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The food is pretty good, kind of repetitive but there's always breakfast food, salad bar and a sandwich bar available at every meal. Lots of vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options and the cafeteria staff is always willing to change something for you. Only other meal service-covered food is the Dolphin Den, our version of fast food that's kinda greasy but delicious. Our bookstore is a little overpriced, but it's Barnes & Noble (and on campus) which is nice. We have 1 pizza place and a Dunkin Donuts on campus, but within walking distance of every major restaurant chain. Less than a 10 minute drive to WalMart, Target, BJ's, & Wegmans. Two malls nearby, one within walking distance. Shuttle buses to downtown Syracuse, Carousel Mall and Target run pretty frequently. People who aren't going to like Le Moyne are those who plan on being whorish, since word gets around pretty quick. The alcohol policy can be kinda strict, but it definitely keeps kids safe. Those who want to party will have a good time, but those who don't will have a good time and not even realize what they're missing. The dorms are very clean, architecturally nice and fairly new. The school is rather young but it's definitely growing. Good deal of school spirit, and if we don't have enough for you, then Syracuse basketball sure will, which we usually can buy tickets for at a student price, and a shuttle bus is provided. Weather kinda sucks November thru February, but Dolphy Day is amazinggg and the weather in September and April/May is gorgeous.

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