Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the nicest people I have met and everyone is willing to say hello and to give you a hand when needed.


Even though my classmates may not agree one hundred percent of the time, my classmates are genuine people with good hearts who are willing to lend a helping hand, give a friendly boost when needed, and no matter what the issue or problem may be relted to: whether it be academic, social, or cultural, they take hold of the reputable LVC character in order unite as one and strive towards their best in all they do.


A cultured, fun-loving, friendly, and passionate bunch.


The students are very academically focused. They are relatively open-minded and friendly. We are not very racially diverse (primarily caucasian) but do have a lot of tolerance for students who are LGBT and from various religious backgrounds. There are groups on campus ranging from academic groups to religious organizations to Freedom Rings, the LGBT ally group. Students usually hang out in their cliques. An average sample of 4 tables would reveal a sports table, people within the same major, a sorority/fraternity, and music students. Most of us are from middle class backgrounds but money isn't really discussed. Politically, we are all over the spectrum and we have both College Democrat and College Republican groups on campus.


In my experience here, I've found that Lebanon Valley offers plenty of religious choices without being overbearing. Students sometimes attend churches in the community or go through the chaplain for community service opportunities. Lebanon Valley offers financial aid in some form to the majority of the students as well.


There are many different students on our campus. Religious affiliations are here and able for students to take part in without feeling radical. As well we have many greek organizations that students can participate in however they aren't a huge part of campus life.


Classmates here are generally very intelligent, friendly, interesting, engaging people with diverse interests, and backgrounds.


My classmates are the most amazing and helpful students ever.


My classmates for the most part are dependable, trustworthy, and interesting people. Especially with in my major (digital communications), my classmates are genuinely nice people. Outside the major, there are plenty of thoughtless, careless people who are only here for the party scene which this school has somehow developed despite being small.


My classmates are always willing to help others, are polite, and respect the opinion of others.


Most of my classmates are conservative folks with religious values. This mindset prohibits them from accepting other ideas, and creates a quietly biased atmosphere on campus.


Very pleasant and knowledgable.


Outgoing and always ready to help one another.


Only had one problem working with classmates in the four years I have attended this college.


My classmates are very open-minded and welcoming. We all get along very well despite our differences. I wouldn't say we are all close friends, meaning we don't hang out on a regular basis, but we talk, help each other, and study together.