Le Moyne College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love Le Moyne! I think one of the best things it has to offer is the location. Initially I was a little bummed that there was no "college town" feel, but once you learn how to use the public transportation/ school transportation/ have your own car, there is SO MUCH TO DO! Right down the road is Erie Blvd., which if you don't already know features just about every store imaginable. There are a variety of restaurants on the Blvd. too. Within 5 minutes away is a medium sized mall, and about 10 minutes away is the soon to be biggest mall in the USA. (Or so they say... regardless it's still an awesome mall!) There is also a nearby zoo, an imax theater, outdoor ice skating in the winter, and also SU basketball games (a huge thing for those of us in CNY!) Le Moyne even offers tickets at a discounted price and sometimes free, to these games. With all these different activities in the area, I still usually find myself just hanging out with friends watching a movie, playing bingo or something that the school puts on (they give away great prizes-- like flat screen tvs!), and sleeping..welcome to college! One thing I would change though, is the school cafeteria. By change I mean, I would add another one. There is only one main cafeteria on campus, and it's pretty centralized, but there are one freshman, and two mixed upperclassmen dorms that are kind of far away. (And by far away I honesty mean a five minute walk max but still, if you know anything about winters in upstate NY, then you will understand!) There are alternative places to eat other than the caf, but there is also a field behind the freshman and one of the upperclassmen dorms that I think would make a great space for another one!


In a nutshell: sorta small, it'll feel big at first but you eventually recognize most people. People go here from all over: mostly the Northeastern US but I know students from California, Nebraska, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We're sort of seen as SU's smaller sibling, since we share the city of Syracuse with them. Administration is very concerned with the students, and is always looking for new ways to improve the campus...especially the residence halls and athletics! Also: the food is pretty good, I can't lie. We're probably most well known for our basketball team beating Syracuse's basketball team, and for our spontaneous spring all-day party, Dolphy Day.