Lee University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone would have told me about how much work and planning goes into being a college student. I was unaware of how students have to sign up for classes, pay their school bill, keep track of chapel attendance, etc. Their are so many responsibilities freshman year that get sprung on new students that it is very overwhleming for some and many do not handle these new tasks very well and fail to do well in school. I would encourage others to prepare themselves for the upcoming responsibilities and habdling things on your own.


I wish I had known exactly what my dorm room would look like. I wish Lee had put pictures of the room on their website.


Before I came to Lee University, I wish that I would have known how strict every rule on campus was. Each rule seems simple and easy to follow; however, there are multiple ways to break a rule without even trying to. Every event, meeting, etc. is required and there will be strict consequences if you do not abide by each and every rule. It becomes extreemly complicating and frustrating to maintain; therefore I wish I would have questioned a few more students before I arrived on campus.


The only difficulty that I have encountered in university is the heavy responsibility behind financial aid and loans. Lee does a wonderful job at helping their students, but financial aid is a difficult process for any student.


I wish I was move financially wise before attending.


I wish I had known of this school when I was a senior in high school. Lee does not offer much financial aid to transfer students.


I wish I had known more about how certain rules worked. For instance, I was not aware that freshman had curfews until I started my first semester, and I wish I had. I was also unaware that members of the opposite sex weren't allowed in my dorm room. Certain websites are blocked as well. Understanding the strict rules Lee has for its students wouldn't have changed my college decision, but having an awareness beforehand would allow me to prepare myself, and I would have felt less constricted my first semester.


I wish I had known more about the theology of the school so that I would be better prepared for the faith aspect of the school and would not be as surprised by certain aspects of the faith.


That it is best to look at the end goal and work from there, with your professors and advisorial staff. Also that there is forgiveness if some rules are broken, but others do suffer dire consequences (expulsion). It is also important to understand that the individual's view does not represent the university or the other people in your class. Some people are just more outspoken than others.


I wish I would have known the challenges of learning about diverse opinions and been more submerged into other beliefs and cultures.


I wish that I had known just how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Everyone treats you like family, and they make you feel as though you are apart of something. They encourage everyone to get involved, and they do their best to make sure that everyone succeeds. It truly does make you feel at home, and helps make the college life transition much less scary and definitely much easier. When you are there, it is easy to see that everyone loves and cares about you. It is a better school than I could have ever imagined.


I wish I had known that I would encounter numerous opportunities to be involved in campus organizations and that no students should hesitate to become involved in whatever ways they want. Sometimes I have hesitated to become involved in activities in which I am interested because I didn't know people or felt inexperienced, but I am realizing that I should not be afraid to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. College is a time to discover who you want to be, and my college provides many opportunies to do so.


Just how Christian this university is. While this campus will not shove the word of God down your throat, the teachings are very prevailent throughout the campus.


If only I could go back to my senoir year of highschool and say to myself, "SAVE YOUR MONEY!" School is expensive and I wish that it had hit me a little harder, just how expensive a quality education would cost me. Almost everyday this year I have thought about how it could be if I had tried harder. I also think to myself, if I could go back and work my butt off, I wouldn't have to work my butt off to pay for school and get good grades, and might have actually been able to sleep.


How small the area was and how scholarship was going to be decreased after the first year.


I wish I would not have been so nervous to go so far from home. I also wish I had known how awesome the professors and students are. It blew my expectations out of the water completely.


Although it is a Christian school, many people do not attend church on the weekends. Also, it is good to bring a friend to college so that you are not totally alone for the first few days of registration and all.


I wish I had known more about other people's backgrounds and beliefs. Not everyone is the same. I had to learn to understand and accept others.


It is still very connected to the Church of God, the majority of the students are COG and there are a lot of pastor's kids there. There are a lot of girls who just want their MRS and drop out of school once they get married. Alumni are very devoted to the school and a lot of people stay in the area after they graduate. The school is very social and a great place to grow spiritually and personally; academics come second to your relationships with God and others.


Spend more time building relationships and less time hovering in your studies.


How different the South is from the Midwest.


I wish I would have known that it's easier to fill out the FAFSA before attending school rather than half-way through the semester, and if you don't pre-register for your classes, the registration lines are a mile long. Other than that, things around here run pretty smoothly.


Before coming to Lee University, I wish I had known that I would need to have better time management skills. College is nothing like high school and it is very easy to get distracted from school work due to my social life. However, after a year I am better prepared and succeeding academically. Although it is not easy, sometimes social sacrifices are necessary to excel academically. I want to be a teacher someday so it is important that I learn to prioritize and take school seriously now so I can better the lives of children in the future.


I was pretty well informed but I wish I had knows more about financial aid.


I'm glad I knew what I did and didnt know what I did. I think the suprises make things work them best in all honesty.