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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Although the campus isn't very diverse racially, and many people do have money, not all of them are snobby brats like you would think. They care about their education and they're intelligent. I'm happy to say that I haven't met too many snobby kids around.


The dominant group at Lehigh fits this stereotype, but you can find all kinds of people here


Kinda, Must people come from rich families. There aren't many minorities. But there are a lot of parties. Everyone is pretty nice however if you don't go here I could see how students might come across as snobs.


Sterotypes are rarely accurate and in this case they are not true. There are kids from every type of background and every year the student population is becoming more and more diverse. While Lehigh students do like party it just like any other college.






There are definitely students at Lehigh that embody these stereotypes. However, there is more diversity to the student body than initially meets the eye. You can find all types on this campus if you know where to look.




Many times yes but it really depends on the individual


to a certain extent


Yeah for the most part sadly they are


somewhat. There are lots of guido type people. Doesnt mean they aren't cool. Most of the frats have lots of guidos. The frat system is dying fast, I wouldnt consider lehigh a greek school anymore.


sort of.


hahah i'd say for about 40% of the kids here yeah


With most people (in greek life, mainly), but its easy to find a group of friends that fit you...i promise.


Not everyone's from jersey, but greek life is big (as it should be because its incredible). Overall Lehigh students live by the phrase "Work Hard, Play Hard". We're all smart kids which is why we are here, but we love to party.


Only a few of the students are preppy. Girls are mostly butterfaces. Most kids are alcoholics. And most of the kids are rich.


These stereotypes are grounded on popular perception, but it isn't at extreme as some like to think. The male:female ratio is about 3:2, but being that this used to be an all-male campus that's not bad. The diversity though, this is about an 80% white campus, but Lehigh is taking step to try and promote more diversity. Also, people soon realize that college isn't all that much partying/drinking, so it's not just a stereotype Lehigh has, but one about college in general.


To a degree. There is a lack of diversity on campus, the greek system is played up to be bigger than it is, and there are a number of students who don't drink and party all the time. However, there is a lack of school spirit especially on the sports field in my opinion.


Most people are from the upper-middle class and Lehigh's tuition is expensive... we're at $47,320 for one undergraduate year. But Lehigh also has the 12th largest endowment in the country and there are plenty of students who receive financial aid and also get scholarships and grants. Most people here are white, the school is trying harder to get people of different backgrounds to attend. A large portion of the school is from New Jersey... this makes sense... considering we're only 30 minutes from the NJ border. But there are also international students and students from almost all 50 states (with the exception of three or four). About 40 - 45% of the school is Greek, however the Greek houses are very present on campus. Most people are surprised to hear that less than half of the school is Greek.


no really but there are always exceptions


They are beyond true..lehigh students can out drink and out party anyone while still maintaining a 4.0 or pulling an A in organic chemistry..its amazing watching kids answering challenging questions in class who you also watched down 15 shots the night before


Not at all. Lehigh has an increasingly diverse student body, and drinking is always an option. There are plenty of substance-free events.


some, but at the same time there are always people who dont fit the stereotype


I would say no. There are many wealthy people, but everyone on campus is soo nice and always willing to help. There is diversity on campus, a lot of times people just don't look for it.


Mostly, no. Obviously the stereotypes are based on actual people or features, but that is just one part of Lehigh. The student body is very diverse and it is definitly not true that everyone is rich and has money to throw around. Over half of students receive financial aid. Lehigh does have hills, but the campus is very walkable and there are buses and vans that run when you don't want to walk. Greek life is very important for some students but you can get involved in it as much or as little as you like. You can join a house or just attend events, or stay out of the scene altogether. You won't have a problem finding someone who sees eye to eye with you on this subject, no matter what your opinion is.


There are a variety of people at Lehigh, it's a matter of finding the ones that fit best. There are a lot of activities that don't involve being Greek or having anything to do with them if someone so chooses.


The majority of students of this kind join Greek Life, therefore there are people that aren't this stereotype outside of the Greek community, it just takes looking. A way to break apart from that scene is to find a house off campus when available, which opens all sorts of doors.


To a certain extent. You don't see that much diversity on campus, mostly everyone is white. People are all very smart and generally good people who like to study and party.


I think that Lehigh prides itself on its engineering programs, so yes, there are a lot of engineers on campus, but the majority of students are in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in psychology, english, art, and so on.


While the average income per family of Lehigh students is well above the national average, Lehigh's student body is extremely diversified. Extremely intelligent people from all over the globe attend Lehigh for the innumerable qualities that the university has to offer.


I find that there is a good amount of partying but not too much at all. It is a school that loves to have fun but also gets the work done before hand. Students balance school and fun well and the students are all mostly east coast wealthy kids but they are extremely nice not snobby at all.


not really. there's drinking, but there are ways to avoid it and it's not necessary. There is little racial discrimination, or it doesn't affect your experience nearly as much as your personality does. Lehigh/Laff is a big rivaly.


Most of the students do dress well, and greek life is pretty big but overall students get along with one another.


most of them are but not to the extreme that people think




There is a large portion of the school that does go drinking, in moderation, every weekend. There are some that go and get completely smashed. My friends and I lived in CHOICE housing, freshman sub-free, and found plenty to do sober, including taking bets on how far the drunkards would get. There are rich kids but I've yet to meet anyone stuck up about their social class. Some kids are stuck up about being so smart but don't realize they aren't surrounded by dummies anymore.


Absolutely 100% accurate. There is one typical male and female at the Lehigh, and it is very difficult to find anyone outside the norm




Yes, the streotypes are true. Of course you can find all sorts of people, but the majority of teh school is rich white kids who party and study hard.


For a portion of the campus, but obviously not all students


I do think our campus is primarily white with little cultural diversity.


Pretty much.


Not completely. Most people associated with Greek life only know about parties and drinking. There are many other things to do on and off campus. There are free movies comedians, and other late night activites every weekend.


To a certain extent. The negative stereotypes of some students are at least equalled by the intelligent, down-to-earth students and faculty. Lehigh offers some great opportunities.


We have an extensive Greek community at Lehigh, so we do have parties going on a lot of the time. However, Lehigh is a very academically challenging institution and everyone is very serious about their work. While many of Lehigh's students are partying on the hill, probably more than twice as many are in the libraries.


Not at all




more or less yes


Yes, for the most part.