Lehigh University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think Lehigh is the kind of school that thrives on conformity, but the best part of that is it builds character for those who refuse to conform. It's an environment where you really have to make the decision on whether you're going to think for yourself or think with the crowd. Neither option is bad, it's really just a personal preference and both can lead to different successes and pitfalls. Though in some situations it is possible to witness a segregation of groups, Lehigh is a school filled with pride in it's students and abilities and once you have been sucked in we are all one fan of the brown and white. I really cannot express how much college is a place to find yourself and what you believe in, because once you have discovered that you'll always find your niche.


Lehigh draws many of its strengths from the size of it's student population. With approximately 4,500 undergraduates spread across 3 academic colleges, it is the perfect size that individuals can stand out but that students can meet new people every day for all of their four years. When walking across campus, it's inevitable that you'll run into a few of your closest friends and never be lost in a crowd. This size makes it easy to form personal relationships with professors and important staff members, such as academic advisers and career services counselors. In turn, this helps when you need one-on-one help in a class, guidance in choosing classes, or assistance in writing your resume and applying to jobs. All-in-all, it is the ideal school to form lasting friendships, receive an excellent education, and get the help you need to start a career.


Best thing about this school is the fact that it is a great academic institution that also balances a huge party atmosphere. Teachers are mostly accessible and classes can be difficult. Most classes you will get as much help as you need. South Bethlehem isn't very nice, to be honest, but it does do the job. You just won't go there much. Most parties are held on "The Hill" at Frat houses, but just as many are held on Fraternity off campus houses on any given day. Dorms are alright, but some could be bigger. Lehigh is a perfect size- it is small enough to have a community feel, but even if you meet new people everyday, you will still not necessarily recognize people you know every time you go walking around campus. Some dangerous things happen if you go to the wrong places off campus though, so just don't be stupid, and go with a friend if you go off campus at all. Also, there is a lot of walking, and at least one half of the trip will be uphill.


Best thing about this school is the fact that it is a great academic institution that also balances a huge party atmosphere. Teachers are mostly accessible and classes can be difficult. Most classes you will get as much help as you need. South Bethlehem isn't very nice, to be honest, but it does do the job. You just won't go there much. Most parties are held on "The Hill" at Frat houses, but just as many are held on Fraternity off campus houses on any given day. Dorms are alright, but some could be bigger. Lehigh is a perfect size- it is small enough to have a community feel, but even if you meet new people everyday, you will still not necessarily recognize people you know every time you go walking around campus. Some dangerous things happen if you go to the wrong places off campus though, so just don't be stupid, and go with a friend if you go off campus at all. Also, there is a lot of walking, and at least one half of the trip will be uphill.


Just the right size for a college. People know how to party and keep up their grades--The perfect balance of party and work! Bethlehem could be a little better, but people find ways to have fun on campus, and when we do go out it's a fun time. There are a few cute restaurants around, and North Side Bethlehem is great!


I love the academics at Lehigh and the reputation the school carries with it. I'm from a very small rural town, and people are extremely impressed when I tell them that I am going to Lehigh. The professors are great for the most part, and there are great research facilities here. In my opinion, the campus is the perfect size; not too small that you know everyone, yet not so big that you get lost in the crowd. Typically if I walk across campus I will see a few people who I know well and have a random conversation with them, and getting to know people is really what college is all about. The college town really gets ripped on, and it is pretty run down. However, of you make an effort to look around for things you like you can find some good off-campus spots. Overall not that great though, kind of shady.The administration really cares about the students, much more than larger state schools (according to friends who go to those larger schools). If you ask to meet with an administrator they always reply quickly and are very happy to help. There are controversies about racism at Lehigh all the time. I'm not going to BS you, minorities may feel a bit uncomfortable at times here. However, I also know many minorities who love it here, and if you try to interact with people of different races, 99% of people are super nice and would become your friend. There is a lot of racial self-isolation here, people tend to stick with their own kind. The administration is trying hard to fix this. I really wish there was more school spirit here. For the most part, the Greeks think they're too cool to go to any sporting events (aside from Lehigh-Lafayette, of course). Thus, there are about 12 students at home basketball games, which sucks for the players. That would be the one thing I would change about Lehigh: more school spirit and loyalty to the school.


Lehigh seems to be just the right size in my opinion. It's not too big but it's big enough to have the resources of a much larger state school. Where I come from in rural PA must people aren't very familiar with Lehigh. The people who know it are impressed I'm going here. There isn't much of a college town at all. You kinda have to be careful depending where you go off campus. It's a big contrast to the campus where there's a lot of money. There's a fair amount of school pride. Sports events aren't that well attended other than the football game against Lafayette which is awesome. Personally I like the campus being on the side of a mountain. It insures that I get some exercise everyday.


Lehigh is mid-size. It's set on a mountainside, which makes for beautiful scenery but horrible walks between classes. The classes are challenging, but there's also a strong nightlife and social scene.


Lehigh all in all is a good school, but like any school it isn't perfect. The student body is a bit too homogeneous, but the education is superb and it is a pretty fun school. Bethlehem sucks though.


you get to know EVERYONE and it sucks when you can't meet anyone new after the first two weeks of school


The best thing about Lehigh is its ideal combination of academics, athletics, and social life. The school is the perfect size: big enough that you are always meeting new people and finding new things to do but small enough that most advanced classes have no more than 30 people in them. Also the location is perfect. Campus is minutes from the airport and bus station, and less than two hours to New York City and Philadelphia. Most students live by the motto 'Work hard, party harder.' The major downsides to the university are its immediate location in South Side Bethlehem and diversity. Recently there has been an increase in robberies and assaults on students by locals, although the city police have made their presence more noticeable on the major off-campus streets. The university has been trying to make the student body more diverse but at this point it still appears that most students are wealthy, white, and from the East Coast.


beautiful campus, a very nice size because some classes are big lectures and some are smaller and more personal, on nice days i spend a lot of time on the front lawn of the UC otherwise most of my time is in the dorms or linderman, the town of bethlehem right off campus isn't the best place I have no problem walking through in the daytime but I wouldn't feel comfortable walking alone at night, the body put a lot of effort into the upcoming election helping people get registered for primaries and set up a trip to hear Bill Clinton speak, students are proud to go to lehigh especially between the Lehigh LaFayette rivalry


I love my everyday experience with Lehigh, I have great friends and we always have a good time, usually too good of a time. I like my teachers and classes now that I have gotten past the b.s. intro classes. The only problem with Lehigh other than the ridiculous cost is the Lehigh officials. They could be more stuck up than the students. Blantantly stupid regulations of rooms and housing are in place and can't be negotiated. It very rarely seems that the administration makes a change which makes students happy. Every alum that comes back comments on how it is worse than when they were there. The police force is just as bad. They would rather break up a frat party than patrol the campus for "townies" who have in some instances jumped people on campus. I spend almost all my time at my fraternity house, since the town is not the safest after dark and the bar scene is weak at best. There are people who break the stereotypes you just have to find them. Lehigh/Lafayette week at the end of November is the only time people have school pride.


The best thing about Lehigh is its research facilities. Thats about it. If you are going for academics, then go. Otherwise, pick another school. It is just the right size as well. Not too big so you dont know everyone (all faces are familiar) but small enough so you dont know everyone. I spend most of my time on campus because I just turned 21. If your under 21 there is little to do off campus. Bethlehem is definitely not a college town. Honestly, bethlehem sucks. There is some school pride but our school has been sucking at football for the past few years. Most people complain about how tuition goes up every year and how the administration doesnt do anything productive. They fail a lot.


The school is a good size, you know enough people and then there are still some you dont know yet which is cool. I would like it better if people cared more about sports. It is Division I athletics, but nobody knows what is going on in terms of sports teams and nobody cares about the athletes. Most people spend their time on "the Hill" where all the Greek residences are. Almost everyone you know will be in a fraternity or a sororoity and this pretty much dominates the social scene. There are not many bars and not a big scene


hmmm.... For the most part when you say you go to lehigh you get oohs and aahs... that is if they have ever heard of it. Its a prestigious university and graduating here with a good gpa can get you where you want to be.


#1 Get used to walking up hill. There's not much to do on campus or around town if you don't have a car except for frat parties. That usually fun for the first year, then sophomore year people have cars and you can go to the movies, go hiking, go bowling, the mall... Once your 21...a few bars around town, Mcgradys is most popular and a good time.


Not too big, not too small. Greek life is great, academics are solid. The only complaint are campus police


Overall a good school with an athletic active student body that still cares about learning.


Lehigh, is known for it's strong business and engineering programs. So much so, people sometimes assume that's what you are doing here if you do attend, and it has some world class research coming out of the faculty here. Most of your classes freshman year will be large lecture type classes, and its not until your upperclassman years that you can really get into the smaller, more personal classes. Some of the teachers though, like any college, are not very good at teaching, so you just need to know who to look out for. They are here mainly for research, as some do not even like teaching. Lehigh, as you may or may not know, is set upon the hillside of south mountain, so there will be a lot of walking up and down hills/stairs to get to classes, but if you don't mind that, it is a very beautiful campus, in any season. The architecture is Gothic/Romanesque and though old, quite nice. The best part about Lehigh, though, is the rivalry. Lehigh vs Lafayette is the oldest college rivalry in the nation, and the week we play each other in football, even if you don't go here, it's worth going to at least once in your lifetime. The entire week is caught up in school spirit, pep rallies, celebrations, events, parties (naturally), and is quite possibly the funnest week (even the professors get into it sometimes!). There is a stark contrast though, between Lehigh and the surrounding area of Southside Bethlehem. There are mostly residents of Hispanic/Latino descent, and is a poorer area of Bethlehem. Relations could be better, but they aren't bad. Southside does offer many small shops (like Main St in north Bethlehem as well) and there is a thing called First Friday (first Friday of every month) where usually music can be heard, and the place comes alive.


The best thing about Lehigh is the people, professors, and food. I love all of the people I have met, they are very nice. The professors are available and accommodating as well. There a number of fantastic professors. There is also a variety of food and it is all very good. I would try to change school spirit, more access to open fields at Lehigh, and finding students from outside of New Jersey as they may have different different interests and experiences. The size is tricky. Most would say 4,500 or so is right in the middle and a perfect size. I feel that it is too small to provide great weekend comedians or performers because there is a lack of attendance and too small to concentrate on a few different majors as Lehigh attempts to span many different majors. They have spread themselves out a bit thin and are trying to accommodate to so many different organizations and majors. They have the mindset of a big state school feeling they can supply to any type of student, but don't have the resources...and maybe that's why it costs so much. People react positively when I tell them I go to Lehigh. It has a great reputation and students get great jobs out of school. Many high school students are drawn by the beautiful campus and the acceptance rate is staggering. I spend most of my time in the M&M the freshman dorm. I also go to the UC a lot to eat and on the weekends most students go up to the hill for parties or off-campus. I spend the majority of my time hanging out with friends im M&M though. "What college town," although there are enough muggings not to miss it. There are parts of South Bethlehem that are okay, right off campus, and I've eaten off campus a few times, but there is not much to do. However, there is plenty to do on campus so it has never been as issue. We have a new president this year and I know she and the administration are pushing studying abroad and the global studies department as well as kicking two fraternities off the hill. I think Sammy was an overreaction and you get the sense she does not like the Greek system. The global push is a good idea, but everyone going abroad by 2012 does not seem feasible, some students can barely afford tuition with financial aid and scholarships. Sammy being kicked off the hill had to be the biggest controversy towards the end of this year. For what all of the other fraternities do during pledging, the severity of the action of Sammy's pledge pales in comparison. It doesn't make any sense. There is school pride, but I feel that it is fake. Students aren't wearing all brown around campus and there is a lack of attendance at sporting events with the exception of the Lehigh Laf football game wrestling matches. Lehigh's hill makes it unique, I will never forget trying to run from the bottom of campus to the top. Students happen to complain about this a lot.


I love Lehigh. Its a smaller to mid size school. About 4500 undergrad total. I can walk around campus and say hi to a bunch of people and still meet people in my class that I've never even seen. Bethlehem isn't exactly the nicest place, there are some robberies off campus, you just have to be careful (like don't leave your iPod out in your car overnight.. dumb). As far as school pride goes... Lehigh has tons of it. You can visit and walk around campus and see all the Lehigh apparel everyone is sporting.


i would like to express a concern of mine here. i am very afraid of the town surrounding Lehigh and the people that live there. there are bums roaming the streets, people of all ages loitering all over the place, angry, foul mouthed, insulting children walking through our campus. thats just the tip of the ice burg. there are also a large population of "have not" individuals. i too am a have not, granted i go to college and am extremely blessed to have parents who have given up so much and worked so hard to put me where i am. anyway these towns people were raised in such a way that they clearly have no morals or boundaries in life. the people i am talking about are the muggers that continue to assault my peers. i am terrified to go off campus but i still wish to party (as all college students do) with my friends. while i am always careful when i go to these frats, i feel quite safe on campus. the dangers there are controlable. this year the campus police and school have put a large damper on the number of party options on campus. due to party busts students are begining to move off campus so as to avoid being written up or placed under any other sort of punishment. i hate the idea of partying off campus because tracs doesn't make it close enough to all of these houses. the streets are not safe and i am saying this from experience. 2 years ago in Allentown i was at an off campus Muhlenberg frat party and when it was over i followed people outside and got into a designated drivers car. or at least what i thought was one. it however was not and i was taken to a house far away, raped twice, and while being moved the morning after there was a car accident where the car i was in plowed into the back of a parked car at 35 miles an hour. i was able to get away and run 3 miles in 65 degree temperatures in a small shirt at 6:45 in the morning. i feel lucky today to have my life and i wish this campus would stop forcing us to move our parties into the horrible town. it is filled with mean people that do not like us at all. just let the underage drinking happen and keep us safe on our campus. you will be in a poor place if something like this were o happen on our campus, especially if they are not so lucky as me to escape. someone could loose their life and it will be on your hands.


The dorms are shitty--don't get me wrong they do the job but never expect to be clean or feel remotely comfortable The people are all incredibly smart but they can act very superficial out at parties or when trying to impress their friends or the opposite sex. If they aren't in class the brian is essential turned off. You will smoke pot at Lehigh. There is absolutely nothing to do in Bethlehem.. it boarders on one of the dullest and crime infested towns in America The lehigh cops arent out to protect lehigh students from crime but instead are looking to give citations to under age drinkers..they are all about turning around Lehighs reputation as a party school


I love Lehigh because it has a relatively small, highly intelligent and competitive student body. I would prefer that Lehigh be located in a more college-friendly neighborhood, but I always feel safe on campus. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the people are extremely friendly and outgoing.


best thing is the great friends I have made too expensive perfect size - if you meet someone on the weekend you are almost guarenteed to run into them during the week people are very impressed when i say i go to lehigh Rauch business center is where i spend most of my time def college town meshed with 'little puerto rico" its so much fun administration was better before alice gast biggest controversy - frat pledging getting out of hand i think there is a lot of school pride unusual - no, except everyone is some level of nerd (whether they want to admit it or not) it makes for a great, laid back atmosphere My freshman year was amazing, i met my best friends and i will never forget any of them not diverse, too expensive, early classes ( 8 am)


Lehigh is great- I feel like I have met people with many differing opinions and likes and it has really expanded my views and my likes as well. The size is pretty perfect, small enough that you know lots of people, feel comfortable, and class sizes are small. Big enough that there are lots of opportunities. The town of South Bethlehem is definitly underrated. Alot of students are afraid to venture off campus because of the not-so-hot reputation but it is an awesome place! There are lots of cool shops, galleries, and ethnic eateries within a few blocks of campus. It is also a really great place to volunteer. I started working with local kids twice a week and it is one of the best experiences I've had at college. Lehigh is also in a great location- 45 min. to Philly and an hour and 1/2 to New York City! I love being able to take a bus or quick drive to these amazing places. The freshmen dorms are tiny but upperclass living is awesome! In both situations I have made amazing friends and experienced a real sense of community and family. People stay on campus for the weekends, so it's a good place to be if home is far away or not too exciting. There are definitly lots of things to do- Greek life is big but there are concerts, performances, and excursions happening that are sponsored by student organizations or the Universtiy. I was terrified to come to college but Lehigh made the transition very easy and you couldn't pay me to go anywhere else!


I love the size of Lehigh and the accessibility of professors. The size is great because I don't know everyone but I will always see people I know around campus. Professors are always available to meet to get help on projects or concepts which differs from a lot of other schools. If you can't make their office hours, they will usually be able to find another time to meet with you. Most people do tend to spend time on campus however, a large part of the student population is from the area so certain weekends, a lot of people tend to leave. My mom loves the class sizes since during my freshman year, I only had two lecture classes of around 150 and every other class had 40 or less.


The academics do challenge you and are respectable. I would change the fact that there isn't really a unified campus of students, but rather separation and segregation. The higher administration seems to focus their attention on alumni money rather than on the students' best needs. The prices of food and bookstore products are way too high and the dining service, including meals and dining dollars, is a rip off. I think the school itself is a perfect size, there are still plenty of people I see walking the campus that I haven't met, yet there are plenty that I know quite well. The class sizes are also small enough to be able to meet your teacher on a more personal level. For the Art and Architecture and Design Arts departments, there are not enough teachers, which is very limiting and frustrating when trying to get into classes during the incredibly hectic time of class registration. There isn't really a town, although the Steel Mill provides quite the spectacle. It really is cool looking and interesting to check out every once in a while. For a business student, its history is quite interesting-its failure and what not. I think they are knocking most of it down though to build a casino and hotel. Sounds cheesy and cheap, but maybe to some, it will make the town more city-like. The North side of Bethlehem is charmingly old fashion and respectably proud of its history. The South side is totally different, poor, but housing is cheap! You either love Lehigh or hate it, and bondage is built within those two opinions. Either way, there are smart, charismatic people that walk this university paths; there are faculty members striving to help steer and teach young scholars, it just takes individual effort to take advantage of this.


The best thing about Lehigh is the network of alumni that you get plugged into once you're a student. You gotta keep in mind that the point of college is to get a degree, and Lehigh provides you with a degree that you can be proud to put down on your resume. Stuents spend most of their time on campus because the surrounding area is sort of a ghetto. It's not that Bethlehem is unsafe, but it's just not advisable for kids to walk around at night alone down there. That being said, a ton of students do live off campus their junior and senior years and its a pretty cool college atmosphere in the couple of blocks close to Lehigh. The things that students complain about most are the tuition and the police. Tuition has gone up 5% each of the last 2 years and is now at about 48k per year if you live on campus and buy a meal plan. The police have really cracked down on the party scene the past 2 years because 3 years ago Lehigh got ranked as the #3 party school in the country. Administration hated this, so the campus police force nearly doubled in size and kids seem to think that they are more concerned with breaking up parties than they are with actually keeping the area safe.


Lehigh is my favorite place in the entire world. It is the perfect size, right in the midrange of students. Students study really hard and party even harder. It has a very good reputation and will be easy to start a career upon graduation because of the great Career Service Center.


I love Lehigh; It is a great university. Lehigh has a very solid reputation; when i tell people that i go to Lehigh, they react in a very amazed way and say "you must be very smart". It is really a strong source of education. I can spend time and have fun in every single spot on the campus.


I love Lehigh. There are so many good opportunities that Lehigh presents its students, I'm sure I'm getting a fantastic education. For starters, I love the size of Lehigh. It's small enough that when you walk around campus, you always know or at least recognize most of the people you see, but big enough where you don't know everyone and everyone doesn't know you. I spend most of my time on campus either in the Performing Arts building (Zoellner) or in the Design building (Wilbur). Even though most people know Lehigh as an engineering school, we have excellent facilities for the arts. Up to date computer labs with the latest design software available to all students as well as unbelievable theater equipment for lights, sound, etc. One of the best things about Lehigh is that the professors who I've come across all care about their students. They want you to succeed and they will help you achieve your goals in their classes. I know specific professors who go out of their way to make sure that you get all the help that you need and teach you everything they know. They honestly care about you and what you want to do with your life. I feel like there is a lot of school pride, especially when it comes to the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry (the oldest college rivalry in history). As for things to do off campus, you're pretty limited if you don't have a car. Bethlehem is a little scary at night, but as long as you're cautious, the Lehigh police try to patrol and do their best to keep everyone safe.


Opinions vary about the size of Lehigh: to each his own.;


It is the PERFECT size. You still see new faces every day but you know a large percentage of the people. Sports events are a lot of fun and the athletic teams like to support each other. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and you stay in shape walking the mountain everyday. The town has its positives and negatives. North side of Bethlehem is amazing and gorgeous while south side is a little shaky but still a great place to go to school. The biggest issue I have with Lehigh is the parking services. They are very serious about their parking rules and they go overboard....so I guess if that's my biggest complaint then thats pretty good. :-)


Lehigh is ideally placed between south side Bethlehem and a huge amount of unoccupied land. You are easily able to find something to do in the city that is within walking distance if you're willing to look. On the other hand, we're far enough away that break-ins and muggings aren't very likely. Living off campus is a crap shoot and there isn't enough on campus housing to make up for the demand.


Lehigh is a great school. Great academics, beautiful campus. As a student who just finished my first year I can't wait to get back to lehigh this August. The surrounding town gets a bad rep, but you have to give it a chance, and once you explore Bethlehem you realize that its a pretty fun place, while yea there are bad parts of it, there are bad parts of every town. I highly recommend going greek, its pretty big at lehigh and its adds greatly to the overall lehigh experience. In fact once I went greek that was when I really started to LOVE lehigh. I have made so many friends and have tons of memories that i will look back on for years to come.


The Best thing about Lehigh is the academics and the friendliness of most of the teachers and students. The school size is perfect (around 1000/class). This may sound big but it isn't and especially when you declare your major you will recognize almost everyone in your classes. Even though Lehigh doesn't have a huge reputation (Half of the people I talk dont really know Lehigh and the other half ask if I am an engineer), the reputation is growing quite a bit and expanding, i.e. the business program is also getting very popular and recognized. The surrounding area of Bethlehem is by no means a college town. Honestly except for off campus parties I go off campus to eat, etc. like 7-8 times a semester, and that was when I had a car. Freshmen year I left campus maybe 5 times all year. The safety is not too great especially if you are by yoursef or/and it is past dark. This year I have recieved emails about almost 20 different muggings right off campus. This is the only major issue I have lehigh, besides the huge greek life, which is not even that bad. It seems like the police spend all their time on the hill trying to bust underage drinking, when people cannot walk 5 feet off-campus without fearing of being mugged. It is quite ridiculous. I feel like nothing will change until someone gets killed off-campus, which is quite a damn shame. I mean the policemen seem nice, but the whole situation is quite pathetic. Saying that, Bethlehem is not like walking into the Projects. During the day there are a lot of nice places to eat and across the bridge to North Bethlehem is quite nice, but do not walk alone at night.


Best thing is the old part of campus with beautiful architecture. Most lehigh girls are the stereotypical new jersey sorority dumb blonde girls. There's not enough school pride. People mostly like Lehigh/Laf weekend because of the tailgates. Lehigh's administration is way to beauracratic. The different departments don't work together to make things easier. I've heard of someone running between the registrar, bursar's office, and financial aid several times just to get a paycheck.


It's wonderful. It looks historic, which it is. It's beautiful, although on quite a hill. As such, don't expect to see many physically handicapped kids. Pride is high, almost a quarter of my wardrobe now has Lehigh on it somewhere.


Lehigh is a place for the kids in high school that were smart (mentally smart enough to get into the Ivy's) but were able to do the minimum on their smarts and still get very good grades and scores. The campus at Lehigh is on the side of a mountain, with the pinnacle, and highest up on campus, being the frats and sororities on "The Hill." Lehigh social life is driven and controlled by drinking and fraternity life with little options to explore elsewhere in the community or at lehigh for that matter.


Lehigh is a great school! The school is a pretty good size, you get to know a lot of people and will see at least a couple familiar faces walking around on a random day, but you don't know everyone (you're deffinitely not lost in the crowd). The campus itself is absolutely beautiful, especially in the spring and fall and although South Bethlehem isn't too fabulous, you're right by Allentown, and only an hour from Philly, so there's enoguh to do. It's an AMAZING school, lots of work and LOTS of partying. Most people are in business and engineering majors, which are botch very competitive and challenging. Don't get me wrong though, it's not all work! Greek life is HUGE on or campus, and whether or not you're in a fraternity or sororrity the amount of parties and whatnot surrounding the greek life makes for an amazing time!


I wish Lehigh was a little bigger.. It is nice knowing a lot of people but gets old by senior year. South Bethlehem is horrible and keeps getting worse- the north side is nice though.


I think Lehigh is the perfect size school for me. I wasn't looking for a large school where i would get lost in the crowd but i also didn't want a very tiny school either. I found that Lehigh offered a little bit of both. Our campus is beautiful. The library, the dorms, the dining areas, and the pretty pathways are all places i like to spend my time on campus.


Lehigh University is a fantastic place and I couldn't possibly be happier anywhere else. Yes, it is rather annoying to climb the mountain a few times a day to get to and from class, especially when you're burdened with a backpack full of textbooks. However, mostly because of all the stairs, I'm in the best shape of my life! Granted, I am a student-athlete and therefore have to work out every day, but all of my friends who are non-athletes say the same thing. If you gain the "freshman 15" here, it's probably because of all the leg muscle you gain. Lehigh is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a school that's not too big and not too small. It has a big school "feel" in that you'll meet someone new every day and everyone turns out to cheer on our sports teams, especially football and wrestling. Still, Lehigh is small enough that no student will ever get lost in a shuffle. No one is a mere number here. We're a big family. A cool thing I found out about Lehigh when I got here was that Lehigh is becoming part of something we call the "New Ivy League." When many students hear the names Harvard and Yale, they automatically assume they can't get in, so they apply to less well-known schools like Lehigh. Because of this, Lehigh's rejection rate is increasing substantially. I'm told in the next few years, it will actually be harder to get into Lehigh than into an Ivy League school. But don't let that discourage you! The best thing about Lehigh is that there is something for everyone here. We have musical groups, communtity service organizations, various clubs, Greek life, varsity and intramural sports, student government and academic honors organizations, to name a few. Students here can participate in anything from club soccer to ballroom dancing classes to Habitat for Humanity. No matter what you're interested in, there's always a place for you.


The best thing is how friendly people are and the general atmosphere. I'd change the attempt to cut down on the greek life. I think the size is just right, you know alot of people but not everyone. The reaction is usually a greek reference or a good school reference. I spend most of my time at my sorority house. "What college town?" Administration sucks right now. Two houses just got kicked off the hill - one for no real reason. There is a decent amount of school pride, in a funny way. The hill is the most unique part of Lehigh, its where all the greek houses are located at the top of the mountain. I'll always remember Greek Week opening ceremony. Complaints are that we live on a mountain.


The best thing about Lehigh is all the resources it provides. I would get rid of the parking meters. We already pay so much to go to school here and it's absurd to have to pay more to park our cars when we go to class. I think Lehigh is too small. When I tell people I go to Lehigh they assume that I'm very smart. I spend most of my time in my house or in the library. Definately "what college town"? there is a sufficient amount of school pride. most frequent complaints are about parking


The campus is absolutely beautiful and the size and location are pretty great too. One thing I would change is the mentality of the typical Lehigh student. Bethlehem is not such a great town, but its on its way to make big improvements. The administration is decent right now, but I don't think they're really trying to keep tradition alive. There's a decent amount of school pride, but people don't go to the games enough.


The best thing about Lehigh is that every one seems really happy to be at Lehigh. If I were to change one thing, I would improve the safety of the dorms. People are easily able to swipe in and out of buildings. I like the size of the school because I recognize people everywhere I go but there are still a lot of people I can meet. Bethlehem is not much of a college town so Lehigh seems to be a bubble.


School spirit is at a minimum, football is ok but most leave after tailgates, you won't see many students at any other events on campus. There is no college town, most students never wander off campus.