Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The professors are wonderful! It is easy to see that they know their stuff and they are eager to get you to know it as well! Being an Education Major, I cannot say enough about the wonderful department here. They are already putting us out into the field, and having us observe teachers in the area. This is such a wonderful experience! Class sizes are small, so the professors get to know you on a more personal level, which is something very neat and beneficial!


The academics are really challenging at LVC. It is not a school for slackers or for people who do not want to be challenged. All my professors know my name and it's really nice to see them on campus and be able to say hi; they actually use your name when they see you and ask how your weekend was or how your recent sports game went. Even though they sometimes are a pain because they're not counting toward your major, the gen ed courses are really great because they get you interested and exposed to lots of different subjects. In fact, I changed my major at the end of my freshman year because of one of my gen ed classes. Students study A LOT on average. Many of the students take academics very seriously but are rewarded with scholarships and the distinction of being on Dean's List. I wouldn't say students are competitive. It's more of a supportive environment. Yes everyone wants to do well but we're all in it together. You want your classmates to succeed and graduate with you. The most interesting class I've taken was my first year seminar. It was course on how sociology is incorporated into the TV show Sex and the City. loved it! We took a trip to New York City and read really interesting books as well as watched an episode each class period. I don't know any other school that has such unique classes, particularly for freshman. However, even though these courses sound a little silly, you learn a ton about yourself and how you view society. That class made me think about topics I hadn't ever explored and really challenged me to think hard. I was exposed to a lot of new things but professors don't teach you like kids anymore; you're adults and expected to behave and think like adults should.


LVC is an awesome college academically. Every class that I've been in has averaged about twenty students, and all of my professors know my name. It's nice to go to class and be engaged in the lesson rather than sitting in a lecture hall trying to pay attention. As a music recording major, I spend time with my piano professor outside of my general classes, which is a nice way to get to know teachers better than just in the classroom. I've also found that I'm learning knowledge that will be practical/useful in the real world when it's time to job search.


All of my professors know who I am or at least are always willing to get to know me personally. I have babysat for my professors, gone out to eat with them and they all are just very down to earth and understanding people. I have had a few spanish classes and these classes are smaller in size normally like 10-15 students which is great for a spanish class because you really get that to practice the language and get to know the professors better. One of my favorite professors is Guzman a spanish professor who is very down-to-earth and my favorite part about her class is the stories she tells!! Of course they are in spanish but that way I am learning and interested at the same time :)