Lee University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students desiring many research opportunities and not focused on character/ moral development should look at attending other colleges/ universities.


Someone who is not willing to stay on top of things and who is there just to "get by."


Anyone should attend this school if they beleieve it is where they need to be. You will be accepted by the student body!


Emo, punk, or atheists. It's a Christian school, and very God centered, so you should make sure you know what you're getting into before you apply or attend.


A person who knows that they will slack off on their school work


Those that are not open minded to changing because this school has the amazing ability to change a person's life.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants to only stay in their books and not get involved on campus at all. What makes Lee the amazing college it is is the social activities and the atmosphere of acceptance, inducing people to come out of their shell and discover who they are. Lee not only helps students find and pursue their career path, it helps them find who they are as a person and gives them a confidence and desire to be an amazing human being in the world.


As a Christian school they try to be welcoming to all types. However, if you fear a discussion as to why you live a certain way or you do not want to be held to a high moral standard I would not suggest this university for you. You are pushed to both by the rules and the people to be the best person you can be. If you aren't willing to strive for more than average do not come.


The students here are very diverse. All students are required to attend chapel each week, so someone who would not want to do that would probably want to look elsewhere.


A weak, unsure of their faith.


If the person does not wish to work hard nor give back to the community through volunteering and service opportunities.


Someone who is interested in recieving a liberal arts education on a Christ centered campus. You need to be willing to serve other people.


I would say that the person that should not attend Lee University is the person who doesn't believe in hard work. At Lee, you cannot wait until the last minute to try and complete assignments. You will fail and fail miserably. I would also say that anyone who is disrespcetful to others will not prosper at this University. Lee is a community that is set firm in the idea of respect is given to those who earn it. If a student is selfish, they will not like the response that Lee has to offer.


Anybody and everybody looking to get quality education in a safe, warm and conducive environment.


Honestly there is no one person who shouldn't attend Lee University. It is a Christian school that requires one to attend chapel and take biblical classes, but if you can get past those things, and many students have, it is a great school. No matter what Race, sex, or religion you are you can always find a place for youself and friends who will except you for who you are.


A person with no motivation to be at college, or someone who doesn't want to be cared about. Everyone here, from profs to RA's care and want you to do your best.


Somehow who has very strong atheistic views would not like this school at all.