Lee University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about Lee Uiversity is that you are also getting schooling in liberal arts and a minor in religion. This weill help when you are looking for a job because they will see the liberal arts you did and know that you can do more than what your major is. Also in havig a religion minor it shows you have ethics. Schooling at Lee University sets you ahead of the crowd when looking for jobs because you have more than just a major in one thing.


Lee University has a very kind, accepting enviornment. In a world where people are ridiculed and shamed for things beyond their control, it is refreshing to be in a place that disregards differences and focuses on similarities. It is very easy to feel at home here. Of course the academic program is fantastic, but what really draws one to Lee, to anywhere, is the people; and the people here are genuinley good people. They truly practise what they preach, which is a rare and admirable quality.


I love the friendliness of everyone on campus. Also, everyone on campus is very helpful with any questions I might have. All the staff always has a smile on their face.


Lee University offers a friendly, helpful environment where your Professors are actively engaged in your learning. They genuinely care about your experience, physical and spiritual well-being, and academics. This allows you to feel that your thoughts and time are valued and you are not just another student that provides them with a steady job. Lee values community service, which opens your eyes to the need of the world. They also require a cross-cultural trip that allows you to see the differences and diversity. Every student is unique, friendly, and ready to help.


As a Christian, I absolutely love that I can be honest about my faith without someone getting offended. This is the first time in my life I can go out in public, profess my life as a Christian, and not be threatened or looked down upon. As students, we are encouraged to be open about new ideas concerning the Bible and the church itself. We are adults now; there is no reason why we must blindly follow others and their beliefs. I have the ability to decide for my own what I do believe and what I do not.


The best thing about my school is that all the staff and faculty care about each student and help them achieve their goals to succeed in life with whatever career they choose. Lee University has created an environment for students to feel accepted and safe to study and learn from highly qualified and distinguished Professors in their field. Also, Lee has excellent Music, PreMed, and Athletic Programs that are recognized by many distinguished schools in the nation. They provide plenty of service projects around Tennessee as well and give back to the community. Lee is truly an excellent choice!


The best thing about Lee University is the community that it has. Lee has an atmosphere where you can walk up to any professor on campus and ask them a question and they will do their best to help you out. It is the same way with the students here as well, each person is striving to not only do their best, but also to help each other to succeed in our college experiences together.


they care about their students.


The best thing about Lee is how Christ-centered it is. Nearly everything done on campus is for God's glory, so in turn, everything on campus ends up being the best thing about Lee University. Students are taught how to show Christ's love here and how to do everything for the glory of the Kingdom. Even students who are not Christians feel loved and accepted because the professors and administration know how to show the love of Christ. The actual daily demonstration of Christ is the best thing about Lee.


Once again, I love the atmosphere and how outgoing and loving people are to one another. This campus is big, yet it's not too big. I feel as if there is the perfect amount of students here. It's like a perfect middle between a large state school and a small private school. There are things going on all the time and so many opportunities to get involved with clubs, organizations, and fellowshipping with your hallmates in a small group time.


I would consider the approach of the Professors in the class room in regards to critical thinking as the best thing about Lee University. At Lee, all professors are encouraged to not only teach the curriculum but to also teach the student to take hold of a concept , analyze it, and apply it in the way that it is the most efficient and effective in whatever area they are studying. The instructors go above their calling in that they actually care if we comprehend the material not just get A's on our exams.


The best thing about my school is what also makes it unique. I love the Christian atmosphere and influence. The devotions, prayers, chapel services, and community service hours are all important to me as I try to find who I am at college and build on my faith. Another great thing about my school is the campus grounds and buildings. They are beautifully designed, engineered, built, and maintained.


The teacher-student relationship is absolutely amazing. At Lee, you feel like part of one big family. If you have a problem academic or otherwise, they are always willing to offer help and a listening ear.


It is very difficult to choose one thing about Lee University that is the 'best'. But if I was forced to choose something, I would say that it is the strong sense of community that you feel on the campus. I personally enjoy that aspect of Lee the most.


The best thing about Lee University in my opinion is the size of the classes. The largest class on campus consist of 300 students. Most classes consist of 50 or less students. This way the teachers and professors are more friendly and have a larger availability for personal time with each student if needed. I love being able to meet with my teachers on a regular basis, it gives me comfort that I can excel in the class.


I think the community at the school is the best part. The Student Life staff, the faculty, the Residential Life staff, and the students themsleves work hard to create an atomoshpere of community. If someone is eating by themselves, almost always someone will go sit with them. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. The faculty really want to be involved in the students lives and together, the community is wonderful.


the bes t hing about my school is that it is a christian liberal arts college. its a small college in cleveland, TN, its a beautiful place to go to school. also lee is one of the top private liberal arts colleges in the nation. it was started in 1918, and is a growing, thriving educational instiution.


The people. Everyone is amazing. What other school has the kind of Presicent that will come out and play football with the students?


There is a lot to do outside of the classroom, so get invovled.


Lee University students and staff do an excellent job of making everyone feel welcome while providing a spiritually and academically uplifting environment. Lee is a very Christ-centered campus and no one visiting could possibly deny that.


At Lee University you are more than just a number. You are a person. The faculty is completely committed to helping you learn and succeed in your field of study. They go above and beyond to assist you in whatever way possible. When they look at students, potential and hard work impress them more than natural talent. Iv'e often thought of Lee as a place of second chances. I would catagorized the faculty as overqualified considering our size and resources, but I've never heard of an unhappy faculty member. They truly believe in what they are doing.


It is a small Christian school, so students can learn in an environment that pushes them to explore their beliefs as well as their studies. On this campus one can make lifelong friends who will help keep you motivated in and out of the classroom. These friends will keep you on the right track, and they can be supportive spiritually.


The small class sizes facilitated better learning for me.


I feel that the best thing about my university is that there is an atmosphere unlike any other. It is one that is friendly and exicting and in which you can easily make friends and have a great time being who you are. There are many options in which to get involved and truly make your college years memorable. I love that the faculty always seems to enjoy what they are doing and really strive to help the students. The professors challenge us to critically think about life and encourage us to think for ourselves and search life out.


The best thing about my school is the environment and atmosphere in which the faculty, staff, and students create. It provides an atmosphere that pushes learning and preparation for the future while still incorporating appropriate social life. The campus also provides perfect places to get away and study, along with noisy atmospheres when one wants to engage socially. Students and faculty encourage self-development as an individual, but still sees what is best for the group to teach teamwork and lifelong skills. When I graduate, I will be a much more distinguished and developed individual, inside and out.


Lee University not only educates one academically, but socially, mentally, and spiritually. Lee creates an atmosphere for people to grow into a healthy, whole person. Lee creates a family campus ...what's not to love?! At Lee, one is provided with opportunity after opportunity: cross-cultural, academic, career, and social. It is so wholesome!


The community at this school is increditble. Everynight there is something to do from just hanging out in the student union to volleyball or basketball pickup games. Everyone is very friendly and its a small enough school to where if you don't know someone, you know someone who does know them.


The Bible program has many professors that were qualified for thier field. Untill the school fired them.


The best thing about my school will be the dorm. the rd's and ra's make you feel welcom and you feel like your at home. they treat you like family