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Lehigh has a strong sense of tradition and pride going all the way back to its founding. Its strong community and spirit is what makes it fun and it's what makes it home.


My school has great alumni network. When I got accepted, they had an accepted students dinner with alumni around my area and also invited me many events in order to get me interested.


Lehigh University is a great school where I could study engineering, but still persue my other interests.


Lehigh has such a strong Greek community, which is something that I didn't realize when applying here. I am in a sorority now, and I am so happy that I went Greek, although it was a bit of a shock in my first couple months while at Lehigh. The Greek community is great for those that are in it; however, someone outside of Greek life may feel like a bit of an outsider in comparison. There are still plenty of activities to do on campus though if you decide not to go Greek.


it has an unusually great alumni support and alot of alumni reunions around the world. it is a part of the oldest college rivalry known to man which helps build a great amount of school spirit


HUGE greek system! If you don't go Greek you probably shouldn't go to Lehigh espeacially as a guy.


Overall, Lehigh is a great school. Beautiful campus. We're like a family. I'm from far away, and I've really fallen in love with this school even though it's a lot different from my hometown.


Basically the #1 truth about Lehigh... is that YOUR LEHIGH LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. If you just sit around in your room all day, don't talk to anyone and just pout about how little there is to do here, then your life at Lehigh will be terrible. By contrast, take the initiative to engage in your schoolwork and attend your professors' office hours, then you will do great academically. If you reach out and network, whether that's by Greek life, joining clubs, working, or just simply making friends, you will have a great social life. And if you come in with an open mind and engage with all of the great programs the school has to offer, then I guarantee you will be happy here.


Come to Lehigh if you want to go to a prestigious school in the northeast but can't get in to the Ivy's. Or if you can but want to go to the best private university in the country for partying. Especially if you're an engineering or business student. Or it you want to go somewhere where you won't gain the freshman 15.


It's fairly small which created a more communal vibe for me than other schools did. I believe the undergrad totals around 8,000. I know my class of '12 has around 1250 students in it. For people who like familiar faces without feeling claustrophobic, Lehigh is a very good fit.


What is unique about this school is the intense school spirit and connection with alumni. A lot of schools have school spirit, but the students are so proud to attend Lehigh and it shows, not just during Spirit Week but every day of the school year and even off campus as well.


As an engineer, I know what's unique about the engineering program. We have a class completely structured around designing and manufacturing a matchbox car for a middle school kid. It's a good course because it not only brings you through every stage of production, but it also helps to represent a real work situation by causing you to work with a "client", the middle schooler. Also, we constatly have equptment on loan from companies like Ford and GM, and they allow us to use them for our own projects while in exchange working on specific programs for them.


The school is run by greek life. If the greek's get behind something then it tends to go through. The problem is they rarely do more than they have to. the school is slowly forcing them to do more for the school and community.


Lehigh is a school that offers the best of all worlds. It is academically rigorous, yet there is also opportunity to have "down time" as well. The environment of the campus offers the small town feeling, yet there are nearby large cities to visit without too much difficulty. It challenges the students to be their personal best, but the professors are readily available to assist a student when they need the extra help.


Absolutely beautiful campus and buildings. Outstanding history and heritage, the students really feel like they're a part of something. A very "bonded" student population, all of whom were extremely proud of their school. At other schools, students didn't have nearly the same connection with the University or student body. Lehigh University just felt right, and if I had to do it over 100 times, I would go back there every time without even thinking twice about it. I'm actually depressed I graduated, I miss it very much. Out of all my friends, I liked my school most.


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It had fraternaties on the campus that were active in the community and made up a decent percentage of the population.


In the winter, classes are NEVER cancelled. It doesnt matter that kids have fallen on the treacherous sidewalks and you need knee high boots to navigate through the snowy walkways- you still have class so be prepared.


Lehigh is a great school academically. Its just going through some rough times right now. Tuition wont stop going up. Books are sooooo expensive and financial aid is horrible. They also do a terribly job with housing. But other than that, its a great school.


Lehigh is a great education and if you are a mainstream type of kid you'll fit right in and never even realize why some people dont think this is the greatest place on earth...always free beer a beautiful campus and plenty of risky sexual interactions.....but i warn you that if you are not the homecoming queen of your high school and you cant understand why girls would pay 500 dollars for sunglasses and think thats completely normal this may not be the cultural experience of a life time.... Basically...I have enjoyed the shit out of my time in college. I could have gone anywhere and still had just as much fun and fit in with whatever kids around me. Bottom line, I love my team, my boyfriend is great and partying is fun but when i go to grad school I know I wanna see way more black kids, kids with mohawks, dirty hippies and everything in between.


wintertime at Lehigh. When it snows..going to class is no fun. Remember, we're on a mountain. Slippery, icy, steep sidewalks and stairs are everywhere. Believe me, youre going to fall on your butt a few times every winter, but when its not you sitting on the ground, you do get some amusment out of watching others fall.




Lehigh is really conservative as most of the students come from the upper class and they assume their parents beliefs. alot of the kids are still very much doing what their parents want. My one friend decided to get dredlocks and his parents told him that if he didn't cut them off they would pay for his tuition. Also, I should note that I'm on financial aid and lehigh didn't give me enough money first year. They just got a new plan and a 34 million dollar gift for scholarships so maybe I'll be getting more.


The food that Lehigh serves in the dining halls, is oftentimes pretty good ( but I'm not too picky). I've eaten at other colleges, and I've never before appreciated how good the food is at Lehigh in comparison. And if you still really don't like what's being served up in the dining halls, there is just many options here. On campus, we have a food court (pizza, salads, mexican, snacks, chinese, sushi, chic-fil-a) and a place called Sub-versions which makes subs. Off campus there are some sandwich shops (The Goose (my personal favorite deli is open for lunch), Subway, and Quiznos), various pizza places (Sal's, Campus Pizza, Lehigh Pizza), Mexican places (La Lupita, Tulum), indian, thai, chinese, Perkins if your in the mood for breakfast or pie, various cafes and diners, and fast food places (McDonalds, Wendy's), or heck, just even go to a convenience store and grab something. All of that is in walking distance. There is also a Wachovia bank right down the street (Bank of America is across the bridge, as well as a Commerce bank), a CVS and Rite-Aid near by, and a bus station nearby that heads into NYC and Philadelphia if you really feel like shopping. Also, Lehigh has a bus that provides transportation to the Mall around here, and I think Wal-mart on weekends. Also various movie theaters in the area (Regal cinema, Rave Theater, are some of the closest). If you don't mind a walk, you could go across the bridge to Main st, where there are a variety of small little shops to explore. Of course, having a car lets you go further, but as a freshman you shouldn't really worry too much about having a car, as freshman are not permitted to have cars on campus. Lehigh is convenient situated among all these kinds of conveniences (not to mention that we have a book store), you don't really need one anyway, considering gas prices.


College is what you make of it, wherever you go. Get involved, meet new people (even if its awkward at first), let down your guard, and always try new things.


i love lehigh. if you can inbrase the school you will love it, if not you may hate it


Basically, Lehigh has faults. But these are far outweighed by the absolutely incredible people I've met there, the cool stuff I'm learning in and outside of class, the opportunities I have access to, the South Bethlehem Community, the beautiful!!!! campus, and all the other sweet stuff I'm forgetting to mention. I feel like I'm getting the quintessential college experience, but better. I feel bad for my friends at other schools who say college is boring or full of drama, or something like that because I don't feel that way at all! I think that Lehigh is awesome and I have alot of pride in my school. I just want to talk to people about it because I love it so much and want them to have a college experience as great as mine!


I have had very different experiences as I have grown from being a Freshmen. I have thought about transferring, but the people that I have met and the academic push have kept me from it. Now, I am moving into a house next semester and I know pretty much everyone on the street and I think it will be really fun and valuable. I am actually excited to go back, which I didn't really think was going to happen, judging by my home sickness back in freshmen year.




Lehigh is the most amazing place on the face of the Earth.


Lehigh is the best..


Lehigh is AMAZING


Basically at lehigh we work hard and we play hard. The students are smart and are capable of doing work, and at the same time they love to hang out and drink. Overall Lehigh is a great place to spend the best 4 years of your life. Definitely go Greek.


Lafayette Sucks! Go Engineers.


WELL, to say the least, I am deeply unhappy with Lehigh. Don't get me wrong, Lehigh may be the perfect school to you as nearly all of the student population couldn't think of a better paradise. Lehigh is for kids who have lived in a rich bubble their entire lives and can't think of any other better way to go about living. If you want a worldly population, don't go the Lehigh. If you are from a diverse are of the country, don't go to Lehigh. If drinking is not high on your priority list, don't go to Lehigh. Trust your gut, and opt out of the Lehigh experience. Just to be clear, I received more than 35,000 dollars per year in grants from Lehigh in grants and that is still not enough to keep me on campus. As a talking point, I was voted "most likely to succeed" and "best personality" in high school yearbook, coming from my very diverse high school community a little more than ten minutes away from New York City. I am normally very accepting and tolerant, but just can't deal with the school.


Lehigh is by far going to be the best four years of my life! If you're looking for a competitive school where you can definitely let loose whenever you want, COME HERE! I don't know a single person who doesn't swear by our school, and that says A LOT!


Since it is getting harder to get into, I think the student body will be a little more nerdy and studious, which may help Lehigh clean up its act a little bit in terms of not enough work and too many drugs.