Lee College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is ok to go to a community college becuase you wont have to worry about paying for school becuase the school is really good about handing out scholarships to those who want to learn and make a career. Be more invovled in the honors program that is where you will make most of your friends and oppurtinty to be in the community. Always push yourself to the limit because you will be awarded in the end!


I would most definitely tell myself that trying is really not as bad as it sounds. It is not a drag to put effort into education and it is actually very rewarding to learn at such an advanced rate then realize you were able to conquer a challenge. I would tell myself to take the advice of those around me seriously, learn how to do scholarships, and do as many as i possibly can in the free time that i have rather than sleep. More importantly, i would tell myself to ignore those worries about always having to do the right thing or mold myself into some stereotypical vanguard for good. I would tell myself to carve my own path and go about reaching all my goals of helping others and becoming better in the way that i desire. To not worry about what the public eye may think of me, but for me to personally realize that i am helping and living doing it the way i truly desire. The last thing i would tell myself is "Don't worry. If you ever want something, you will find a way. That is the biggest strength of being human."


I think the main thing i would tell myself is don't put things off to the last minute. If I would have applied that to my life my transition into college would of been so much easier. I would tell myself to stop worring about that one girl and concentrate on your classes. I would warn myself that your grades will go down and you miss out on many opportunities. I would tell myself to get used to using a planner because you are going to have tons more responsibilities and you are not going to be able remember everything. Oh, this will save you money, start looking into careers you would like to enter and research all the requirements to see what you can do. By the time you get to college you will know what you have to do and you will not have to change classes all the time.


I would tell myself to get on track and not procrastinate about applying for college and scholarships.


If I could go back and give myself advice in high school about college I would tell myself to be better prepared. Life is not about playing football and baseball but it is about getting a college degree and becoming a man. I would tell myself to apply for all the scholarships you can find because the 500 dollar scholarships don't seem like a lot but believe me they are. I would also tell myself to know what school you want to attend and what you want to persue for your major. The last thing I would tell myself is that you cannot control the outcome of everything. There are times in life that things happen and you cannot do anything about them and sometimes you just have to take what you are givin. I know most people would tell themselve how hard the work is and things like that, but I took AP classes all through high school so I truly was prepared for all of that type of stuff. I was just thrown off by how fast everything came and the financial cost to attend a four year university.

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