Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Lebanon Valley College?


The most frustrating thing I think are the people who slack and then get angry at teachers and classes, when it their own fault for not trying in the first place. It really frustrates me when people act like they are better than others and when they get put into their place and cannot handle it.


The work is frustrating. Typically classes have tests and papers due around the same time so if I have a slow week with assignments and studyingm the next week I run off no sleep and study nonstop.


There is not much to do in the surronding area.


As a commuting student, there is a lack of sufficent parking on campus.


I would have to say that the most frustrating about LVC is the food. There are only two places to get food, either the cafe or the Underground. The cafe has a good choice of food, but it is not exactly the best. The food at the Undergroud is good, but it isn't that healthy. I just wish there were more choices.


There is very little that is frustrating about LVC. One of the few frustrating things is that unused meals on the meal plan do not roll over to the next week. A student can sign up to be allowed to get a certain number of meals a week, but if he or she does not use them, they do not roll over.


The parking for on campus residences is a bit frustrating because we have to park 10 minutes from campus and the fact that there is only one bridge over the train tracks.


It is a great school, but pretty pricy. It gets a little frustrating trying to keep up with payments and wondering if you will be able to continue in the following semester.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is the same size as my high school was. However, this is a good thing to develop long lasting friendships. I also wish there was more involvement in sporting events.