Lebanon Valley College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I do not feel that there was anything that I did not know before coming to the school that affected me significantly or that I would wish to have known. During the week before your first year of college at LVC, they have meetings and full days that they tell you about everything you will need to know, and you even get to comfortably explore the campus to make yourself feel at home.


I wish I would have known how the administration treats students compared to other schools. Unfortunately, Lebanon Valley College tries very hard to make it seem like a continuation of high school, and they succeed in doing so.


I wish I had known that in college the people you meet the first few weeks that you think are amazing will probably end up being strangers that you akwardly wave to when you pass them around campus. It was significantly harder to make real friends than I thought it would be, but I did do it.


The school for the most part is very upfront about everything an incoming student needs to know. The only thing I wish I would have known is that although LVC guarantees graduation in four years for each student, my double major education program requires course overload and the accompanying costs in order to complete both majors in four years.


Before I came to Lebanon Valley College, I wish I had known that many students that live in residence halls leave on the weekends. Many of my friends have left over the weekends, and it can be hard to find things to do on the weekends.


I wish I had known that the student life wasn't as lively as other, bigger colleges. Such as, the sporting events. The campus is just really quiet, not much seems to go on.


While the campus itself has a lot of activities and oppourtunities, the town of Annville is very tiny and could be considered "boring" to some. Coming from a town not much larger than Annville, this doesn't bother me as much as those who come from larger towns.


I am happy that a came to this school. I knew that before I came I would have to work hard.


There is nothing to do off campus except drink coffee or see a movie.


Nothing - I absolutely love this school.


Before I came to Lebanon Valley College I wish I would have known more about their science program.


I wish that I had known how much reading is necessary and also that professors know you by name here, so they notice if you miss class or aren't paying attention or if you do bad on a quiz.


A few of the things I wish I had known before attending school are more of the activities offered, so I would not have been so unsure when I arrived, the books I needed for classes before I arrived, so I would have been able to insure I could have them. Also, that it's not like High School in one huge way, Freshman and Upperclassmen can interact, and you're not below anyone else.




I wish I knew how difficult the classes would be. I am definitely receiving a great education, but sometimes I feel my study skills are not quite up to par. Otherwise, everything about LVC came pretty easy and it is not too hard to adjust to at all!


I wish I would have taken more challenging high school courses including AP courses. I feel taking these courses during high school, and passing the AP tests, would have helped me immensely during college by way of excusing myself from general courses. By already having these general courses completed and out of the way, I would be better able to focus on courses specific to my major.


That city schools are more exciting and have more things to do and offer compared to rural schools in the country.


I wish I had known that it is not necessary to have a vehicle on campus if you want to do things around. I could have saved on gas had I known that most of the fun things are within walking distance of the college: bank, Turkey Hill, movie theater, etc.


I wish I would have known exactly what I wanted to have a career in.