Lees-McRae College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


If I had to pick something, I guess I'd say the location because the scenery is beautiful.


Small comunity and beautiful surroundings. It is such a small school you get one-on-one help whenever you need it.


My school is a very people oriented school that offers the working nurse to attend school and obtain their degree one night per week, which in turn is extremely convenient for the full time working nurse. I would recommend this program to any associate degree nurse wanting to persue their careers further. Along with the great flexibility they also are very understanding to their students and go above and beyond to assist us as students in any way that they can. I am never nervous about asking questions if I ever have any and that means a lot.


Lees-McRae is small, the walks to class are not very long.


I love Lees McRae College for the location and the fact that it iis a small college. The college is located in the mountains which I love due to the many different opportunities it offers, from skiing to hiking to just viewing nature. I like the outdoors. It is also a small college with smaller class room settings which allows teachers and staff to really get to know students. The staff is very caring and watchs out for their students. I couldn't have chosen a better college.

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