Lee University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Lee University has an amazing online degree program that is very affordable. The ability to work on school when it is convenient for my schedule makes it so much easier to return to college to complete my degree. The classes are challenging without being too difficult and the instructors are all skilled and knowledgeable in the field they teach. I recommend Lee University to any non-traditional student who desires to complete a college degree but doesn't think they have time to do it.


How much a Christ based school it is, and how the professors actually care about you and what you are going through. Everyone at Lee is very friendly and will welcome you with a smile. There is many activities you can do in and out of school, you have oppurtunities to play intermural sports and win things. Also it is great in the sense that almost every event has free food, which is great for a college student on a budget.


I love to talk about our wonderful teachers who are also our friends, the beautiful campus, the fantastic School of Music, and a university President who is like a celebrity on campus. He is what makes our school what it is today.


I cannot brag enough about how beautiful and welcoming my school is, both in physical appearance and in the student body. Lee University's campus is the perfect display of the Ocoee Region's beauty arranged in a bouquet of lush parks, radiant flowers, clean walkways and masterful architechture. The only thing more pleasant than spending a day in Alumni Park is spending time with my fellow students. Lee students, faculty and staff all place a high priority on helping everyone find his or her own circle of friends where one can bond through fun, discussion, worship, and community service.


The awesome family-type atmosphere on campus and also the chapel services.


It is a wonderful Christian( Pentocostal) school that has wonderful teachers. We love our President Paul Conn, and have such a beautiful campus. It is small compared to a lot of bigger schools, but the bright side is you meet a lot of people. In most classes you connect with the teachers and they will most definitly love to help you if you are having trouble. We have a Subway, Doncun doughnuts, Jazzmans, chick fi la, and Einstins. We have a beautiful chapel service that is mandatory every Tuesday and Thursdays.


I boast about how wonderful the atmosphere and worship is here at Lee University. It's like going to a church conference with your friends everyday. Fellow classmates, roommates, and teachers encourage you everyday with love and support. You feel God's presence in your life through the people here. It is said that Lee is one of the most extroverted campuses in the nation and it's clearly demonstarted to me on a day-to-day basis.


Lee University is a beautiful campus! It's not too big or too small. With a Christian- based influence, you can tell that it is reflected in the hearts and lives of the professors and everyone who works here. They even invite their students to their homes so that there is a personal relationship between you and them away from the classroom. But no one is better here than the campus president, Dr. Paul Conn. He loves everyone of the students like his own children. He shows this in how he speaks with kindness and authority during chapel and seminars.


I honeestly tell them that this is a fantastic school. The proffesors here are highly recomended, hard working, and most times have vast expreience in the field in which you are studying. Lee University is a very goal driven school. The faculty helps you identify your goals and they then help you plan to achieve your goals. The campus is fantastic. It is well kept and attractive. Also you find many high quality people that are friendly and curtious. Overall, Lee University is simply a fantastic school.


Lee makes going to a private college affordable with plentiful scholarships, grants, and endowments made possible by alumni and an amazing college president. Scholarships are automatically given to you if you qualify; no applications! I also tell people how wonderful the atmosphere is. Everybody is usually real positive and upbeat.


the most beautiful campus in the south


I brag that it is a beautiful campus very inviting and free. I also talk about how it is a christina collge where those who have strong religious views can express it without outside judgement. i also brag about how diverse we are because we get students from all over the world to come and study here. But best of all I brag that the school is in a loving town that is perfect for anyone who is really focused on their studies and it makes it so much safer.


I always have to bring up the amazing community and the ethnic diversity here. It's so awesome having so many friends from so many other countries! And the social life is amazing! Next I usually bring up the great classes, especially those with professors that I like. I also brag a lot about all the various clubs, intramurals, and intercollegiate athletic events. Lee has an amazing sports program, and it's always good to watch. Finally, I talk about the great spiritual atmosphere and how getting to know Christ is a primary emphasis.