Lee University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is a life changing school even if you try to stay the same.


Lee university is a great place to be. it is a great school for Christians and non Christians because the non Christians can at least be moved by the love,devotion and the impactive small groups which can help make them have a change of mind. it is a common testimony I have been experiencing since January I started scholling.


Lee is a small (roughly 4200 students) liberal arts school in Cleveland, Tn. The surrounding town is pretty boring, but is growing each year. Chattanooga is only 30 min and Knoxville is about 1 hour, both of which offer alot more to do especially for UT football fans. Atlanta and Nashville are around 2-2.5 hours, and offer tons of recreation for when you have free time and money. The administration has been good so far, and were very helpful when I transfered in. The school itself is very clean and well kept, all of the buildings use matching architecture and several of them are brand new. They were short on housing this semester, so keep this in mind of you apply later in the year. parking is also an issue to a degree and commuting students should keep that in mind. School pride is quite evident, despite our lack of a football team. Basketball and soccer are huge, and we frequently play bigger schools and fare very well.