Lee University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


It is a very diverse school from race, nations, and views.


The students at my school come from an immense range of backgrounds. There are students from several countries and almost no students form cliques.


God fearing people, hardworking and fun to be with.


My classmates support and encourage my learning experience here at Lee University.


My classmates are geniune, caring, and encouraging people that anyone would be blessed to meet.


The students at Lee University are hard working indiviuals who pursue their spiritual calling from God.


My classmates are filled with Christ and a joy to be around!


My classmates are interactive and enjoying creating a chance to discuss things with out teacher.


Some open minded others very closed minded, Church of God pentecostals, it can be a hard group to get plugged in with.


There are a variety of students that attend this university but everyone is still treated the same. As a campus, everyone is very outgoing and does their best to make you feel welcomed and accepted.


My classmates are for the most part engaged with their studies to an acceptable level, and are friendly and helpful if one is trying to branch out socially or in need of assistance in a class.


My classmates are very diverse in ethnicity, race, gender, background, education, etc. which makes class discussions very exciting and interesting.


My classmates are extremely friendly, and becoming more like family as the weeks go by.


My classmates are some of my best friends. One of the greatest things about Lee is that it creates an atmosphere of comradery. While my classmates are mostly pre-med and competitive in our classes, we still work together and want each other to succeed in our career endeavors. They are always ready to study with me and we help each other, instead of being cut-throat. It makes my college experience great!


Most of my classmates are easy to get along with, great to work with, and have similiar goals in mind.


Fairly homogenous, but growing in diversity. There are a sizable amount of Asians and African-Americans here, but the majority are still whites.


My classmates at Lee were usually very fun, outgoing, and caring.


My classmates are excited to be a part of everything Lee offers.


Christian, slightly afraid of breaking the mold and generally unchanged since high school because of the sheltered environment. Friendly and helpful, easy to talk to.


Classmates are always very helpful and usually on the same page as everyone else.


They are friendly and very helpful.


My classmates are unique and open minded. They truly want to get to know diffrent people and expand their views of the world and that means alot because it is important to accept and give everyone a chance. my classmates are fun loving and very crative and like to create a sense of community at the school that is very inviting.


My classmates are well educated, fun, diverse, and engaging in the topics discussed both in and out of the classroom.


They are friendly and helpful, if not a bit closed minded.