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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I am 44 years old and finally going to college as a freshman. If I could talk to my high school senior self I would tell myself computers are going to be a big part of the future so learn all you can about them! When I graduated from high school computers were barely being used. Now I want to have a career in web design, which wasn't even an option back when I graduated. I would also tell myself to take my studies serious because my future depends on it. College is not just an escape and a way to get independence. It sets a foundation to where your future is going to take you. More opportunities are available to people who are successful in college. I would tell myself to study hard and get good grades. Develop good learning and study habits which will be helpful when I get into the business world. Finally, I would tell myself to enjoy each day because time goes by so fast and you never get a chance to redo today.


There is so many things that I would tel my senior self, but I'll sum it up with three pieces of advice. First off, I would tell my senior self that college isn't as bad as you think; I would tell her to relax and don't be as nervous because you will have fun because the future me sure did. My first piece of advice to her would be to sign up for as much scholarships and grants as you can, so you don't have to worry about tuition or the supplies that you need. Then i would tell her to get as much credits as you can just in case you need to transfer and to not overdo it by taking more courses than your body can handle. Finally to end my pieces of advice, I would tell her to keep your GPA up because it is a great motivator of when you want to go to a university. Most importantly, I would want my senior self to just go with the flow and put my words of wisdoms into consideration because it will help you greatly because it sure did for me.


I would advice myself that college is a great start in becoming something that you want to be when you graduate from college. And to make friends also.


My first semester is my first semester. I have alot more to experience. This was just the beginning for me. My first semester went by rather quickly. College is a faster pace than high school level. I can say " I made it through my first semester in college". I am taking a breather now, we are on our winter session break. I will return back to college, my 2nd semester in January 2011. I look forward to a new semester, new instructors, different classmates, classrooms, new classes, my schedule/timeframe will be totally different too. Going to college everyday is valuable because it has taught me discipline, promptness, punctuality, organization, meeting deadlines and keeping me on my toes. I have a goal and in order to achieve my goal I need to attend class daily.


First of all Kyle we need to pay more attention in english class. The 600.00 dollars we spent to catch up was not smart. We need to listen to mom and dad when they get on us day after day to work on applying for schools and scholorships. The fact that we bought all fun stuff the summer after we graduated , made it tough to buy books for our first set of classes at Kirtland through the M-Tech center. Although your soon to be altimate first and only tatoo cost us 300.00 dollars, again we are looking for money once again for books. Apply to Saginaw Valley State University for your 2010-2011 year and enjoy living on campus with your lil bro, Kelton. Praise God, tell your lil sis she's a great basketball player and tell mom and dad they are the best!


Dear Leeane, You have been looking forward to going to college since you were in the second grade and played Martin Luther King in the school play. Here are a few tips to help keep you from messing this up for us. 1. Give yourself several options to choose from as far as where you want to go to school. It's still a good idea to stay close to home but don't limit yourself to just one school. You live in Pittsburgh you know! Choosing a college here is like looking for produce at a farmer's market. 2. Make sure you know how you are going to cover EVERY dollar of your expenses before your first class. With all you want to accomplish, the stress of worrying about the money isn't something you will have energy for. 3. Don't be afraid to ask your family for help! Since they want to brag about your college success, let them make sure youcan stay there until the finish. 4. Don't bite off more than you can chew. You're not ready for eighteen credits a semester...Yet! I hope this helps. Go get em!! Sincerely, Yourself


The advice I would give myself would be to push myself even harder senior year. I would say to challenge myself and not take easy classes that I don't have to work to hard to pass. I would say to not take college to lightly, but to study hard and not just float by my classes. I would tell myself college is a serious step towards my future and to plan out what classes to take so I won't have to spend a lifetime earning credits to transfer.


With much experience throughout many years since graduating high school, I have had much to say I have learned. If I knew then what I know now I would advise myself to be more proactive towards getting very important things done on time. I would have looked for scholarships, and grants before leaving high school so I could have gone right into college there after. I would of also advised myself to push myself to do better academically by trying my hardest on what the task was asked of. Being on top of doing better than what others expected me to do. I should have taken up extracurricular activities to get extra credit, and to make my transcript look better. While taking up extra curricular activities I could have also gained more experience in the major I intend on taking up. With the benefit of the extra credits and experience I could have gained it would have given me a more smooth entrance when I would have started school.


If I were walking througt he halls of my old high school again I would stop myself and say "knowledge is truly power lihau!" Forget about the peer preassures and about what everybody else is thinking of you, all that matters is your education so don't get distracted. You need to start preparing for the real world where money is scarce and you need to look out for your own self. Getting a higher education means preparing for a career so take advantge of the opportunities that lie ahead of you.Don't take eucation for granted. Think about it, how will you survive? Where will you live? Who is going to be there for you when you're caught in a storm? no one! You can only make thing happen if you want it to and a higher educaton wll get you there. "The number one aqcuisition for new knoledge is desire" so push yourself and want to succeed. Be that person everyone wants to be. Never give up and strive for a comfortable life, not a struggling one, but still be humble. Be the sailor, not the scholar.


If I was able to go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior, I would drill myself that procrastination is not good at all; for both my health and grade. I would also mention to try different courses in college you wouldn't normally take. For example, modern dance or acting. It can be a very memorable and rewarding experience. Also, another advice is not to be ashamed of stating your own opinion in class. It's indeed an effecive way of learning. You'll be able to challenge your professor and your classmates as well. Your professor is there to teach eager minded students, not some kind of rock sitting in class. They WANT you to ask questions and state your thoughts. That is why they became professors. Lastly but not least, you will need to set your priorities straight and manage your time efficiently. Time is crucial in college. Never take 'free time' for granted. Instead of going to facebook all the time when you are 'free', review your notes! I cannot stress that enough! When you do this, you don't have to stress/cram when it comes to exam day.


Oh if only this scenario were possible! well first of all, I would have made more attempts toward preparing for college and attending more after school activities. I would also have told myself to talk to the guidance counsleor and spend way more time studying colleges and my financial aid options. I would also have started my scholarship and grant search early on in my freshman year. All in all I think if I could go back and give myself advice, I would probably already have a masters degree!


Start preparing for college now by applying for financial aid and scholarships even if you don't plan to attend a college or university. It is better to have the funds readily available in the event that you decide to attend a higher educational facility. Beyond high school, education is very expensive. Plan to attend college near home or within a budget that you can afford to pay rent and/or utilities. Finish your associate?s degree and then attend the University of your choice. People really pressure students to get their bachelor?s degree, but it seems that the students happen to miss the stepping-stone of an associate?s degree. Save money, save time, and work on one thing at a time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the best advice that I would give myself about college life and transition is that I would have applied for more scholarships. Going through college, I learned that it's hard to earn money especially when your priority is toward education. I wanted to just focus on school and not have a job, but without a job, you don't have that extra cash for food, books and other necessities. Aside from that, my parents help to pay for some of my education necessities such as tuition and books, but I don't want to depend on them all the time because they have other things to pay for such as bills. I really wished that I had signed up for more scholarships so that I wouldn't be financially burdened.


I would advise myself to stay focused and not get side-tracked with any sort of distraction or laziness. Procrastination is your worst enemy in college and I wish I kept my finish-it-right-away mindset that I started with.


save as much money as possible. and don't relax on any subject. give 110%.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior year, the advice I would give myself is to do my best no matter how tough it gets, don't let other people's opinions stop me from achieving my goals and dreams. I would also tell myself to concentrate on what's important, the future. I've learned that the reason why college graduates are successful, is because they do what other people won't , which is putting countless hours to study hard and put aside little distractions, and in the end, have what other's don't...which is a degree and bright, prosperous future!


Rose, hang in there. You are smarter than you think. Boys can wait, you are extraordinary. Drinking and drugging won't get you where you want to go. Go to college, there are so many things there that will interest you. You can do this, you deserve a college education.


go to a college that is accredited and be save money for the liberals or required classes, then transfer to a 4-yr university.


If I went back in time and had the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself how important a high school education really is. I would explain how paying attention and doing your homework would pay off, right after graduating high school to taking your placement test for college.