. This college is unique and has so much potential for it's students.


Le Moyne College emphasizes community service and offers many opportunities for students to volunteer both on and off campus. These activities promote individual leadership skills, personal integrity, and make rewarding experiences for those who invest themselves. It is a part of the college's spirit. Le Moyne College is a great place to learn about the positive effect each of us can have in the lives of others.


It's a Jesuit school and it emphasizes bettering yourself and your community


I chose Le Moyne College because it is small, Catholic, and able to give each student the attention they deserve. All of Le Moyne's staff and faculty is incredibly helpful, and care about the success of each and all of their students.


The food is pretty good, kind of repetitive but there's always breakfast food, salad bar and a sandwich bar available at every meal. Lots of vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options and the cafeteria staff is always willing to change something for you. Only other meal service-covered food is the Dolphin Den, our version of fast food that's kinda greasy but delicious. Our bookstore is a little overpriced, but it's Barnes & Noble (and on campus) which is nice. We have 1 pizza place and a Dunkin Donuts on campus, but within walking distance of every major restaurant chain. Less than a 10 minute drive to WalMart, Target, BJ's, & Wegmans. Two malls nearby, one within walking distance. Shuttle buses to downtown Syracuse, Carousel Mall and Target run pretty frequently. People who aren't going to like Le Moyne are those who plan on being whorish, since word gets around pretty quick. The alcohol policy can be kinda strict, but it definitely keeps kids safe. Those who want to party will have a good time, but those who don't will have a good time and not even realize what they're missing. The dorms are very clean, architecturally nice and fairly new. The school is rather young but it's definitely growing. Good deal of school spirit, and if we don't have enough for you, then Syracuse basketball sure will, which we usually can buy tickets for at a student price, and a shuttle bus is provided. Weather kinda sucks November thru February, but Dolphy Day is amazinggg and the weather in September and April/May is gorgeous.


Le Moyne professors not only want you to succeed but help you to do so. The supportive learning environment coupled with the outstanding instruction makes this place a great learning environment. And - it is Jesuit, which means you're not just learning in the classroom. Your whole person is educated at this school, and it's something I have really come to value as I have been here.


My school is in general a more friendly, genial place to be. Compared to a lot of the other schols I visited, there's a real, palpable sense of community at Le Moyne.


The size was perfect for me. It's not too small, but it's definitely not big either. It is also very close to home, which I liked because I am tight with my family. I love to play softball, too and they have a great program here. Most importantly, they are well known for their education program, and that is what I hope to do as a career.


It's a small college that teaches with in Jesuit tradition. The classes are very small and the teachers usually learn the of students in a class by the third week.


We have amazing views of the city and shopping surrounds us when we need to relax from busy weekends.


We are spiritual.


The campus is great for being located in the city of Syracuse. It's like its own little community. Also, the population is extremely diverse.


The class sizes are small, and it is easily assessible for you to get help with professors.


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lemoyne is considered one of the best schools in the country and i was accepted to attend, the school allows you to practice whatever religion preforance without judging you on your faith, freshman year everyone is assigned a buddy to help settle you in so the student feels comfortable, the school often communicates with students parents, have lunchens for the parents to get aquainted with each other, lemoyne has a family laid back approach that makes family and students comfortable