Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about Lebanon Valley College, I brag most about the area in which it is located. I come from a very rural area and that is exactly what the area at Lebanon Valley College is like and it makes it feel like home for me. The farm land and the pastures filled with cows are what I brag about to my friends because I am lucky to have found a school that is not in the city and feels like home for me.


the education which i am recieving at lebanon valley college. also their sport programs


The class sizes are really small and the professors are so friendly!


LVC is a really good college to go to academically, and it is known for being academcially harder than state schools and many other schools in the state. We also have many athletic teams that do fairly well.


Comfortable, friendly, academically driven


I tell my friends that I will have a better job when I get out of college because of the high academic quality of our school.


How warm it is here, and how the weather is always so nice. I also enjoy the small classes, and the accessibility of the professors.