Le Moyne College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Daniela, I know you're worried about being able to afford college and making friends but I promise you everything will work out. You have to continue to work hard and push yourself. Listen to mom and dad and apply for those scholarships and start saving your money because you know you want to eventually study abroad! Don't be afraid to approach people on campus I promise they are friendly. Involve yourself on campus. Make sure you study for your classes because they will not be as easy as those in high school. Most importantly go to class because the one day you skip will be the most important. Most of all believe in yourself. You may not always succeed but that does not mean you have failed. College will be a wonderful and eye opening experience if you take advantage of all the world has to offer you. You may not know what you want to do in life but stay focused on your studies and you will find your path I promise. Best of luck, Your future self (I know you can do it just have faith!)


I would probably tell my self to not be so eager to finish the major course requirements. Instead, start with trying to complete the core curriculum first. I would say this because no matter how sure you are about what you plan on doing with your life when you first enter college, those plans are bound to change. You may keep your major and just decide to pursue a differnt carreer, or you may decide to change your career plans completly. The point is that the core curriculum will help you to really identify what issues and topics excite you and thus aid you in determining what career you want to pursue.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice in highschool I would definately tell myself to start working a little harder. In a way I breezed through highschool easily without study or taking classes seriously, which got me good enough grades to get into college but did not prepare me for college. Although I would make it clear to myself to work harder to prepare myself, I would also say to not center too much of time on work. To tell myself to work a little more but enjoy my time in highschool. Back when my only worries were what times I had to be to work, when cheerleafing practice was and what my weekend plans were. I did focus a little too much on my social life and not enough on school so college came as a big shock for me and it took some time to adjust to the class work and living on my own. I would make sure my highschool self was prepared more for college life.


There is nothing that will hold you back more than yourself. I learned this when I ran for student government. In high school, I had always been involved in that club. Consequently, when I went to college, I wanted to continue my involvement. I discovered that only three students per class were allowed to be members. With 30 freshmen already on the ballot, I doubted that I would be elected. After contemplating about what could happen if I didn’t win, I added my name to the list. Long story short, I was elected and am currently an active member of student government. Had I let fear rule my life, I would not be where I am today.


I would encourage myself to keep focused on the value of a higher education. Know that nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So if you get the chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. It is important to understand that you will have to make many choices in life but it's the good choices that will lead to a happy and healthy life. Be proud of you are and where you come from. Only the strong survive and you are, and have always been very strong. Always lead, never follow. Be careful of the friends you keep - because birds of a feather flock together. When it feels like its too hard, take a moment and thank God for the strength that he continues to provide and trust and believe that he will see you through hard times. Don't ever be afraid to express yourself for you are a child of God and he has created you in his image - and he will always love you.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to have more confindence. In high school, I would always hold back and I was so unsure of myself, even though people constantly told me that I should be more confident because I had no reason not to be. I would tell myself to listen to those people and to listen more overall. I only used to hear people, so I would tell myself to listen with my mind and heart, not just my ears. When I went to college, I learned quickly that there would be no one there to make decisions for me. I knew this before I went to college, but it never became a reality until it was too late. So, if I could go back, I would definitely take more initiative, listen with my whole self, and have more confidence. They say you should have no regrets, but of course I make mistakes and wish I had done some things differently. However, there is no going back in time, so, even though I can't tell my high school self these things, I can tell my present self these things and keep them for the future.


I have gained new relationships, leadership skills, and a brand new outlook on life. Le Moyne has been a great transition from home life to being semi-independent and I would recommend it to anyone looking to further their education through an undergraduate institution.


Being able to attend college has given me the opportunity of learning new things that will not only help me, but will also help those people that I come in contact with. There is nothing more valuable and beautiful than knowledge! I want to become a doctor, so ever thing I learn will not only be useful for me but for many other.


A college education represents the cutting edge. A bachelor’s degree in any field is necessary to obtain a career path in the future. We are not going back to the time when it a four year degree is unfathomable. I appreciate the gift I have been granted now that I am in college and pursuing a degree in neuroscience. Not only am I learning valuable skills as a biology major, but I am also learning how to come into my own person. I have grown comfortable with who I am, and college has taught me that. There is value in being a college student; this value stems beyond learning how to micropipette bacteria and expanding a knowledge base. Le Moyne is a transition between the self-centered world of high school and the broad expanse of unknown reality. A college education gives one time to gradually immerse themselves into what’s known as reality, and slowly chip away the things that don’t really matter. Not only that, but a college education becomes a brick that can be placed onto the wall that builds an individual’s foundation for a broad and bright future.


My college experience has taught me to never give up! I started college the fall after I graduated high school. I had no idea what I wanted a degree in but I knew I wanted one. After some financial difficulties I decided instead of going back in the spring to join the military. This I thought would be the answer to my financial worries. After 8 months of training I returned home, got married, and re-enrolled in school. After completing basic courses I was accepted into the nursing program. A few weeks after completeing my second semester, I was depoloyed to Iraq for a year. I was so worried this would ruin my chances at my degree! However, the college worked with me and allowed me to pick up in the program where I left off. I am now getting ready to start my last semester. It would have been so easy for me to give up many times. Instead I just have to work a little harder and push myself a little further. In the end I believe having to fight for my dream wil make it more valuable to me.


I had a very good college experience because I learned more about myself and about my community. When I first started college, I expected only to study and take tests in my classes. However, I have done so much more while at Le Moyne College. As a part of my courses, I was able to apply what I learned in class by taking part in the community. I have also had the opportunity to meet faculty and staff that have helped me realize what I want to do with my life. Furthermore, I have made strong friendships that I hope to keep after I leave Le Moyne. I beleive that I have matured and grown as a person immensly because of my college experience. With my degree and knoweledge, I will now be able to go onto Graduate School and pursue a career that I feel very passionatley about.


LeMoyne College was perfect for me because I wanted to go to a smaller more student focused school. With LeMoyne being a smaller school it was easier to make new friends and meet new people right away. Academically the smaller class sizes offered have allowed me to build a personal relationship with most of my teachers. The Jesuit curriculum offered by LeMoyne I feel has broaden my knowledge from a range of disciplines not just in my field of interest I have grown into a more complete, well rounded person who is better prepared for the real world. By coming to LeMoyne I have been able to accomplish a good undergraduate foundation to my education while meeting and making friends that I will keep in touch with throughout my life. I have overcome my fear of public speaking. By having smaller class sizes presenting in front of people has proven to be less stressful for me and has helped me to grow and be more outgoing as a person which is important for the patient contact aspect of physical therapy my intended future career.


I received one of the highest degrees the College had to offer. I learned valuable skills not only in the classroom but in my everyday life.


I haven't begun my college experience yet(10/04/10). I was recently downsized from my job. I decided it was time to get a degree to go along with my 20+yrs of management experience. I have been accepted to Brown Mackie-Indianapolis. I welcome the challenge this new chapter in my life brings with it. My job experience opens doors. A business dergee to emphasize what I have already done opens much larger doors!


Out of my college experience i have learned how to be more of a public speaker, not be so shy, and also learned a lot about life in general. College has taught me that time is a valuable thing and that i should never waste any of it because i will never get it back. College has also taught me not to take anything for granted. All my life i have never realized how such little things are actually more important than they seem. College has made me such an independent person and has taught me great responsbility. People who don't go to college are just shortening themselves in the long run because for me college has been one of the best experiences of my life so far and i have gained so much from it.


I have got so much out of my experience at college so far. I have been getting more involved with activities. This allows me to develop who I am as a person. Not only will I find who I am, I will graduate in three years with one of the best education there is. I am very happy with the choices I have made and am glad LeMoyne has so much to offer for me.


I have learned to live with other people besides my family. Also, I have learned how to live on my own and take care of things by myself without the help of my mom.


When I decided to attend Lemoyne, I was somewhat worried about what to expect. I had wanted to go to a college with sororities and more competition in the classroom. I have found that everyone is friendly to each other and everyone socializes together. My classes are small and everyone is willing to help each other and start a study group before a final exam. Lemoyne has a smaller campus, which makes it easier to get to the gym, events, and classes. The layout of the campus mixed with the helpful professors and friendly classmates provides for a relaxing environment to recieve an education. I get so much more out of my professors and classes because of the size and that there is no cut-throat competition. Lemoyne is a part of a close-knit, warm, and caring community that takes pride in the success of the students. Although lemoyne was not my first choice, it would be my choice all over again if i had the chance. I have made life long friends and am getting the best education possible. I know I will have dolphin pride long after I graduate from Lemoyne college.


I am in my Junior year at Le Moyne College and so far, I feel as if I have grown so much intellectually as well as physically. This college experience has not only prepared me for the career world I am about to become involved, but I have also gained the knowledge to deal with real life experiences.


I acquired my Associate in Arts (AA) degree back in 2002. Upon receiving my degree, I transferred to SCSU and was enrolled in classes during the 2002/2003 school year. At that time I was unsure which direction I wanted my professional life to take. I declared a Pre-Business major but before long, I realized that it was not the correct choice for me. Being on campus felt like a prison sentence - like I was forced to be there. At the conclusion of the school year, I made the decision to stop attending and try my luck in the “real world.” Over the past 7 years I've worked various jobs and have been lucky enough to become a husband and a father. After numerous heartfelt talks with my family, I have made the decision to return to school and pursue a degree in a field that I am passionate about – teaching. I enrolled back at SCSU and begun taking classes this fall. Being back on campus feels AMAZING! I have a true desire and passion for the subject matter and absolutley love being back at school. The prison sentence feeling is no more - College has set me free!


So far, while being on campus, I have learned how to interact with people and to be more dependent on myself than anyone else., opposed to high school. Though I have a lot of freedom, I have learned that I have to balance this freedom and learn to prioritize what I feel is important. Attending college a significant distance away from friends and family has been my goal ever since I began to apply for colleges but actually being in the situation helps me realize that I am on my own and I have to make choices everyday that will effect my life and my success. I think that attending college is valuable because not only can higher learning make me a well rounded person, but the experience of being independent, meeting new people, and making choices that affect my everyday life play a key role in the person that I hope to become.


Today was the first day of classes for my Senior, and final year, at LeMoyne College. Though it is trite to mention, it truly is a bittersweet day in my life. I know that there are great things ahead, and great memories to look back on. I also know that I am well prepared for the "real world" as my parents and professors often playfully call it. My college experience has taught me countless new lessons, both in and out of the classroom. Here at LeMoyne I have learned the importance of critical thinking and analysis, hard work, close relationships, and service to ones community, all of which are part of the Jesuit tradition that extends into and beyond the classroom. I have also learned the art of independence. Studying abroad in Florence, Italy, spending a summer as a psychology intern in New York City, living in an apartment with friends, and completing my own psychology research project here at LeMoyne have all taught me that I am capable of anything I desire, and can truly make a difference in the world. That is after all, as I have learned at LeMoyne, the true importance of education.


I know that my classes are giving me valid lessons that will help me reach my career goals. Professors will become long-term aquatainces to use as a resource, whether only in school or for business as well. The dorm buildings are full of people bustling about and enjoying one anothers company, and your RA's are always willing to help in whatever way they can. The school puts a lot of effort into not only making our education excellent, but also putting on safe and often incredibly fun programs for kids in effort to enforce their no underage drinking or drugs policy. Most everyone on campus is friendly and willing to lend a hand. Le Moyne was the best choice for me because it is going to get me furthest in my life goals.


My college experience has given me many things. It has showed me what it will be like to live on my own; thus preparing me for the real world. It has also taught me how to be more responsible and how to better manage my affairs. My college experience has also helped me to overcome my fear of talking to strangers. I now have little problem with job interviews or just talking to the checkout person. On top of everything else, I have gotten a college education that I can use to get a job, and better face living on my own. College is like the training ground for young adults who are about to move out into the real world. My college experience has helped me grow up, and I know that I will do just fine on my own.


With one year of college under my belt I have realized that having your goals known and well organized is how you are going to succeed. By knowing my goals and striving for them I know what to expect from myself. I am a Criminology major hoping to get hired as a New York State Trooper upon graduation. By knowing my goals I have been able to get in contact with the right people and figure out exactly what I need to do. College studies are very independent which means you have to study frequently while focusing in and outside of class. However the social part of college is very dependent on others and is needed to go sane. A balance of these two polar opposites will allow a student to make the transition from child to adult. College has been very valuable to me as a person because it is helping me mature and realize my capabilities. Given the job market nowadays it is essential to obtain a college degree in order to make yourself more appealing to companies. I know that I have to continue learning throughout life in order to be successful.


Just starting college August 28, 2010.


College has been an absolutely enlightening experience for me. I have been able to gain so much knowledge in my concentration and am excited to apply what I have learned when I get a job. I have been blessed to become an active member in the Le Moyne community and have had great times not only on campus, but traveling abroad to London to study as well. I have met the greatest professors that have aided me in so many ways and am truly thankful for each of them. Coming from a lower class neighborhood with no original drive for college, the decision to come here has absolutely been beneficial to every aspect of my life. With graduation soon this scholarship will help tremendously with my hopes in moving to LA to pursue a successful career.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far and why it is so valuable to me would be learning things about myself that I never knew. Some of these are negative and some are postives, but at least I am learning to identify them and change them if needed. I am learning to see people in a different way and not to judge them on the outside appearances. When you are in high school your views can be very limited and shallow because your just rying to survive and get through the next day. But just by the few times I have visited my college and interacted with my fellow peers, I have learned there is a whole new world out there and it is just waiting for me! My college exerience is so valuable to me because I want to be a well rounded and knowledgable adult so I can contribute to the world and maybe touch or help somone along the way! And in doing so, maybe they can then pay-it -forward! All it takes is a small step sometimes to make the biggest impact!


a chance to higher my education pushing the limits of my learning capabilitys, having a goals to set for my self ether it be short or long term. a chance to meet new people go places and do things iv never done befor its the best experiance ive ever had and the best decision iv ever made.


I have worked hard for my college education. It has definitely not come to me easy. I grew up in a large family with a small house and no one saved for my education. I have been working my way through college so to make sure that my future children have opportunities that I did not have. I have dreams of becoming a publisher or editor and eventually I want to write a novel. LeMoyne has become my "rock" in teaching me how to articulate myself. In having this strength, I have been currently published in a literary publication where one of my poems will be featured. My education has allowed me to grow and taught me how to expand what strengths I have to allow myself to become something and someone that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to have become and has also given me the tools to do so.


In the millenial world, it's almost impossible to succeed with only a high school education. It's been said that the undergraduate degree is the new high school diploma. I'm lucky in that this mentality flows with my inherit desire to learn and become more aware of the world around me, why it works, and what motivates society to act the way it does. Frankly, it seems irresponsible to go through life interacting with people without understanding to the best of your ability why things happen the way they do. I feel that attending college allows for a broader academic and social prescence in the world that will both help me develop a successful career and lead to greater happiness throughout my life. Nothing can compare to the valuable skills that I'm learning in my classes and the amazing friendships that I'm forming with the people on campus. Both are opening my world to new ideas that I would otherwise never be exposed to and I feel I would be a more incomplete person without those experiences.


I have learned so much while attending college. However, the one major thing I've learned is how to think critically. I believe that it is an important skill to have because it helps you make harder decisions later on in life without having someone holding your hand the entire time. For example, an engineer who has learned to think critically would be able to deciper on her own whether or not the bridge she is building is going to be stable. She would also be able to use her judgment to ask others when the situation called for it instead of stubbornly trying to do it alone. Critical thinking has been a big part of growing up for me. I have been able to witness in myself the ability I have acquired to truly think through difficult decisions. Whereas, when I was younger I would most definitely have had my parents make the decision for me. It's always good to seek another's advice, but without the knowledge or ability to test another person's words or opinions, then one will not get very far in life. That is why college has been extremely valuable to me.


I have been able to grow as a college student and a person. When I came into college right out of high school I was not ready, but with the help of some great people on campus I was able to defeat my own odds. I graduated with my Associates at Middlesex Community College with a 3.26 GPA, which is honors, while going through problems outside of school. I was able to keep a mental focus and I was able to succeed in the process. I have opened my mind up to many new possibilities. Keeping an open mind lead me to being in the Spring play and I was able to get an internship through the Vice President of my school. The whole experience of my first 2 years has been amazing. It includes the classroom, teachers, and people on campus. I try to make the best out of everything and my goal is to improve myself everyday. I have done that thus far and I only continue to keep that motivation going. College itself is a once in a life time experience and I love every minute of being on campus. It is a second home.


Le Moyne was not my number 1 choice. Surprisingly, I have loved thus far. I have learned many things about myself, others, and the world I live in. I appreciate all the opportunities given to me at this institution and treasure the relationships I have formed. My college experience has been unique and I am excited to see what is in store for me the rest of my years. I am not the same person I was 3 years ago when I started applying to colleges and this is not a bad thing.


My college experience has given me a sense of pride, confidence, and hope for the future. The value of my experience goes beyond any degree that I will receive. I have shown my children and grandchildren that an education is important and that they can change their lives with knowledge. I am the only person in my family to ever go to college but I am certain that all of my grandchildren will, especially when they can look back and say, "well if Nanny did it, and she was better for it, I will too." Another thing, it has strengthened my relationship with my grandaughter, whom I raise. She is an honor student in high school. I realize how hard she must work to keep her grades up and she feels the same way about me. I wanted her to be as proud of me as I was of her, and she is. Whenever I think about how far out of my comfort zone I have gone since starting college, it brings tears to my eyes. I have learned so much in college, when I talk to my grandaughter about new things I've learned it makes for great conversation.


I have gained confidence from attending college. The information I have learned may be available elsewhere but the experience is what has made me grow. Being challenged and seeing the variety of people and ways of learning has been invaluable. To read and formulate theories, then test them by living in the real world is where my educational progress has been made. Without college, I would feel like I was wasting my time, not living up to my potential, and an unfulfilled life is not much of a life at all.


If I could give all college freshmen one thing (along with their microwaves, course books, fake IDs, and anxieties) it would be this advice: “College is what YOU make of it.” I consider this paramount to all contrary advice and essential to success. Why? Well, through many mistakes, I discovered that being assertive with my academic, athletic, and social life was the golden key. I had to be the one to approach the professor when the organic chemistry homework was impossible. I had to be the one to drain a cup of coffee before a 7:00 track practice. I had to leave my dorm door open that first, homesick week away from home. I had to be the one to lay down the law when my roommate sold alcohol to minors. I had to be responsible. I had to grow. I had to become an adult. Through my assertiveness in college, I am awestruck to have learned more about myself. However, none of this could have happen if I had not made the first move. So, get on the offensive and make something out of college. At least, that is what I consider the most valuable lesson taught.


Having attended LeMoyne College for a year, I have received many valuable skills and learned things about the world, life, and myself through the entire learning process. The classes I attended taught me skills that I would need for future success, but what I found to be even more sufficient was the skills those classes taught me to succeed in life overall, not just in one focuses career. My focus of education lies in the Criminal Justice Program. The Criminology classes that I was enrolIed in taught me things that would greatly influence my thought process about crime. Crime indexes, people's attitudes and motivations for their actions, research skills, and a plethera of other knowledge relating to the course. After my first year, I also walked away with a better understanding of myself, as the advisors at LeMoyne were excellent. I learned that it is okay to not have a definate plan, which was my major concern over anything. I walked away from my first year assured that either way I would succeed in life as long as I continued to work hard. College is a learning process, not just education wise, but learning about yourself as well.


I have had the opportunity to grow and mature at college in an environment that nurtures development. It has been valuable to me to grow as a person and become independent and it has made me look at learning and academic courses in a different way than when I was in high school. I have loved the courses I have taken so far and especially the freedom that I have to select areas of interest for further study. I didn't have a major selected when I came to college and so the freedom to select courses to let me try them out has been exciting and stimulated my curiosity to learn. I still haven't totally narrowed down my major but I have learned alot about myself and what my interests are. College has been a great time in my life so far and I am looking forward to more learning discoveries when I return to school in the Fall.


credits of Organic Chemistry. Not only do I like to take on classes that I know will challenge me, but I also like pursue the ones that will stimulate me. I love walking out of a class feeling like I fired up neurons that had been dormant all my life. As a science major, I love that Le Moyne has provided me with so many interdisciplinary venues for me to expand my educational horizons. I get to advance my career in Neurobiology, but also get to explore my interests with both a double minor in Chemistry and Classical Humanities and also through the Honors Program. I have never been more provoked intellectually than here at Le Moyne, nor have I ever been happier. The Jesuit education at Le Moyne college stresses the completion of the mind, body and soul to a level of greater personal and common good. By chosing this college, I am living this life on a day to day basis.


Attending Le Moyne College has not only changed me as a person, but I believe this school has altered my path in life indefinitely. I never imagined that I would go back to college to complete my degree, and this school has become a part of who I am as a person. I have such great pride in being a Le Moyne College student and will forever be grateful for the experiences that I have already had there and those that are still to come. As a non-traditional student I have witnessed the kind of learning and education that other colleges should strive to be like. I have had professors that have encouraged, challenged and inspired me on both personal and professional levels. Being a student at Le Moyne I have learned what it truly means to be a part of a school that educates the entire student. By this I mean that Le Moyne college goes above and beyond to educate the mind, body, spirit and soul. Attending Le Moyne College has been invaluable and I have developed skills, qualities and heart in ways that otherwise, I may not have been inspired to.


College is one of the best experiences in my life. I was able to discover myself all over again. LeMoyne College gave me the opportunity to unfold my true potential. It made me a stronger and more confident person. As a mother and provider, I deeply appreciate the value of college education. The past three years have been hard but rewarding. As a senior student, I feel well prepared to face life’s challenges and to make tough decisions. In addition, LeMoyne College gave me the chance to meet with some exceptional people and make good friendships. There is no question that if I was given a chance, I would do it all over again. I am proud to be a LeMoyne College student.


I have gained the knowledge necessary to further my education from listening to my extrodinary professors. College life is in my opinion nowhere close to high school life. Although, I have just stepped foot in the college I am able to feel the difference in my surroundings on the campus. The professors treat the students and me with respect like the adults we are, my fellow students and I are all in the same interests to futher our education and therefore separated from the so called disruptive students in high school, and I am able to set up my schedule at my convenience. In addition, colleges have so much to offer their students whether it be study abroad, internships, or just educating words to absorb. Everyday in class I have learned something new and I would not miss one day, to do so would be no gain for me and furthermore no gain for the community that I seek to help. It has shown me to appreciate the value of education and all it has to offer so I can one day offer more in return. One thing's for sure college is just the first stepping stone.


I have made so many new friends and I beleive they will be lifelong friends that I will end up inviting to my wedding. I have also gained so much knowledge not only about my major, but other things like religion, history, and philosophy, (even if I didn't want to learn about them). It has been great to go to college because I am on my own and I know how the outside world works, also I have gained experience and knowledge about what I will soon have as a career and love to do.


I have gotten a good and challenging education as well as a balanced social life. It has been valuable for me to attend because I was able to meet different people from all walks of life as well as becoming independent and doing for myself. I feel like going away is valuable becaus eyou're able to experience new things and try new things. I believe that the work has been challenging but not unmanageable I also feel that even though my school is not that diverse, they try and incorporate alot of actitivites to ensure that everybody is being represented!


Its a place where I have made many friends. All of these people help me want to be a better teacher. All of my professors really help this. They are interested in what you want to be and try to always make the class material focused around that. This, I believe, will help me to be the best in my future career because I'm learning so much more in every facet of my future career.


I have enjoyed the opportunity to receive a liberal arts education, learning about a variety of subjects without being tied only to a specific career path.


College has taught me that we all are going to start at the basics together, that we are all going to succeed together. College has allowed me to make new and resourceful connections that will be valuable to after graduation as well as today. These students have become my family outside of my family, together we all help each other. I see college as a guide to know that people have common interest like myself, that people have the same drive and passion for what I do. College is a place of challenges, a place in where you will better yourself and learn more about yourself then you will from books.


I have learned that the price of success falls upon you as a person. There are going to be many obsticles along the way, and if there is something that you have to do then, nothing should get in your way of getting it done. It is hard for me to keep my faith and keep on going in the right direction while in school. There are so many different influences and troubles to go through during the growing experience that is called college; somehow I made it through my freshman year. Not only have I made it through financially but I have grown spiratually too. Knowing that I can make it through all that and still strive for more means that I can be successful as long as I keep on trying. College is the ultimate test in the life of a young adult. It shapes you into the person you will be in the future. It seperates the weak minded from the strong willed. Whichever category one chooses to fall into depends on one's own actions and reactions to challanges. Without college I would have never realzed how much strength and courage I had in me.


College has been valuable to attend because I learned many important skills for not only school, but my future. For the first time, I was totally independent and had to make my own choices, and think of consequenses in advance. I also had to have a good work ethic and study instead of doing other things that I would rather do. I met a very diverse group of people and learned to accept differences, and became best friends with them. I learned to deal with sharing a room for the first time and cooperation was a key thing. I also learned the value of family. They weren't with me at school, but I missed them a lot and took them for granted while I was home. I also learned no one cooks better than mom.