Lee University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


study hard and stay focused


I would say, Karen, don't worry so much, try your hardest and God will do the rest. Make sure to go to all the study sessions that are offered and get involved with study groups. Also, get involved with some extra curricular activities because you don't want to feel lonely. Make sure you keep up with all the deadlines and don't procrastinate. When you are studying, put all your energies into that in that moment so you can accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished. Don't be a hermit, make some friends that can help encourage you when you are down and out. Go to the chapel services and worship with your fellow classmates, it is a great spiritual encouragement. Visit the professors' offices often and anytime you don't understand the material covered in class, they are more than willing to sit down and talk with you. Eat healthy and drink plenty. Most importantly, keep on pursuing a relationship with the Lord daily, even when you are tired and don't feel like it. The Lord is willing and able to help His children with anything they ask.


Advice to my former self - Don't stress about what other people think. When you get to college, there will be more people completely and totally different from you than you could even imagine. In college, no one's all that worried about what clothes you wear or how you fix your hair. Be yourself. NEVER compromise who you are. Study harder. Form good habits. Stop going to bed so late. Eat healthier. Make exercise an important part of your life. Hug your mom more often. Watch more movies with your little brother. Ask for your dad's advice about EVERYTHING. Spend more time in the sun. Ride down the highway with your windows open and your music blaring at least once every other week. Read more books. Write more poetry. Sing louder. Dance harder. Really dig into God's Word. Make that the biggest habit you have. It really does help. Take more bubble baths. Be passionate about everything you do. Spend more time with your friends. Do every single thing with as much excellence as you can muster. And most important - love everything and everyone until it absolutely hurts. Your life is good. Embrace it.


"Emily, use your time wisely. Because you are a music major, free time will only come once a month, and even during your free time, do your homework or practice on a piece or practice for piano. Time is everything in college, and as sad as it is to say, socializing will only be 10 percent of your time. Do not put off work to go to the mall on Saturday; you actually need to be studying for your New Testament exam or revising your Rhetoric and Research essay. Your life now is Jesus, Voice and school, and then people."


Passion to Learn High school is “All that it's cracked up to be”. College is even better. Have fun, do all your work and go everyday......that’s the normal stuff everyone tells you to do. I am going to remind you to not give up. And don’t let life take you by the hand and drag you forward without direction. Set realistic goals and don’t limit yourself, ever. Sometimes it is going to be tough, but the tough will pass and you will make it through. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the only stupid question is the one not asked. High school is like test; it prepares you for college and teaches you how to study. Hopefully you will learn to love to learn. If you don’t love to learn, find your passion and learn everything about it. Passion is the key and will give you the drive to always move forward. I believe in you, find belief in yourself and your passions will become real and so will success. Love me. Estella


Push yourself, preserver, and never stop working hard. Sometimes life may discourage you, but just remember that is does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not give up. Never underestimate your abilities because you are able to achieve much more than what you give yourself credit for. Do not be afraid to become more involved in extracurricular activities because it will only help you to be more outgoing during college. Make every time in class count and never take advantage of a chance to learn something new. Start becoming more independent because during your college years, you are an adult and independence is an important asset to have. Stay true to your values, morals, and beliefs no matter what other people say. Strive to maintain a good reputation because when you are older, you will be thankful for a good reputation. The friends you have now will not be around forever, so never miss a chance to spend time with them. You do not have to have life figured out before college. College is a place where you learn, grow, and develop into the person you are meant to be.


I f i could talk to myself as a high senior and give myself advice, i would say to strive for the best, and never give up in life. Education is an big step in your life, this is the only way you can get an job, i would tell others to not drop out of school but to succeed in life and get your diploma, no matter how hard or easy it can be. For example, when i was in high school, i succeed and came out on time, i worked hard on my school work and i turned my homework in on time. I believed in myself when others didnt want to believe in m, when others was telling me that i wasnt going to make it.


Slow down. I'm a three year graduate at a public high school. I flew threw it so fast, I accually missed out on having a lot of fun with my friends and creating a lot of memories.




Knowing what I know now, with all the information and knowlesdge and advice to last a lifetime, I think granted to chance to see my younger self I would say : STAY STRONG! despite obstacles, family problems and just drama left and right, STAY STRONG. YOU have GOD on your side, if He brings you to it, He will get you through it, and HE DOES. HE REALLY DOES. Im living proof that the impossible is made possible becuase you kept your faith firm in God and STAYED STRONG. No matter what anybody decides to say, your spirit, that thrist that has always stood out ever since you were baptized is shining. STAY STRONG. You made it through to glory, the hard part is just staying strong and keeping up with your studies, but focus on what you worked so hard to believe in. YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST!


Take a look at the life you want to have after college and the goals you wish to achieve. Hold the bigger picture in mind as you contemplate your life. It is easy to get caught up in the present moment and live only for today but you need to take the time to contemplate the kind of contribution you wish to make to society and how to meet your goals. It may be that you do not know right now. If that is the case, then I have some more advice for you. Give away your time, talents, and treasures. When you wake up each morning, ask yourself, "How may I help someone today?" Always think of how others may benefit from your actions. When you do these things, you will find joy in any occupation you choose. College life is a time of growth and a time for self-reflection. It is during the college years that you get to know yourself much better. Use the time, not only for concentration on studies, but for mapping out the bigger picture--the picture known as your life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school seniour I would tell myself to enjoy this last year because after this everything begins to change. I would tell myself that when entering college not to be nervous becuase it really isn't as scary as it seems. I would tell myself to be sociable and make new friends. I would also tell myself that it is very important to now slack off and blow any classes off. College is very different than high school and it comes with a lot more freedom. I would make sure that I told myself to attend every class because it is easy to just skip out. I would also tell myself to put in several hours of studying a week for each class because in the end it will all come back and benifit you in the future.


I would say to my younger self: " I know you are planning to go off to a big university and be independent, but you need to really look at all your options. Germanna Community College has an accredited nursing program and you can save lots of money while pursuing your dream of working in a hospital. You know mom and dad would help if they could, but they simply can not afford a large tuition. College classes are tough and you can't expect to just breeze on through like you did high school. You have to commit yourself 100% to attending classes and studying. Otherwise, you will waste not only your money but also your precious time. Believe me when I say, you don't want to find yourself a decade from now, wishing you hadn't wasted so much time being indecisive and uncommitted."


If I knew in high school what I do now about college, I would try to prepare myself better by working on my time management, organizational skills, and study habits. There are so many times in college where I have had to learn the hard way about how to better manage my time and balancing things between too much socializing, too much studying, and not enough sleeping. I need to focus on school work first; once, I get my academics finished I can socialize and do sports, and after that I should allow myself plenty of time to rest in order to recuperate from the day's activities. I need to practice my organizational skills in order to be better prepared for class, meetings, and for work so that when I get into college it will come naturally to me. I would also tell myself that in order to be successful in college, I need to practice my studying habits in which I'm not cramming for exams/quizzes, but I am well read and well prepared for the exam; because I have studied multiple times before the exam/quiz comes up so that I might actually know the material.


If I was able to time travel back to my senior year, I would encourage myself to stay focused and really dedicate everything I did to God because He gives me strength. I found myself getting into a senior slump and not wanting to do work or participate with things. Now, I see just how important it is to get good grades and focus on the task in front of you no matter how difficult it might be. Also, I would encourage myself to push out of my comfort zone and take the iniciative to be uncomfortable. Just because I am comfortable doesn't mean I'm happy and growing, and just because I am uncomfortable doesn't mean that I'm unhappy and stoic. I want to drill in my senior self that there will be times that I feel awkward, or want to avoid something new because I don't know anyone, but to go for opportunities and outreach to people despite these feelings. It's important that I don't belittle myself and try to not make myself known. I have a voice and I shouldn't be afarid to let it be heard.


I have been in college for approximately 6 months and I have found that I enjoy being a college student more than being a high school student. In this short amount of time, I have seen that more freedom is allowed to students in college than in high school as far as most of the important decision-making is concerned. Such choices as schedule, attendance, or class selection are a few examples of how college is less restrictive than high school. If I were to go back to High School, I would be more serious about my class work and get involved with more community service. I would also take the advice of my parents, who have, the past guided me into putting my studies first and becoming involved in things I enjoy doing. In High School many decisions are made for the student and they seem to be more restrictive than college. I would take advantage of that in a more positive way.


I've always been told that my education is one of the most important things I can recieve in life. It's something that I will always have with me; something that can't be taken away. For me, attending college isn't just about learning and furthering my education, however, it's about all of the experiences that one may encounter throughout the academic journey. Each day is a new chance for students to exercise their minds, gain new perspectives, grasp unique opportunities, work hard, and most importantly, have fun with it all. Though I have only attended college for a short time, each of these things are something I've already experienced, all the while trying to make the most of it. College life will certainly not be perfect all the time, but I've learned that it is the mind set and attitude of each student that decides how much he or she will enjoy it. I believe the college experience will be well worth the time and energy that is required to be successful, and it is surely something that I'll remember forever.


I have recieved an abuntent valuble things from my college experience. First, I have made lifelong friends. Litterally this was the first thing i recieved when I came to college. I roomed with my best friend from high school and we had suitmates that we had never met before. We clicked the moment we met. We had such an amazing first year that we decided to all room together again this year. I know these girls will be my best friends for the rest of my life. Second, I have been influenced by some fantasic professors that have a passion for teaching and for Christ. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but these professors set me on fire about becoming a teacher. I am so excited about getting out and influencing and impacting the minds and lives of children. Third, I have been stretched, challenged, and inspired in my faith. I have overcome weaknesses and have been pursuing God more than ever. Overall, my experience here at Lee University has been wonderful! Not only am I getting a great education, but I am also forming lasting relationships and furthering my walk with Christ!


I have recieved a good lesson in responsibility in college. I have also learned that making mistakes is part of life and that you shouldn't beat yourself down because you make them, they are part of life and it's part of being a student and a human being.


Attending college, especially out of state, has allowed me to be a little bit self-reliant. It's also taught me how to be fiscally responsible. I've taken a couple of classes that have enabled me to reasonably question what I thought I believed. I am daily becoming more confident in who I am. At Lee University, it is required to participate in community service. In doing so, I'm growing to appreciate the blessings I have by taking the chance to help others and listening to them. By going to college, I've developed in thought, deed and spirit.


At first I thought that college was going to be just 4 years that i spent in a city that was 9 hours away from my house. I was completely wrong. My first semester was horrible. I didn't realize why I couldn't socialize with my peers. I was pretty popular in high school but couldn't handle breaking the ice. What i didn't realize was that I had to first understand myself before I could understand others. If I hadn't made the treck down south I don't think I would have ever found out who I really am. I wouldnt have found out what i like and dislike, what i want in life, and what my convictions are. Not only have I learned scholastic knowledge since I've been at Lee, but I've also learned what it means to be a responsible man. I'm glad Ichose to go to college because if i had not I would have never discovered my self. I believe that college is not only a place of studying certain curriculums, but it is also the place where young adults find out who they are.


College has been an invaluable time for me to learn more about the world, more about myself, more about other people, and more about God. There are many great experiences that I have had that would never have happened to me if I had not made the decision to attend college. I have met numerous new people who have shown me how many diverse and unique people there are in the world, as well as opened my eyes to the amount of need there is. Since I started college I learned that I have a compassion and empathy for people that drives me to help, understand, and fix people's problems, especially children's. I went to college not sure what career path I was on and not sure where I would end up. But through my experiences at college I have decided to become an elementary teacher and make an impact on the younger generations.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that I am capable of much more that I had ever thought. The faculty at Lee University have pushed me to my limits, while looking for potential still. I have seen caring people do all that they can for anyone that they can, and it makes me want to do the same. It has been an amazing experience so far, and I am excited to see what is still in store for me at Lee University.


At Lee University, I have been able to make life-long relationships with some of my peers and proffesors. I was given the chance to discover and develop strengths and attributes I did not even know I possessed. I went from being a timid teenager, to being a peer leader. Academically, I have acquired invaluable knowledge and being able to find direction for my career. At Lee, I can truly say that I found my space!


I have been at my college for a year and a half, and just in that brief time I have begun to grow up and discover who I want to be. My college is over six hours away from my family and where I had lived my entire life until now. Living away from home has given me independence to become my own person and explore my interests. I was accepted into my college's honors program, which has allowed me to take part in challenging and engaging classes and to get to know students with similar intellectual interests as mine. As a freshman I joined the Artistic Integration committee of the Student Leadership Council and have had the opportunity to help plan events on campus. This year I began attending a "Writers' Group," which has inspired me to pursue my interest in writing. All of these extra-curriculars have aided my study of English as I delve into my major and my interest in both artistic and intellectual pursuits. Because of the experience I have had in college, I feel I am becoming the individual I want to be.


In these past few months of my first semester here at Lee University, I have gained much valuable knowledge and insight. I could ramble off a list of facts that I have learned from my classes, but instead I would like to share a point of information that is much higher in value. In college one must learn to become an independent, responsible adult. Most of us live our entire lives under the protection and guidance of our guardian, leading up to the time where we "leave the nest". However, once you enter into the realm of college life, where (in most cases) parents are nowhere to be found, it is easy to go overboard with this newfound freedom. Finding the balance between work and play is the most important concept that I have discovered through my college experience thus far. If you can't sit down and do your work whenever it's necessary for a class, then how are you going to survive whenever there are bills that need to be paid and work to do? College is where we gain practice in managing our time, without major consequences, which is why it is highly beneficial to attend.


when attending college i love haveing the oppertunity of attending the classes with the fellowstudents that i have, being able to and grow with them, and being able study along side of then. and i cant evan start to explain how much of an honnor it has been to learn from the teachers and all the staff that i have hade the cance to learn and just to know. One reason that i think that my college is of much value to me would be the fact that i have the chance of expanding my education, and to grow in my trade, and beingable to take the classes, and the corses that i have taken. the college and let alone the great capus that i went too. so i think if i hade the honnor of receving this schlorship i would put it to good use and it would help me to make my dream come true, that would to get my degree and some day open my own bakery and or resturant.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience so far, it has really shown me what the real world is like. Growing up in a small town really does not show a person a lot of experiences, but going to college has shown me a lot of the responsibility and the social skills that are vital to adulthood. At college, I have met many friends who are not only "school" friends, but life long friends. My college experience has been so valuable to me, I can not even begin to describe it. I've always thought I was a mature for my age, but when I started college, I learned true responsibility and hard work.


I will begin school on August 19, 2010 and this is the most important thing in the world to me. It's so important because I am 19 years old and I have 2 children and another on the way. I want the best for them in life and i feel the only way to provide them with that is by going to school and furthering my education. I want to be a role model for my kids and not have to regret my decisions when I'm grown. I also would like to prove to all of the single, teen moms out there that just because you have a child at a young age does not mean your life is over. There is always a way! Dont't be another teen mom statistic. :)


So far, I've picked up invaluable knowledge about the human body and how it works, made new friends & valuable contacts for the future, and gained an understanding of the value of hard work to further my education. College has allowed me to expand my horizons and work toward my goal of becoming a BSN to follow in the footsteps of my mother. I want to use my education to help people in need. My heart is pulled toward the neonatal intensive care unit. My son had an APGAR score of 1 when he was born and I was really impressed with the atmosphere and nurses in the NICU. I don't think it will always be a "happy" job, but I feel the job satisfaction from helping the little ones will be more than worth the bad days on the job.


It may be cliche, but I have really found out more about myself than I have ever before. Due to the mindset of this campus being very Christian, everyone is truly there for you, hoping to help you find what you love to do with your life. This campus draws students from all over the world and requires you to study abroad for one semester. Learning about other cultures is not an option, and you learn about them through experiences. This makes the experience that much more memorable and enjoyable.


So far in my college experience I have been challenged to examine new material and information with critical thinking skills. This emphasis on self learning and personal investment has recently be adopted as a campus wide move to better equip Lee students for their future as life long learners. The attitude toward education among the faculty is that education is profitable and worthy as an end in itself rather than simply a means to a career. This attitude of adopting the identity of a student for life and being given the critical thinking tools to facilitate that direction have been the two most valuable lessons I have learned thus far at Lee. This instruction as well as the high expectations of excellence on campus have transformed me from the student I was as I left high school. When I arrived at Lee I was bored with education and ignorant to its true potential in my life. Lee's emphasis on critical thinking has led me to the point were I have bought into their idea on becoming an individual who pursues education for its own sake and my personal development.


I have learned a great deal from my college experience thus far. I have learned how to manage my time productively and effectively. I have learned how important it is not to lose yourself along the way, but to allow this seperation from home to help you grow and change into the person you desire to be in this life. I realize now that i really do not know everything, and it is important to take in the advise of those wiser than you. That there is so much to learn and experience in this world, and i cant be afraid to reach out and discover it. The knowledge that is obtained during this time in my life will be with me forever, and to hold on to it tightly. That you can achieve pretty much anything if you stay focused, work hard, and never give up on your goals.


I have learned a lot about the college life. When you live on campus you experience so much not only meet new people but you don't have your parents telling you what to do you have to do everything by your choise. Sometime your choises aren't right and you learn from them. Its very valuable to attend college away from your parents becasue you learn how the real world feels like. You get to experience life on your own.


I have learned many things from my college experience. The most important one is that I am smart but I have to put alot more effort into studying that other students do. I learned that one the hard way. I also learned that I can not study anywhere but this one spot in the library. I cannot study outside or in my room. I found a spot that I focus at very well all the way in the back of the library where many people do not go. I also have learned that it is important to make friends and to not disinvolve yourself. The more people you meet and make friends with, the more help you will have in your college experience. By making friends, you learn what classes to take and not take, how teachers test, what to study and not to study and many others. Basically, by finding a group of friends, you find a support group.


I have just matured so much from having to take responsibility in everything I do now. College has taught me that there is no room to slack off and that I have to give my best in everything I do 100%.


I would tell myself to make sure not to go home very often, but to really immerse myself in my own life. I would tell myself to find ways to get involved right away and not be afraid to put myself out there. I would also tell myself to really take advantage of oppertunities to get to know professors, especially the first year, take every oppertunity to ask questions from upperclassman and faculty. I would advise not to worry so much about money, but spend more time focusing on character. I would tell myself that taking care of myself, with sleep and a healthy diet is so important to beign successful. I would tell myself to make good friends with someone who could be like a mentor. I would advise myself to be ready to think differently, and not just hold on to the way I have always thought. I would tell myself to start thinking about what I really believe about life, and not just accept the answers I was always given. The most important think I would say to myself is to not to be afraid of change.


first of all i would greet myself. then i would sit down and tell myself all the things that have taken place in my life in the future. then i would proceed to tell myself to get the idea of taking a full year off of school out of my head, and take only one semester. africa would be worth missing a semester but not a year. i would tell myself about all the hardship of not doing your fafsa on time and the disadvantages of doing so. i would tell myself about how hard college life really is, and how it will push you to find out who you truly are, and how i would have to grow up some much in just a short period of time. i would also warn myself of the people in my life that would pass, and how to deal and cope with their loses. then i would tell myself about how i love school and how i made the right choice in choosing the school that i attend and to prepare myself for the hardest four years of my life.


Decide where you would like to attend college as soon as you can. Listen to what your high school conselors tells you... they are experienced professionals and that is their job. Also, apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can (it can never hurt). Before ending this paragraph, I must remind you to enjoy your last year of high school. Grades are quite important; so are social skills and friends.


Be brave! Don't let the idea of being on your own and doing things for yourself look like a daunting chore. It is an adventure! Learning how to do your own laundry, handle your own money, and study and go to class without being told, is exciting if you let it be! A positive attitude always helps with the transitiont to college life , too. Thinking negatively about homwork and the inconvenience it is, being 6 hours away from home is not the way to think at all! Being away from your family and home is like an Indiana Jones adventure. You don't know what is hiding around the corner but it is such a rush finding out. So be positive and excited about school because it will be one of the best experieces in your life, if you let it be!


While living at home, I wanted nothing more than to get as far away as possible for college. I have always been a very independent person and the thought of branching out on my own was more exciting to me than it was intimidating. Therefore, when I was accepted to Lee University, the fact that it is located 12 hours away from my home in Delaware did not bother me at all. However, after spending a semester away from home I honestly wish that I had chosen a college a bit closer to my hometown. If I had to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would most likely tell myself that Lee University is a wonderful school and that I made the right decision in attending there; however, I would tell myself to prepare for the hardship of being away from home for the first time. I do not regret my college decision, I have had an amazing year so far and greatly anticipate the years to come; yet, part of me remains in my small hometown and that will never change.


Though you should have already learned by now, procrastination on research papers can kill you. Learn to go to sleep at a decent hour and you might be able to stay awake in your College Algebra class. Making friends is not as easy as you once thought it was and the friends you will have will be the ones you did not expect. Speaking of friends, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE SPRING SEMESTER TO MAKE THEM. Those are the ones who will not come back. Spend as much time with them as you can. To save money, don't live on fast food. And don't eat in the PCSU so much. Save your money. I repeat, save your money. And last but not least, thank God for your job. It will keep you sane.


I would tell my senior year self that "Hey, you don't want to be a journalism major BUT, a public relations major." I also would tell myself to look harder for outside scholarships and to not worry about the future so much because no matter what it all turns out pretty good in the end.


Rule #1. Make time to study! having fun will always be there, but grades come first. It's important to keep the goal of going to college, getting a degree, in mind. Don't let your social life get so big that you forget why you're there in the first place. Grades have to be high because a lot of people are depending on you to be successful. Rule #2: Don't lose sight of Jesus. Lee doesn't mean you'll maintain your relationship with God. You have to pray, read, and seek him out. He's leading you through college so it's important to maintain a close relationship with him so you'll know what he wants from you. If you stay in tune with Him and His Voice, it'll make this transition a lot easier. rule #3: Money will be tight, but it's gonna be ok. If youre a college kid, youre not expected to have money. Its ok to depend on family right now. God will provide all your needs, according to His Riches.... so calm down. Trust God, stay focued, make memories, change the world.


Get involved in college! At first it will seem like youre a small fish in a big pond, but the easiest way to meet friends is to find extra-curricular activities that are right for you. Try new things, find outlets that make you happy, and utilize the clubs and activities to find a circle of friends that you mesh with. Education is certainly important and you should be careful to always make it a high prioirity; but college is supposed to be the best time of your life and if you allow classes and academics to consume you, you are missing out on the whole experience. Additionally, try to discover what you want your career to be early on and get involved in clubs, organizations, and internships that are affiliated with your career. This will not only help you discover if you really like that career, but also provide you valuable experiences for your resume and applications.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior it would be a very in depth conversation about applying myself more into studies. I would tell myself that in order to make it in this hard world, your mind has to be full of knowledge with alot of self-motivation to get through hard times. As I've gone through some college now and seen how it works with the real world, I would give myself one piece of advice. That would be to "Work your mind now, so you don't have to work your back later". Commit yourself to the harder things now so your back won't be shot by the time your in your 50's. This advice, I would tell everyone in my senior class, because now seeing some of the popular people then and seeing them now. Its really a sad story to see and hear what they have done with there life. One last advice to myself would be to " Not to worry about being popular, because its only shortlived to your senior year". So to myself, make it count in your classes so the transition to college is ease.


I would tell myself I was worth more than a highschool dropout and a kid living in trailer park. I would tell myself that life does not get easier, but it does get better. I just have to work for it and keep fighting. Even when it hurts. Even when they said I would never make it. Take it one day at a time, because it makes the path easier to follow. Most of all, to have faith and determination. Life can be beautiful.


I would suggest going random with a roommate, learning to live with someone you do not know is an amazing experience that is life changing. If you are capable take a heavy load your fist semester, it makes it easier on you the rest of the time there. As cliche as it may be GET INVOLVED. Whatever it may be clubs or sports give as many as you can a try you will meet so many intersting people. If you think you are going to have a hard time studying or going to class take classes with your friends..it is easier when you are held accountable. Be sure to check out your professors on www.myprofessor.com and when you are finished with the class put your rating on there also. Make sure you know how to keep a budget. it is vital. Lastly have some fun it's totally worth and this is the only time in your life when you can enjoy it.


I would tell myself to be ready for a heavier workload and not expect it to be as easy as high school. I would work on time management and implementing that with my schedule in high school. I would tell myself that I am going to have to be more responsible and have more self-discipline. Study time has to be longer, and developing a relationship with your professor is a way to show them that you are trying to do well in their class. There is more freedom in college, and there are many extracurricular activities to get involved with but you have to balance those in order to be successful in college.


College is all about making choices and they do not end when you declare a major. Don't get stressed out about one class and let it ruin your semester. One class does not define whether you are a success or a failure . The key is to always do better the next timse. Always try to make friends in every class. Remember college professors love group projects, and it can be less stressful to work with people you already know. Always balance friends and academics. Too much fun leads to poor grades, but not enough fun leads to feeling lonely. Schedule a little time for friends each week and plan events on weeks you do not have major tests. Apply for every scholarship you are eligible for and do not get discouraged if you do not win as many as you would like. Get a job and work as many hours as possible as many semesters as possible. be a smart consumer and do not assume that the campus bookstore has the best prices avaiable.