Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Lebanon Valley College has a very good music program, and I would definitely recommend it for any one wishing to go to college for music.


A person who is goal oriented, and appreciative of a more tight knit community. Persons who feel they can excel in groups, but feel they need "smaller" groups to feel less intimidated.


Any kind of person should attend Lebanon Valley College. We have many different kinds of social and academic clubs, Greek life, and a wide variety of sports. A prosepecitve student should be dedicated to learning (the college has strong academics). They should also not mind living in a small town and small campus that is very different from a larger university or college. Someone who wants to be involved in a variety of activities and is focused on their education would be best suited for Lebanon Valley College.


The student of LVC should be one who knows what they want for their future, cares for others, has a deep desire to serve others on campus and in the community, cares about academics, and is opening and accepting of others. The LVC community is a family and therefore each student must be willing to accept all other members of the community and assist and work together to ensure the success of both parties. In addition, the student of LVC should be one who prefers the seclusion and safety of small towns.


Someone who plans to play a sport at the division 3 level.


Anyone can attend this school. They must be a hard working student and welling to push to get things done.


To attend Lebanon Valley College, you should have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in long hours of study for your classes. Also, students planning on attending LVC should be interested in clubs and activities.


A person considering attending this school should want to be in in a small school setting. They should also be willingto put forth the effort to complete assignments.


A studious individual, not afraid of getting to know people.


White, middle-class americans tend to get along best here. People from rural areas would enjoy this college much more. If you are from the city, the area here is beautiful but there is nothing to do. Locals also seem to do a lot better here considering that about half of the students go home on weekends. No one drives particularly nice cars. People here no to shoot a gun better than throw a party. If you don't like parties this is the spot for you.