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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular student activities or groups are volunteer organizations, music groups, and sports teams. Almost everyone is involved with one or multiple of those types of groups and many, many of each exist at LVC. The most popular organizations are Habitat for Humanity, Servants of Christ, Valley Ambassadors, academic clubs, and sports teams. The most popular sports on campus are football, ice hockey, and basketball. I'm involved with Valley Ambassadors, the tour guides for campus. We start out as Valley Volunteers and give tours without pay. After two interviews, you can be selected to be a Valley Ambassador and work in the admissions office. We get paid 7.75 an hour and have a lot of fun working together at open houses. Basically we stuff mailings and give tours, unless you work for a specific department (I work for the application processing department). Over a week in summer training, all the VA's bond together and we all know each other. Everyone is really supportive and helpful.

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As a music recording major, I'm in the Audio Engineering Society which has definitely given me alot of hands on activities in the studios. Athletic events, especially volleyball and basketball are really popular for students to attend. My favorite tradition about LVC is the football game against Albright. If Lebanon Valley wins, all the students march to Kreiderheim (the presidents house) to petition for no class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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