Leeward Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Affordable cost and programs was most important. I want a degree in web design and I am able to get an associates for a lot less then if I went to one of the bigger universities. I may continue on to get a batchlors degree once I graduate with an associates degree but I will have saved a lot of money in the 2 years at the community college.


Lansing Comm. College is one of the largest Comm. Colleges. It offered me the classes I needed to start on my Asso. degree. It also got me out of the home of my parents. For know other reason than to try things on my own. I spent my 1st year out of high school in a Comm. College in the town of Gaylord. Where I lived with my mom and dad. This 1st year on my own has givin me the knowledge to know i want to continue with my schooling and become a part of America's work force.


I think the bes thing about my school is the new AAT program it offers. The AAT stands for Associates of Arts in Teaching degree. It's an amazin program where future teachers can actually have a headstart in an actual classroom setting. In the program, students ar required to complete a total of 40 hours on serving and performing lesson plans at local schools. From what I undertood, educaton majors never got to see a classroom until their senior year of college in the past. what a wonderful addition to LCC!


I have attended several community colleges and 2 universities during the earlier part of my education, Leeward Community College has been able to provide something that no other campus has . I think that diversity of the campus is the most exciting part of attending Leeward Community College. The students and faculty are from around the world providing an exquisite environment in each classroom.