Lee University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for being a christian university affiliated with the Church of God. It is a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit believing college.


We are mainly known by the Church of God, seeing that they own Lee University. Most church people and organuizations know us, and usaully parents want to send there children here. We are also looked highly on by jobs in the area and nationally. My major digital media has the largest communications building/theater in the state of Tennessee. Something else that we are known for is how much the school grows, Lee is always building something new to add on to the campus.


We're best known for being passionate about God, music, education, psychology, and other humanities. We're the home of the Voices of Lee who have been on television and tour regularly.


Lee University is BEST known for its outstanding music and psychology programs. With many choirs and ensembles, Lee attracts people of all musical talent. It is also well known for the Christian foundation it is set on as well as the outstanding professor/student relationships that are formed.


Christian teaching


Lee University is perhaps best known for its School of Music. Those who are music majors know that the program is very difficult, but Lee has produced many talented musicians, music educators, and worship music leaders.


I remember the first day I came to Lee. I saw, written quite creativly on the sidewalk, " Freshamn Dating Game." That is what my school just happens to be known for. Oh!, and it's not just dating, we have our own little motto here at Lee: "Ring By Spring." Of course this is what attracts half of the female freshman students, finding herself a man. But unfortuantly, this is what my school is best known for. Not it's amazing teachers or academic program, but how quickly the school can bring to people together in holy matrimony.


One of the best things about the school that i'm planning attending is that they are very bible based on morals. That is very important to me, since we are living in a day of age where morals are getting spread out thin and less common. They are grounded into what God has to say about who we are and what God promises us. Seems as though everybody in this generation is searching for something, wheather its happiness or success. So this college really brings light to who we really are and our potential.


Athletics, singing groups, and being a Christ centered campus


This schools has great sports teams and a good music program. It has also been recognized for it commitment to service learning and the StrengthFinder's test.


Lee University is best known for its music and religion programs. But it also has great science, business, and education departments too. Lee is a Church of God affiliated school, and we have chapel on Sunday nights and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Lee University is known for having a great balance of things--strong academics with good athletics and a great student atmosphere.


I would say our school is best known for its music program. Although we have many majors worthy of recognition, we are often thought of as a music school. The music faculty is absolutely amazing, and the administration of the university has backed the music progam 100 percent since its very beginning. Most colleges may make musicians feel second rate, but Lee has always believed that persuing music is no less important than being an educator or a doctor. They have tirelessly worked and reshaped this department to make it one of the best degrees on campus.


My school is best known for the encouragement and discipline placed upon the students to achieve great tasks ahead whether it be on the workfield after a four-year study or in pursuit of higher education (which the university also provides). People also tend to not forget the friendly and highly welcoming environment on campus, including the close relationships and unity that exists on campus. We work together and help each other through better and worse times, whether it be a championship soccer game or dealing with a community-wide crisis.


Lee University is most recognized for many aspects, such as: successful programs (First-Year Program, Global Perspectives), departments (Music and Education) and success-rate of students after graduation.


My school is best known for their teacher-student relationships. The teachers at Lee University are very much interested in the success of their students. They genuinly care about the students and do what they can to see that their students are excelling and fulfilling their goals. The professors at Lee never want to see their students fail but to do their best and make sure they are as prepared as they can be for their futures.


Serving the community.


Lee has one of the leading emphases on reaching out to other cultures. Not only does it have an extensive international community, but EVERY student has to take a mandatory cross-cultural trip to some other country. Lee also is known for an emphasis on community service; each student needs a certain amount of service hours to graduate. U.S. News and World Report gave Lee great ratings among Southern colleges, as well.