Le Moyne College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that wants to be pushed to work hard and learn the matieral to earn their degree.


The person that fits best at lemoyne is someone who wants to be a part of a close-knit community. Also a person who expects to have more one on one time with professors would love lemoyne. A lemoyne student has to have good social skills and wants to leave a mark at their school, not just be a number.


Someone who is looking for a place where they can make close connections with professors and make life-long friendships, should come here. I love my school because of this. I feel that I get one on one help from professors. It is a home away home for me, where I feel safe and comfortable.


Any curious students that find all aspects of learning and growing as a person, not just a student or professional, interesting and important.


The kind of person that should attend Le Moyne College is open-minded and driven. This person should be interested in developing their lives academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. The kind of person that should attend this school should be willing to try new things, live life to the fullest and to push themselves to live up to their full potential.


Any student! Its a great college which is very open to everyone. There is something for anyone to do. I believe that anyone could attend my school and have a great and wonderful experience!


Someone looking to learn about themselves and figure out what he/she wants to do in life through in-class experience. Someone willing to take advantage of opportunites that are available on campus


One who is serious about their education, making connections and definitely who is not into large crowds.


A person who likes a small close knit school, where they can be invovled in a variety of activities and sports.


A person who will not give up when a ten page report is due. An individual who will drive himself to their intellectual limits.


A person who has enough money without help from the school.


The type of person that likes to focuse merely on studies and do well. The type of person that does not perfer big classrooms with more one on one with the professors.


Someone who does not care about a weekend social life and really only wants to focus on their school work, because the classes are fairly challenging (unless you are something along the lines of a theatre, or poly sic major), and there is really nothing to do at all around the campus epecially on the weekends.


A person who is willing to work and have fun at the same time.


Someone used to a small school atmosphere, who wants a well rounded education.


Someone looking for education, business, or medical jobs. The location of the college makes it easy for many diffrent groups to get to come here for school