Le Moyne-Owen College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


l realize that it can be very easy to look back and wish that things had been different in the past. But I also realize that things in the past cannot be changed, that only things in the future can be changed. That’s why I continually strive to improve myself everyday and work hard to become the very best by making a positive change. I look to the future to make changes in my life by introducing many new elements and abilities to a situation that I have experience with, but even more potential to grow into a better student, person, and a team player.


Going back in time I would have to say to myself to listen to those around me. I really didn't want to listen to adults and most of the time I figured I was one so know one could tell me anything because I already new everything. I walked into everything blind and trusted everyone. Listen Listen Listen. You maynot understand now but you will.


Let's flashback to 1999...the year I graduated! If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would offer these valuable words of advice about transitioning to college life. 1. Do not take your education for granted! The job market in 2012 is much different than today in 1999. After surviving two job lay-offs in three years and suffering through 30+ interviews, you get tired of hearing, "We have hired another candidate with more experience." I have cried many tears of frustration because of my limited college coursework and constant after-interview rejection. 2. Take that motivation and use it to move forward! Do not listen to the naysayers! When I am feeling a lack of motivation, the fire that gets my engine running is remembering the hard life lessons I have had to go through and do not want to face again. 3. Finally, give back to your community when you have the time. The laws of good karma will come back to reward you and it helps to build your self-esteem.


Assuming that I could go by in time, when I was a high school senior and talk to myself about college life and making the transition… I would tell myself, “Do not to go to college.” Go get a trade; perhaps become a dental hygienist or medical assistance, but wait until I have sufficient funds to obtain a college degree.


Do not be afraid to go to college. It's a transition you go through the first time where there are responsibilities that will change through, to mature and make you change your own life. It is normal when you get to college you feel lost, we are going to study something that is not and then we start to explore new possibilities, and that is when we define ourselves and where we are heading. But, the colleges offer more advantages that are climbing a better job position, economic and even social, in addition to obtaining a better understanding cultural interest tours, university exchanges where they make relationships with people of our area that will open new doors in the future. In life there is time for everything and that is why we know this depends on choosing correctly shaping the future and complete the process of growth and maturity as individuals within a society. Running out of study leads to nothing, because although they say that college is expensive, difficult, etc it so not true, there are solutions all we have to do is find it.


Please keep in mind the cost. Are there alot of students graduating from that school. Are they your color. Is your degree a degree that can be used in any field to get a job. Who is giving me the most money for school? Why am I going to this school? Will there be a second option that i might transfer if the grades are not being met. Is the instructors easy to understand or are they so technical you cant get a grip.


I would probably advise myself on study habits, but other than that I think my transition to college was very easy because I am a hard worker.


I would honestly smack myself in the face! and say look, get it together this year man because your GPA is something that we both know has to rise or else we will be placed in the most difficult of financial situations. Dont you want to be able to go to college and not have to always worry about how you are going to pay for school? dont you want to be able to fully enjoy the college experience you so long for without having to focus on the day that you may have to leave college because you dont have the money to pay for it? well if these are things you want for us, then get focused, listen to your counselor, and do everything you need to in order get your GPA up, even if its just alittle bit, and start filling out any and every scholarship u can.


My college experience has been very unique. This is the first predominately black college that is also multicultural with a variety of other interesting ethnic students that I have attended. The experience is better than hands-on job experience because you do not normally have a chance to experience so many different cultures in one place. I feel that this is what real life is about, intermingling with all individuals on a equal playing ground.


The advice that i would give myself as a high school senior would be to stay more focuseed in class and try to avoid every late night function that goes on outside of school. That I am going to college to get a degree in the field that I love and not to party and have fun all the time. To prepare myself for extra hours of study to better myself in the education that is aforehand. That if i put my mind to focusing on what is best for my future, I would care less about what exciting party is going on that weekend. Also, to not give in to peer pressure and to stand my ground no matter what obstacle may fall in my way.


I feel that a person should make the most of there college years, because those years are very precious moments that will be remembered for the rest of your life.


Parents and students really need to look into the academic aspect of a school and not the name or party status. Parents need to make sure that the school is not that far from home where their child is not able to come home for a weekend to take a break from school. Students need to make sure that they are doing more studying then partying. Students need to remember that that is what weekends are for. Don?t fall into the peer pressure, it is not worth it. Friends will come and go, but your education will keep you stable. Before parents make that long trip out just to see their child, call them first. Remember college living is to get them ready for living on their own and the real world. Parents are not always going to be there. So, students have fun take advantage of being on your own, but don?t forget why they went to college. Parents need to be patient. The first year is the hardest, but their child will come back around. I just wanted to thank you for this opportunity and taking the time out to start this college fund. Thank You.


Parents should let your child attend the school that will nurture and mold your child into someone GREAT! Please send your child to a school that is not more focused on academics, and make sure that school had a strong department for what ever your child plans to major in. Yes your child needs to make the most of their college experience, but making the most out of it doesnt mean going to get side tracked. So send your child to a school that cares, because I KNOW there is at lease ONE college that does care whether or not I make my goals reality!!!