Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its Physical Therapy department.


Lebanon Valley College is a private school. It's known for being a small community college of close knit students. It is also known for their inspirational hot dog Frank.


Lebanon Valley College is well known for it's music program, which may be the largest part of the campus. On top of that, we pride ourselves on our small size, and how it creates an amazingly tight-knit community of students and faculty.


LVC is best known in the academic circle for having a fantastic music program. The Digital Communications program is also well known.


I heard about and applied to this school because I heard that the music program was really good and that it was a very well thought of school. Since acedemics are so important, having a degree at this school is beneficial when looking for a job.


the music department


The music program at Lebanon Valley College is the best known program we have at the school. We have a very large and historic marching band and a variety of different music majors for interested students to choose from. Our music teachers are known throughout the discipline and also at a local level for their work and achievements in the field. Many students come to Lebanon Valley specifically for the high quality of the music program. A large percentage of students at the campus sing or play an instrument, even those who are not music majors.


The school has a large reputation for its quality of Music degrees. Also, the women's field hockey team has gone to the NCAA playoffs every year I have gone there.


Our community atmosphere. We function more as a community than an actual college and students are very proud of this. Also the achievements of the students.


It is best known for its wonderful music and science programs. It is also known for the financial aid and different scholarships that are available to students.


Our school is best known for our Physical Theraphy program. It is a six year program that is very vigorious but after the six years, the students graduate with their doctorate.


We have an incredible girls field hockey team. They were ranked 3rd in the state although we only are division 3. Also Hershey Park is only about 10 minutes away.