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Every student is required to complete a cross-cultural experience. Most students choose to go on one of the international trips run by different professors from the school, however there is also an option to build your own cross-cultural experience. There are giudlines for how much time must be spent with those of another cultural background and daily events and reflection must be written and turned in for both school, and individually arranged experiences. Every student I've talked to about their cross-cultural experience(s) has said how much it changed him or her in extremely positive ways.


Lee University is so unique because it provides such a strong sense of community. It is also very unique because of the spiritual side of it. The faculty not only encourages us to do our best educationally but they help us grow in our walk with the Lord daily as well.


one thing that i really like about Lee is how friendly they are. The professors are wonderful they truly care about their students . They do the impossible to help the students out.


It's Church of God Affiliation.


Lee is different from a lot of schools at its basic core, as it's a Christian university. Besides the obvious religious aspects, though, Lee just has a very friendly culture compared to other schools I considered. Each student cares for one another, and the professors are amazingly accomodating. The faculty is rooting for each student to succeed, and the students are wonderfully encouraging as well. I didn't see this kind of behavior at this magnitude at other schools.


It was the only place that I felt I could develope my education and my relationship with God without feeling like I was having someone else's opinion forced on me. It's also a VERY beautiful campus.


I think that how personal the teachers are and how understanding they are.


Lee University is unique because it is a liberal arts college with a Christian worldview. This means that students at Lee fcous on their respective majors but are taught other important life skills in addition to their primary focus. Necessary courses such as psychology and history provide a well-rounded education for all. Lee is not a Bible college, but a Christian worldview provides a safe and warm environment for students plus a chance for professors to freely pour into students through devotions and prayers, with no fear of retribution.


Since Lee University is a Christian liberal arts university, every class starts with a devotion or at least a prayer. There are chapel services every Tuesday and Thursday and a Service Learning requirement, which is that every student has to complete 80 hours of volunteer hours or community service. Everyone also has a minor in Bible, as every student has to take a Bible class every semester they are here. There is also a diversity among the students that is quite unusual, from the many different ethnic backgrounds to the many states and countries the students come from.


It gives you the opportunity to study abroad for lower prices, and learn not only here in America, but broaden your horizon to other countries and cultures while furthering your education.


Its unique because it a church school.


I love the christian atmosphere and the way that the teachers really care about you as a person and try to help you in whatever way they can. I also love the religion department because it has everything I need for my field of study.


the fact that it is a christian university, with its own personality of doing things. it's a university where students and faculty alike are working toward one goal, and that is to further the kingdom of god. lee university is a school where it wont take long for to catch the fire that is burning on this campus.


Lee has a strong faith based backgroud which allows you to meet people who are serious about their relationships with God. Lee also test your faith because you get to experience living on a college campus and you have to manage your time so that you can invest in your faith if you want it to grow. Lee is a christian college ,but not everyone here follows christianity, so being here gives you a preview of the real world and helps you grow so that you can survive in the real world.


There are students from all over the world so it is very culturally diverse. It is a positive, encouraging atmosphere where the professors want to see you succeed. The campus is beautiful, and the facilities are very accomodating to the needs of the students.


It is liberal, but very Christian and diverse. It is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. We are always building. We also have many programs for studying abroad and serving the community. Lee offers so many programs to get involved into, whether major based or hobby. It is impossible to be lonely here unless you are a hermit.


At my school, the professors start every class with a devotion and a prayer. My grandfather died a few weeks ago, and I had to leave mid-semester to go home to help my family prepare for the memorial service. After speaking with each professor prior to leaving, I realized just how much each professor cared about me, as well as their other students. They made sure I was able to make-up all the missed work. The fact that they cared so much about how I was handling my loss spoke more than words could have described.


A great school to get an education, if you don't mind the South and the more conservative perspectives.


It is a Christian university, and the faith of its students and staff is obvious in many aspects of life at Lee.


Lee University is extremely diverse. There are students from all over the world and cultural diversity is very important there. Students are also required to complete a cross-cultural trip where tuition covers approximately 80% of the trip. Each trip is designed to combine learning and experience in a new culture. This outlook on diversity provides our students with a better grasp of how the entire world functions, not just the United States.


Church of God Christian School


The campus is very well kept.