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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular groups on campus are the greek organizations. Most of the greeks live at the top of campus in a section known as "The hill". The hill is usually where people go to party and meet people but other than that you can see greeks advertising or fundraising at local shops, you can see them wearing shirts around campus and there is always some type of greek activity happening somewhere on campus. That being said, you also do not have to be greek. Lehigh hosts a lot of really fun/interesting events for people who prefer to stay indoors on a saturday night or don't really like being on "The hill" for whatever reason. There are "Late night Lehigh" band performances, events sometimes movies on the front lawn or there is always a move playing in the theatre. There are a lot of options of things to do and always people to go with. The next big thing is sports. I almost feel like everyone at Lehigh is on a sports team or has been on a sports team at some point in their life. Lehigh students really show a lot of pride yearly for their teams and it only gets stronger. I think the best advice anyone can get as far as Lehigh clubs and groups is to take advantage of them your freshman year. You can learn so much and it gets harder to get involved in different things as you get older. Freshman year is prime time for socializing and people are usually always friendly.


Lehigh students are firmly committed to the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. Outside of the classroom, students strive to get involved in as many organizations as possible and usually devote a majority of their free time to their extra-curricular commitments. In the spring semester, approximately 40% of first-year students will join a fraternity or sorority. Regardless of Greek affiliation, students join sports teams, student government, band and orchestra, religious groups, community service organizations, cultural clubs, professional societies, and a variety of others. With so many options, students tend to take advantage of as many opportunities as they can so that they are never left bored. Students are so involved at Lehigh that the orientation leader position (one that requires a full semester of preparation, an intensive week of training, and that students give up a week of their summer vacation) is the most competitive application process for any student organization.


Lehigh students are firmly committed to the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. Outside of the classroom, students strive to get involved in as many organizations as possible and usually devote a majority of their free time to their extra-curricular commitments. In the spring semester, approximately 40% of first-year students will join a fraternity or sorority. Regardless of Greek affiliation, students join sports teams, student government, band and orchestra, religious groups, community service organizations, cultural clubs, professional societies, and a variety of others. With so many options, students tend to take advantage of as many opportunities as they can so that they are never left bored. Students are so involved at Lehigh that the orientation leader position (one that requires a full semester of preparation, an intensive week of training, and that students give up a week of their summer vacation) is the most competitive application process for any student organization.


Mostly just random hook ups, though dating does happen. Lehigh-Laf Week is huge, everyone participates, definitely biggest event on campus. Fraternities and Sororities are pretty crucial, though not everyone joins them. Greek life dominates campus.


Mostly just random hook ups, though dating does happen. Lehigh-Laf Week is huge, everyone participates, definitely biggest event on campus. Fraternities and Sororities are pretty crucial, though not everyone joins them. Greek life dominates campus.


Mostly just random hook ups, though dating does happen. Lehigh-Laf Week is huge, everyone participates, definitely biggest event on campus. Fraternities and Sororities are pretty crucial, though not everyone joins them. Greek life dominates campus.


Make and Take craft days on Fridays are the greatest. There are movies on Fridays and Saturdays at Ulrich. Other clubs sponsor movies all the time. Lots of guest speakers throughout the year. There's always something to do. Plus lots of music concerts from the school's music groups.


There are tons of activities to get involved in here. There is a clubs page on Lehigh's website that lists around 40 clubs to join. Intramural sports are popular among freshman and greeks, and a majority of the people here are athletic, so there is always a basketball game or whatever going on somewhere. Athletic events are not that popular, as I mentioned before. The dating scene is basically nonexistent here. I don't know that many couples who are consistently dating/together here. Lehigh is more of a one-night hookup scene, or a 'friend with benefits' kind of thing. There are a ton of traditional events here. Football tailgates, Lehigh-Laf football game, Sundaze, bed races... some of them revolve around Greek life and some don't. Speaking of Greek life, it completely dominates the social scene here, basically because there's not much else to do here. I know a lot of people who go out almost every night of the week, and you may feel left out if you don't go out at all. In my case, I am a non-greek but I typically don't have any trouble finding parties on Fridays and Saturdays, and I like that. However, if you want the busiest, craziest, most active social life ever, go Greek. I'm more of an independent, chill guy so I chose not to, and I still go out and have a good time. A ton of people bitch and moan about the social life here, saying that if you don't go greek your social life will be shot and will have nothing fun to do. It's true that if you go greek your social life is set and then some. However, if you just sit around in your room all day and don't make an effort to go around campus and meet people/ do anything social, then yeah, your social life here will suck. However, I'm not greek and I have made an effort to talk to and make friends with all kinds of people, and I have things to do all the time.


The frats are a big part of student life at Lehigh. In the beginning people left their doors open but now they're typically closed. If I'm awake at 2 on a Tuesday I'm probably studying or watching comedy central or playing super smash bros with people. Every year we race beds on wheels, have a huge bonfire, and generally go crazy the week of the Lehigh Lafayette football game. You can find a party every night of the week but you also will have problem finding people who don't want to go out that night or in general.


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People party a LOT. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are all good times to go out. Monday and Tuesday nights are reserved for studying. Wednesday could go either way.


Partying is a big part of the Lehigh experience and I would not recommend going to Lehigh if you don't like to party. Because of this, pretty much every other type of activity is neglected by students, including theater, speakers, athletics and activism.


You can find multiple parties any night of the week at Lehigh and most people go out at least 3 or 4 nights a week. Social life revolves around fraternity parties on the Hill and off-campus house parties. Morning cocktails and tailgates before home football games are huge, although attendance to games is usually somewhat low since students have been partying all morning. The biggest tailgate is before the game with Lafayette, and this is the one game that most students go to, regardless of location. Lehigh Lafayette is the biggest party of the year and people drink all week leading up to the game. If you don't drink there is not too much to do. There are plays and movies showing most weekends, but the social life revolves around parties and heavy drinking.


people didn't generally leave their doors open in my hall because it was the hall that tours always came through, but on other floors in my dorm they left their doors open and people were always going into other rooms, most of my really close friends were in the same freshman dorm as me, people party fairly often most go out every weekend, almost all the parties revolve around drinking games I have never felt pressured to drink, nobody shoves a drink into your hand and there have been plenty of nights where I went out with my friends and didn't drink


Football and wrestling get the most recognition, sports wise. People go to those games more than any other. I would suggest joining a fraternity or sorority as the easiest way to make friends. There is usually at least one big open party Thurday, Friday and Saturday night. Although you can find someone drinking any night of the week. If you don't drink its not the easiest place to have fun. Off campus there are a bunch of good places to eat, there is a good mall pretty close and a bowling alley.


My freshman year (2005-2006) Lehigh was the #2 party school in the nation. It was a blast. The school had enough of it and they have managed to dwindle parties from your stereotypical frat-people bouncing off the walls-all over the place-sex-drugs-nati light to very private frat/house parties. Lehigh's social life is very limited for people not in a frat, and even those are dwindling. If your over 21, its not bad. You actually have a pretty good time.You cant really do anything that doesnt involve drinking because everyone does it! Well, you can actually go bowling, movies, dinner, glow in the dark disk golf. But usually people drink when they do these things. Lehigh is a drinking school. As i refer to it, "Lehigh Alcoholics"


Most kids drink Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Tuesday also seems to be a big night. The best week of the year is clearly Lehigh-Lafayette week in which teachers seem to ease up and everything is a drunken mess, coming to culmination with one of the greatest rivalries in all college sports (according to ESPN). There is a lot to do on campus for those that do not take part in the traditional weekend festivities.


Greek life is huge. I play basketball and I would say student support for athletics are pretty decent...not anything crazy like big east basketball but we have our crazy fans. Football games are always a good time. Tailgating turns into a shit show usually and you can just sit around and laugh at all the little girls who cant hold their liquor. One big change at lehigh is the gay ass police. They have been getting very serious about underage drinking and its not uncommon for students under 21 to experience an underage drinking citation...not too much fun I promise. I would say that most partying is done outside of bars...the parties on the "hill" where the frats are are pretty big and when its warm off campus is popular...usually if you are 21 around 12:30 you head to the bars...so not being 21 and not going to bars isnt a big deal if you arent a drinker there are a pretty good deal of activities that go on during the weekends....there is a lil movie theater on campus that shows free recent movies every weekend...there is like a late night diner that always has some rando activity...like rock band contest or something fun....there have been a growing amount of little concerts and battle of the bands going on and there is some sort of play or other entertainment at Zoellner. The tickets for events there are kinda pricey bc there are pretty cool things going on open to the public....but students can get discounts kids pretty much go out every night


Some people party all the time...seriously, every night. Those would be most of greek life. Some people don't party at all. It is easy to find your group of friends that fits how you want to spend your spare time at school. Bottom line, there's always a party going on any night of the week if you feel like it, but you wont feel left out if you dont.


Social life is great. There is always a party on the hill, and apart from that the unversity goes out of its way to ensure there is plenty to do, whether it be catching a free movie at kenner theater or seeing a free concert or comedian perform on campus.


Parties are every night of the week except when there is a test, and then the whole social scene shuts down for a few days. Parties are amazing and lehigh was at one point ranked the number 3 party school in the nation. I did crew and that activity was very time consuming but I got very close with my fellow teammates and it opened the door to meeting the womens team as well. Freshmen dorms are decent, you have your gryphon, and they are the RAs and they are really layed back and basically just don't want you to damage any thing or get hurt.


There are all sorts of different clubs and activities on campus. I can't speak for all of them, so I'll give you my experience. I'm involved in writing articles for an Opinion journal run by Lehigh students, called the Patriot. It has a kind of reputation for being overly "conservative" but it's just the nature of the people who want to write for it. It is accepting of all viewpoints really, its just by chance we have more conservative leanings. Also, I've been involved with a Christian Fellowship at Lehigh called InterVarsity. Basically, we study the Bible together to try and get a picture of who Jesus actually is while inviting others to come along as well, and we've built some very close relationships with each other, in doing community service, growing faith, and just serving each other and Lehigh when we have needs. It's just one of a couple Christian groups on campus, this is just the one that appealed to me. I wasn't exactly Christian when I first started, so it's been a process, but the friends I've made are ones that would last a lifetime. Also I've been involved with Swing Club, which is basically, swing dancing! If you are unfamiliar with it, its a 1950's style of dancing, involving lots of turns, spins, dips, flips, etc. When I first saw it, I thought it looked awesome. So I showed up, and they give lessons every week. There also a performance swing group which does shows for various events, but usually that happens second semester after tryouts. It's quite a fun workout, and there are swing dances held every so often with live bands that come to Lehigh. It's like prom, but set about 50 years ago.


The most popular clubs and organizations are ASA, UP, Leadership Lehigh, and intramural sports. The club sports are fairly popular and I am involved in Lehigh Unregistered, Leadership Lehigh, intramural sports, and applied to ASA, but could not get in. First semester many students left their door open as they were trying to meet new people. Second semester students did not keep their doors open as much, but many don't lock their doors. Athletic events are popular if you can drink. The football games are popular because of tailgates, the wrestling matches may be an exception but hardly anyone goes to basketball games because their are no tailgates. Guest speakers get a range of audiences, but on the whole the showings are relatively small with students having busy schedules. Theater is somewhat popular, but does not have great student turnout. The drug scene seems to be okay at Lehigh. Marijuana is very popular, but the more serious drugs have limited use. Weed is easy to get. I met my closest friends through a pre-orientation trip called OAP and through dorm life. On a Tuesday at 2 AM I am up because I should be working, but probably talking to people in the lounge who should be working too. The Lehigh Lafayette Football game as well as the week leading up to it is a big tradition. Greek week is another big one. Sundaze is a fun event UP holds each year. Saturday nights you could participate in Late Night Lehigh, events held for students who don't want to go out and party. You could go to the Hawks Nest and get something to eat, or hang out with any other friends who decide to stay in and watch TV or play videogames.


Most people at Lehigh are pretty social. There is a lot of partying, as I'm sure there is on any college campus. Things that people will do on the weekends: off campus parties, bars, movies (on campus... one of the student groups shows movies every weekend at our on campus theater), comedy shows, hanging out with friends, and parties on the hill.


Must join greek life to have any social life especially as a male. girls can get into pretty much any and every party.


Lehigh has a very predominant Greek life with about 40% of the student body participating. As the tour guides always say "40% Greek means 60% not Greek", so there is still plenty of room to avoid that scene. The students are very friendly and always willing to help out. Lehigh football is the only sport that attracts a lot of attention, although all of the sports teams have a gathering of fans.


GREEK LIFE, there is an off campus social life too soccer club is awesome the girls are great and its pretty competitive dorm doors are always open and unlocked athletic events are attended , lehigh vs laf is the biggest turnout for football guest speakers can be popular no one dates really, they hookup it is a problem at lehigh i met my closest friends as a freshman, they lived on my hall if im up at 2 am on a tuesday it means i have a test on wednesday and i am studying as a freshman though i was probably hanging out with friends in the common room at 2 am people are out every night of the week if you want to go the greek scene is huge went to my friends frat house and hung out i don't know what to do on a saturday night that is fun and the place does not have alcohol, ive gone out and hung out with friends without drinking off campus has parties, and just hanging out i also live off campus


Lots of groups, organizations. The music program is pretty fun, I've been to tons of concerts and even traveled to China with the choir! The Community Service Office and Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity are really great. I've been able to work in service on campus, in the South Bethlehem Community, and in the nation. I went on a spring break trip to Atlanta this year- so amazing!! Frats and sororities are big, about 1/3 of the students are in one. But you don't have to be in a house to go to a party, or attend a greek-sponsored event. Dorm life is so fun- very communal, even at the upper-class level. The campus definitly unites over Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry. The week of the football game, the campus goes crazy. The marching band plays in class, there is a giant bonfire, people stop doing there work, drink in class, and generally hate Lafayette with a vengence. It is an amazing bonding time for the student body and really brings out pride for Lehigh. Lehigh-Laf week was one of my favorite experiences as a college student. One of the suggested questions on here is: What are you doing on a Tuesday night at 2am if you're awake. I'll give just a few examples of some things that I've done in the past few weeks on a weekday night around that time: watched a movie with dormmates; made a cake; just returned from Rutgers b/c we wanted sandwiches from there; studied; played fooseball; put together a 1000 piece puzzle; talked about politics; gone to a concert.


Interaction within the dorm all depends on who is in the dorm. In my hall, we all tended to keep our doors open towards the beginning of the year and as the year went on, we started to close them but everyone still came by and knocked to go to dinner or hang out. I met my closest friends in a combination of my sorority and my hall because those were the people I chose to spend the most time with. There are buses that go to the local movie theaters on Fridays and Saturdays and some fantastic places to get lunch right off campus. It's not suggested to go off campus alone at night. Staying up late is a part of college life. Sometimes, we would watch movies starting at 11 and other nights we would go to bed around 12 calling it an early night. That's not everyone though. A number of my friends went to bed around 10:30 but it felt like most people were up later.


During my freshmen year, I lived in Dravo Residential Hall, and we left our doors open and became very close with our specific hall, along with other halls within the house. They were really my only friends. Some of them joined sororities and some didn't and we moved to Sayre Park Village during sophomore year. In Sayre, since we had a kitchen and living room, our door was usually closed, but there were still small events when the weather was nice which brought us together. It is really the experience you want to make it. We party every weekend, but not much on weekdays, academic work really takes over you during the week. The Greek scene is always there, which provides a place to get drunk and dance around and it is pretty fun, if you are into it. There is also an off campus scene, which involves pretty much the same thing, but on a little more of a personal level, since you usually have to know someone to know where to go. As for not drinking, the school puts on events every weekend, but I don't think attendance is very high. Once again, though, it is what you put into it. If you want to have a game night or movie night or party or concert or whatever, have one. It just takes effort.


Wrestling is good. Football is popular, even though it's not D1. TONS of kids pledge greek houses and this is where the party scene is. People party every night of the week, but the parties aren't anywhere near the dorms so it's not like you'll be disturbed if you want to stay in.


There is always so much to do on campus, you are never at a loss for activity. Whether you enjoy drinking and going up on the hill or you would rather go see the movie playing on campus, listen to the a Capella groups perform, or enjoy other various cultural and exciting events that Lehigh has planned, there is always something fun going on. If it is only partying that you're interested in, you can find a party at Lehigh any night of the week.


We always have things going on every weekend.. i met my friends through classes, but we became very good friends... we study together and prepare for exams together at the library..


I am very heavily involved with Theater on campus. This has been one of the most positive aspects of my Lehigh experience. I have learned to work with professors on an equal level as well as other students. I wish that more people attended theater productions and workshops. It might be a matter of students just being too busy, but it would be nice to fill our 300 seat theater for opening night of a show. Students do leave their doors open, especially during Freshmen year. I think, again, it all depends on your hall and the people who you're living with/next to. I met my closest friends in my classes. This is definitely where you are able to find people who have similar interests and who are similar to you. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, which I usually am, I'm either writing a paper, working on an art project, or studying. People party a lot...sometimes too much. Frats and sororities are very important to people who want to go out a lot. If you aren't in a frat or sorority, you can still get into parties on the hill, so either way, Greek life is important for the party/drinking scene.


Social life is extremely popular topic at Lehigh. Everyone loves the 'hill' which is where the frats and soriorities are. Most frats have registered or non registered parties every weekend. Many people start dating other Lehigh students while on campus. Many athletes seem to start dating as well. A large percentage of the students go greek. The last weekend I went out at Lehigh I went to a off campus party and bbq. There is just always something going on and if there isn't then friends just hang out in the dorms. You meet so many people so easily. Lehigh does have a great social life though.


If you're awake late at night, there's nothing to do in town because everything closes at 10pm or so. I'm not interested in the fraternity scene, but that's the most likely place to spend a waking 2am. My activity of choice is board games or video games with friends.


Doors are always open on my floor, I met my closest friends through parties and classes, and through my fraternity. The party life is great, work hard play hard.


Many people may deny it, but Greek life is dominant, and it is hard to have a social life if you are not outgoing or in a frat/sorority. During the weekends, especially past 10, there is very little to do, but go to parties off-campus or on the hill (frats). There is stufff to do like go to the movies, but not many do that. The parties are not usually even fun, because since the sex ratio is 60 % guys, there are much more guys at the parties then girls. They are usually sausage fests. There is not a huge dating scene especially early on. Few relationships last in the first two years, but more settle down junior and senior year. Dorm life in freshmen was amazing; everyone is friendly with eachother especially in M&M (where I lived); I lived in a sophomore dorm this year (Taylor), and it was not even half as social as M&M was. In M&M everyone left there doors open, but in Taylor not one person did. In other words do not expect the same dorm life in sophomore as you do in freshman. You will be very disappointed like I was. Freshman year I had a lot more time to hang out, but this past year the only time I saw most of my friends was at the library.


I personally like Kenner theater and the movies shown there almost every other weekend. In our hall, we left our doors open all day and poked our heads in others rooms all the time. We ate dinner most nights together.


Drinking on "The Hill" as many times during the week as possible. Frats dominate social life as it seemed everyone in my residence hall left for pledging second semester. Want something to do other than drink? You're on your own. Despite the school's entertainment group's sorry attempts to bring in pitiful shows and movies to campus, gravity ramians strong in the social aspect of Greek life. Don't go off campus, you'll be shot. Not much in the area of Lehigh either...only if you're looking to have a variety of things to do, do you worry about that one...no one on campus does.


GREEK LIFE is huge on campus! They're are twenty something frats and nine sorrorities and it doesn't stop there. Whether or not your in a frat, you definitely party at this school. The biggest orgonizations other than the greeks are definitely the sports teams, being a division one school definitely gives us a fair share of athletes. Personally I'm not in greek life or on a sports team, but everyone i know is or is best friends with people who are. I don't know a lot of people who aren't involved in some way or another in these two scenes, they're deffinitely are people who don't go out much and what not, but they're a small minority. Myself, I go out at least thursday, friday and saturday (sometimes tuesdays). We go out around 10:30 or 11 and stay out sometimes until four in the morning. Theree isn't a big bar scene at all, and quite frankly the only people who go are seniors who live off campus. The social scene for freshmen, sophomores and juniors in on "The Hill" and all parties are at HUGE frat houses. The two biggest events in the year, which also promote drinking, are Lehigh/Laf week first semster and greek week second semester. Let's just say they're an excuse to drink every day, all day for an entire week. In terms of dating, as of right now, just finishing out my sophomore year, they're isn't a lot of it. I barely know anyone who has or had a steady boyfriend/girlfriend for a consistent or long time. There's a lot of hooking up at my school, but no one seems to want a relationship (at least from a girls perspective). I'm not trying to say you can't come to our school if your not a big drinker, i'm just telling you how it is. You might want to think twice about what you want in considering coming here is your not planning on drinking every weekend. From my perspective, I don't know what there is to do on a saturday night besides go to a frat party.


Dating scene = mostly random hookups. I had a boyfriend that I met at Lehigh and dated all 4 years and we were seen as odd. Lehigh is a big party school. Greek life is a big part of it- especially the hill. Too many drugs in the past couple of years.


There is always something going on at Lehigh. The Greek scene is very popular here with the Hill. The most popular sports team on campus would probably be Football or Soccer. Lehigh/Lafayette week is a very popular week for everyone on campus. All students get involved and the amount of students that go to the football game at the end of the week is amazing.


Greek life is a huge part of Lehigh's social calendar. The fraternities on the hill have parties pretty much every weekend and sometimes during the week. I estimate about half of Lehigh's entire population is pledged to a fraternity or sorority. They have a large presence on campus and someone is always hosting some sort of fundraiser or special social event. A great thing about Lehigh is that even if you're not much of a party-goer, like me, there is always something for you to do. Ulrich Student Center shows free movies every weekend with complimentary popcorn and soda. They're new movies, too, usually just recently out of theatres. The Hawk's Nest is a popular hang-out. The food is really good, though a little expensive, and there are TVs, a pool table, foosball table and air hockey tables. Different groups also host guests like comedians and musicians. Zoellner Arts Center seems to always have a concert or two going on, and students perform plays frequently. You'll never be able to say there's nothing to do. Everyone here is very friendly. Whenever we're in our rooms, the girls on my floor and I leave our doors open. You can always hear people socializing and helping each other with homework. People are very community-oriented.


Students can leave their dorms open and athletic events are not extremely popular. Guest speakers are very common and often attended. Greek week, lehigh-lafayette week are the major traditions. People party tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday nights. Frats and sororities are pretty important. Last weekend I went to several frat parties and if you don't want to drink there are events set up on campus like comedy, movies... You don't go off campus except when you are a sr to the bars.


Greek life is huge on Lehigh, and I chose to be part of it for this reason. I'm not a typical "sorority girl," but I knew if I didn't do a sorority I probably would struggle socially. Most of the parties revolve around frat houses, and although there are other things to do, most people ignore them. The majority of socializing also involves a Natty Lite.


The most popular organization is definitely the Association of Student Alumni because it connects alumni with students, gives tours of the campus, and even helps with the admissions process. Fraternities and sororities are also extremely popular here because greek life is a huge aspect of Lehigh.


You can find a party just about every day of the week if you look for one either at a frat or off campus.


Most popular groups are definitely Fraternities/Sororities and club sports. I am involved with the school newspaper, it requires a night of alot of work when an assignment is due. Dorm doors are hinged and students are told to not prop them open, however social students leave them open. Wrestling, football and basketball get the biggest turnout. As far as dating goes, there are only a few nice restaurants to take someone out to, the movies are inaccessible unless you have a car (not a freshman). A good amount of my closest friends lived in my freshman dorm. Awake at 2am on a tuesday, not much is going on, video games with friends or AIM. Traditions to note: Lehigh/Lafayette football game, Greek week, and sundaze (concert). People party alot, 4-7 times a week depending on the time of year or if finals are coming up. Fraternities/Sororities are very important since there isnt much else to do on a weekend in Bethlehem. Last weekend I was on spring break, but a usual weekend has some beirut and a few parties thrown in there. The university usually has things happening on saturday nights, from comedians to bands to guest speakers. Off campus there are usually keg parties.


Students in dorms almost always leave doors open. Athletic events and other things sponsored by the school are pretty well attended, especially the music and theater events. Those are generally incredible. The dating scene freshman year doesn't really exist. Most people let the freedom of college go to their heads for a year or so, but then start to settle down. After freshman year, many people get involved in more serious and long term relationships, but certainly not everyone. There are a lot of people who are single and loving it. I met my closest friends at orientation and pre-orientation. Lehigh offers pre-orientation programs where you can go do service projects in South Bethlehem or spend a few days doing outdoorsy things, like white water rafting and playing paintball. At 2am on Tuesday, if I am awake, I am in the lounge with other people from my floor doing homework and listening to music. There are a million traditions here. The biggest one is probably Lehigh-Laf, or the weekend of the Lehigh-Lafayette football game. It's all people talk about for an entire month or so. The week right before is completely insane with all kinds of giveaways, parties, shows, and other events every night. Another is Sundaze, which is a big music festival with pretty big names every Spring. Last weekend I went to an off-campus party with some friends and came back to get food at Hawk's Nest. Then we all watched part of a movie. We all started falling asleep. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, I spent almost all of my time in the library working. On Saturdays, there are generally pre-release films shown on campus and there's always something going on at Lamberton. A lot of people just hang out in the dorm and watch a movie or something too. Off-campus there are parties, but there are also some art galleries and good restaurants. I live really far from eveything off-campus, so I don't go there much, but there are definitely really good places to eat and I'm told the art galleries are awesome.