Lee University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


At Lee University, there is a saying that everyone knows, "A ring by Spring". Every person at Lee University expects to be married by graduation. There's a lot of people who do find their future spouse in college, but people don't search desperately for it. Most people at Lee feel like if they do not marry by graduation, they are failures. I am enjoying my college life as a single girl; I have no wish to be tied down to someone while I'm still young. You only live once.


I would have to say the worst thing about the school would be the cost of the food at the quick stand areas, it is very good, but very pricey.


Well I take online classes through Lee and the worst thing is the teacher do not email you back fast enough for it to be an online class. At least for me being impatient.


The worse thing about Lee would be the fact that some classes are only offered at eight-o-clock in the morning. This sometimes conflicts with schedules. For instance, I have a class at eight in the morning, and I don't have a class until noon. Because I'm an off campus student, I can't just go hang out at my dorm. So, this can sometimes be a problem. Other than that, there are not really any "bad things" about Lee.


The worst thing is that there is not alot to do on the weekends. This area is a rural area so to do shopping or go to a more populated area you have to take about an hour drive. Also, since so many students leave on the weekends to go home it gets very quite.


Because Lee University is a privately owned college, the tuition cost can be a little more expensive than other colleges. So for many students, money is a big concern.


The cafateria food.


The worst thing about Lee is the parking situation and the lack of flexibility with campus safety. Lee is always expanding to make the campus better and more condusive to a great education, but as the buildings go up, parking tends to decrease. Along with that, campus safety is always eager to write rediculous parking tickets with no mercy.


Parking, because there isn't enough.


THere are alot of petty issues with technology that still need to be worked out. the switched systems this semester and it still has some bugs.


If you are not a very outgoing person that involves yourself in on-campus activities on your own, it can be somewhat difficult to make friends. If you get out and are involved on-campus and live in resedential housing, you will easily make friends. However, if you are shy and tend to stick to yourself, it can be harder. Not that people are mean, it's just possible to get overlooked.


The worst thing about the school is it's parking lots. There simply is not enough room for everyone.


The availability of classes is not cool at all. Some classes are only offered fall semester every other year, or something crazy like that, and you never know which ones they are and your advisor usually fails to tell you. The selection of summer classes is limited as well.


That many of the people seem to be stuck in high school.


the business office handles the financial issues of students sloppily sometimes.


The worst thing about my school is the advising system, in that I don't feel as though the students study habits and persinality are really taken into consideration in the advising process.