Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


As cliche as it may sound, Lebanon Valley College is like a family. The students create bonds with others and connect in many ways. LVC is big with music, sports, and clubs, and just like other schools, there are the jocks, the musicians, the smarty-pants, and the preps, but with our close-knit campus, everyone seems to act like one big family who accepts one another. :)


LVC has a lot of different students but they are definitely grouped into categories, particularly by major, especially the music students, science and PT students. The stereotype is that a lot of the students are nerdy and that's definitely true! We're still normal college students but most students come to LVC to study and work hard in school. This isn't a party campus by any means! Another thing I've heard is that LVC kids tend to be a little stuck up and that is absolutely not true. Many of us come from regular middle-class families and this campus is without a doubt one of the friendliest colleges I visited. We really are all like a family here and I feel very comfortable approaching complete strangers to ask for directions or other people within my major about which classes to take.


Lebanon Valley is fairly small, so a large number of the students are athletes as well. However, there are so many clubs and groups that everyone can find an interest.


I don't think you can stereotype all LVC students as anything other but than down to earth. As far as stereotypical groups, we do have an excellent music program here so we do have a lot of music students. A lot of students also come here to play sports so we have a large athletic crowd.


Our school is mainly a down to earth group of students who all seem like a close knit family. Like on any other college campus you have some of every type of student of course :)