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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Some of the stereotypes of my school is that it is not diverse at all and it is a school run by greek life. Though these stereotypes have some truth to them it is definitely exaggerated. A large population of the students at Lehigh are greek but it really only goes as far as an individual. There are strict rules on greek life on campus and students are always involved in multiple things on campus that are unrelated to their greek status. It is in no way a defining factor here although many students do choose to go greek. Lehigh's diversity is also very small but that's not to say there is none at all. I think Lehigh is just like any other somewhat conservative private institution, the school is really what you make of it and if diversity is what you're looking for, diversity is exactly what you'll find on campus... or it will find you!


Driving through Lehigh's campus, it's hard not to notice the 20+ fraternity and sorority houses scattered across "the Hill." With a student population that is approximately 40% Greek, you're bound to come across the infamous "TotalFratMove" hashtag when checking your Twitter updates. Not surprisingly, many students earn the reputation of "frat star." However, this stereotype is far from the truth for Lehigh's student body. Lehigh students come from all over the world and all over the country; from every race, every culture, every background; and each with their own unique identity. Upon arrival to campus, first-years are able to find a group of students that share any and all of their interests. Yes, Lehigh has a prominent Greek population, but that's not all there is to it.


"Work hard, party hard." Unofficial school motto, fits the student population.


"Work hard, party hard." Unofficial school motto, fits the student population.

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