Le Moyne College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the work required for classes. It is avery good school and yes, the classes are tough. A lot of writing is required, given it being a liberal arts school, and many core classes such as philosophy and religion are required which can be challenging at times added to main classes for your major.


At Le Moyne, I think the worst thing is the food in the cafeteria, which isn't so bad considering what else could have been the worst thing. Maybe it's because I'm so used to my moms awesome food, but the food just seems so mediocre. There aren't very many options and they serve the same food every week. More variety and options would make it much better. Only the cafeteria food is not so great, though. The Dolphin Den at Le Moyne, which serves food throughout the day and late at night, has pretty good food.


The lack of diversity was definitely the worst thing about my school. I am african-american and I went to a high school similar to Le Moyne is size and racial make-up. Le Moyne was a bit of a last minute choice for me and I did not look at diversity. I am used to being the minority but for someone who is not, I would not recommend Le Moyne.


The food in the cafe is not good, but they have recently added new places to eat on campus that are much better. The gym needs to be expanded with more cardio equipment.


What i would consider the worst thing about is due to the fact that it is such a small insitution i feel that i may be missing out on some of the so called "college life". For instance at bigger colleges or universites some sports teams are huge, but at Le Moyne i feel like we dont really have that school pride and its sad. School pride was very big in the high school i went to and not being able to really experience it at college is unfortunate., but other than that Le Moyne is overall a great school.


I believe the worst thing about my school is probably the expected cost. however, with planning and research you can find scholarships and financial aid to offset the cost to the same as a public school cost.


In my personal opinion, the worst thing about my school is that the food selection is not very desirable. Personally, most of it I find to be un-appetizing. Also, the cost of the school is a major con.


The worst thing about LeMoyne College is getting used to the weather. Syracuse is located in a snow belt and we can get bad weather from November through May. The college makes up for it by trying to have speacial events and activities but one look out the window reminds you that you are in Syracuse.


The worst part of Le Moyne is the lack of food options. The dining hall is only open certain hours. Cafe Nuvo is great while in the academic buildings, but they close very early Fridays. The Den also closes early Fridays, and nothing is open Saturday, with the exception of limited dining hall hours. Between the hours of 1-4 on weekends, there is no place to get food, and also no option from 7 onward until La Casse after dark opens for a few hours, but they open late.


There's not much to do on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights


Sometimes it is hard for commuters to get to know their classmates. this is a result of limited access to the dorms, so commuters are sometimes at a disadvantage


Not very diverse, and does not have many extra-curricular activities.


I would have to say the worst thing about Le Moyne is the process of registering for the following semester. If you have an early time to register, then you're fine. However, if you do not then the site often freezes and it is just a hassle. Students who live on campus have the comvenience of going to Registrar for assistance, but commuters have the risk of getting shut out of a class due to the website freezing, so definitely plan ahead during the days of registration!!


Theres not enough on campus jobs


I belive that the financial aid office is probably the worst thing about this school. I think that they don't quite understand that some students, like myself, can barely afford to come here because we have other bills to pay like car insurance and cell phone and our parents can't afford to help us with anything because they can barely take care of themselves. It's too bad that people can struggle so much to make themselves a better future and the financial aid office won't bother to help their students out a little more.


The worst thing about this campus would be the nonreligous atmosphere. Even though this is a Catholic school, there are very few students aas well as professors who attend church regularly.


When you are a transfer student it is really hard to make friends. It is also difficult for a commuter to make friends.


not enough acedemic scholarships


Food can be awful, Res life can be a pain in the ass, and sometimes you get stuck with bad professors


I really do not have much to say in terms of bad things about Le Moyne. While I love all of the professors at Le Moyne, they could do some tweaking with their adjunct faculty. Many of them are excellent but a few can be quite boring with tedious homework assignments that leave you just as confused as when you started and offer very little help at first (I think these teachers like to see us squirm). Some of the administrative departments can be a little frustrating to deal with depending on which one. They do a great job though.


I could not stand the people in many of the offices who did not do their jobs properly. I also had some bad professors.


How the Jesuit tradition still instills a conservative spirit. There is no sex education or safe-sex promotion, there is gender-segragation in the dorms, and sometimes in jesuit-taught classes I feel pressured to act as if I believe in something I am against...


There are not tons of things to do off campus aside from drinking/partying. The college does do a good job offering on campus things, however.