Lehigh University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lehigh University encourages independent thinkers and offers opportunities to every student.


Lehigh University, a small community service oriented campus in an urban setting with an abundance of school pride, surrounds me with an enriching environment, providing me with all necessary resources and more that allows me to flourish in my endeavors.


Lehigh is a university with fun and energetic learners as well as many eriching opportunities outside of the classroom.


Lehigh University is great engineering and business school and has a really strong alumni network that allows students to find high paying jobs upon graduation.


Lehigh is a place where you can find yourself, connect with others, and make the changes you need to make in your life.


Lehigh University is a small school with resources to match that of a large school.


Lehigh University provides a great college experience for students who need a good balance of academics and social life and it caters to a variety of interests and personalities.


Lehigh University is a place where you can succeed, a place where all your goals can be met, a place where you can engage in the community, you just have to do it, get involved, and allow yourself the time and space you need to realize your dreams.


True definition of a work hard play hard school.


Lehigh University is a perfectly sized school for smart, competitive students specializing in Business, Engineering and many other fields.


Lehigh Univeristy truely embodies the work hard, play hard mentality as it is filled with motivated, talented and social individuals who together form a unified and spirited campus.


A school built into a mountain for bright, motivated students.


Lehigh University is a small, private school that puts academics in high regard and fosters school-spirited students and a majority of these students participate in greek life.


Lehigh is challenging, innovative, competitive, expensive, and on the side of a mountain.


Lehigh is overwhelming.


My school is small and culturally bland.


Lehigh University is well-rounded with a diverse group of students, excellent professors and academics, and a social life with activities that are not only fun, but include volunteer and philanthropy work.


A work hard/party hard environment, emphasis on party.


A beautiful campus with knowledgable professors, excellent opportunities and a fun every night of the weekend.


a university transitioning from a placewhere privileged people learn to make money to now more of a place where anyone is welcome to learn so that they can change the world


Lehigh is what you make of it, it really depends on the type of person.