Le Moyne College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the concentration on writing. Almost ecery class requires some sort of writin assignements they center around.


The most frustrating thing about Le Moyne is the Syracuse winters. The winters are brutal and very cold so it's hard to motivate yourself to leave your dorm to walk to class. Thankfully, this campus is relatively small so the walk to class isn't too long.


The most frustrating thing about school is the lack of parking around school grounds and the lack of activities that are available for everyone. Some activities should be aimed towards everyone rather than a small group within our student body. The parking problem can easily be fixed with the expansion of lots however the expansion of activities should be taken into careful consideration. Also I feel that activities throughout the school year should be spread out more rather than bunched up in the beginning of the year.


The cost. I have a sister in medical school and a brother who also attends LeMoyne. LeMoyne is a very good school but it is also incredibly expensive. My parents have a difficult time helping me pay for my education. Therefore, I tend to obsess over my school work to get stellar grades (to match the price). The consequences are that I miss out on many social activities and stress my body. Both, I believe, are unhealthy.


The lack of diversity and "small mindedness" makes it very hard for students of different races, economic backgrounds, and lifestyles to intergrate. in my school. I really wish that one day Le Moyne College can be able to unite as one student body and see past all the physical details that makes us different. If only it could be shown that we are all one; Le Moyne Dolphins.


When professors fail to allow their students to show case their talent in the classroom.


There needs to be more stuff for students to do oncampus, to make students feel at home, rather than always looking for something to do home, offcampus or SU campus.


The lack of events for students during the weekend especially in the Spring semester. Lack of restaurants with-in walking distance like S.U.


Lack of help from the financial aid office for students who are having a hard time affording college costs.


The most frusturating thing about my school is the amount of snow we get.


The discontinuation of the bus system. We no longer have a reliable bus service to bring students to, well, anywhere. We used to have a free service, but was taken away to pay for a new lacross field.


The most frustrating thing for me is the athletic facility due to the fact that the school has a good athletic program; therefore, I think that it would be beneficial to improve the athletic facility which I know they are working on.


There are some people who do not do anything and get good grades and cheat and get good grades. It is frustrating for students who work hard and do honest work.


The most frustrating part of the school is the price.


The most frustrating thing about the school that I can think of is that it costs about 34,000 dollars to go here. It is difficult for me to pay this off because i'm an independent, and my scholarships don't quite cover my expenses. I struggle with two jobs, and juggling my school work to keep a decent GPA, and also keep my job.