Lee University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Future Lee University students should be the type of incoming freshman who are cheerful, outgoing and ready to meet new people. This school is all about networking and meeting new friends and being open to creating relationships with new people. It is important, especially in the first two years, for freshman/sophomores to put themselves out there both academically and socially. Lee University is not a school for shy kids because everyone, including the professors, are very friendly and want to engage and interact with you.


Lee University is of course a Christian campus, so someone not of the Christian faith may feel out of place; but only at first. I've found that Lee University is accepting of people from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, or any other factor. Lee University is a place for everyone to learn and grow, just as it should be.


A person looking to further their education while focusing on developing and discovering their own faith in God.


If you like to be pushed to view things in a different way, you should definitely attent. All the teachers help you view everything through religious eyes, helping you to seek God's help in every situation. If you're not ready for your faith to be tested, you should not attend. But if you're willing to learn and grow in your faith, Lee is definitely for you!


Any kind of person should attend this school. I love Lee so much that I think everyone should come here. It really has changed my life.


The type of person who should attend Lee is a person who values highly their education, but also wants the college experience as a whole. College and the amazing reputation it has is made by students who get involved in things around campus and truly take on what it is to attend college. They do not sit in their room all day and keep to themselves, they seek to not only receive an education that is dreamed of, but to become the person they have dreamt of being their whole life. That's who someone becomes by attending Lee.


Any person, who cares about their education and future, can attend this university and be comfortable in every aspect of life, including the academic aspect, social aspect, and even the religious aspect.


the school is for everyone


If you are the type of person who is trying to discover themselves and to be able to grow in yourself, christ, and in serving others you should attend Lee.


Anyone looking for a Christ-centered school or just a place that is peaceful and filled with many different kinds of people. Anyone would fit in here, there are so many ways to get plugged in and so many people to get to know.


The type of person that should attend this school is truly any kind of person. There is something there for everyone. No matter the personality or the interests, everyone can find something that they like. It is a great school for anyone, of any age, and of any talent. It is truly a school for all.


A person that will voluntarily put studying before partying. Being a very christian school, the rules are strict. However, fun can still be had if you let yourself become a part of the community.


Someone that loves music and loves the lord.


anyone who has a respect for followers of christ should attend this school. everything thatLee does is based off of Jesus, so someone who desires a school or respects a school like this should attend Lee University


Someone who comes from a religious background.


A person who is striving to better their relationship with Christ. Or a person who wants to be involved in Fine arts. Our music program at Lee is amazing! Even though I am not in it, I am in a choir here on campus so I partially expirience it.




Any person who wants a good education, and has some money, and who enjoys the arts. This school has a great arts pragram including theatre and music. It is really nice for the person who enjoys that sort of thing, plus students usually get free tickets to the concerts and performances.


A social person who is not as focused on academic challenges, but still wants a college education. The typical student is white, middle class, from the South, Church of God or Pentecostal, grew up religious, parents or friends attended Lee also. Most popular majors are education, music, business, and psychology. The campus is very musically talented and very friendly.


Someone who feels that they do not need to be challenged in their beliefs or thoughts too much, but is aware of the fact that this is a time to change and form individual thoughts and ideas; anyone interested in music, business, psychology, or Christian ministry.


I think any person with any sort of interest is welcome at this school. If you want to get closer to Jesus Christ during you time in school, this is definitly the place to be.