Lehigh University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think that Lehigh should do more to integrate students that are in different fields of study. There are a few classes that require skills from both engineering and business, but I think that more could be done to unite the unique mix of students that Lehigh has. In the real world, all technology companies need business savvy minds in order to be profitable, so it only makes sense that these two schools become more intertwined.


Lehigh is a great school that provides its students with great opportunities to get a job, explore different majors (even create your own major through its IDEAS program) and GET IN SHAPE. What I mean by this is the number of stairs and hills that Lehigh's campus has. Our school mascot is not called the Mountain Hawk for no reason. After a while, climbing the stairs with all of your books in the middle of the winter can become pretty arduous task at the end of the day; however, eventually you learn to take it all in stride.


Lehigh's main drawback is the hills on campus that make every day a workout.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding city. South Bethlehem has a lot of crime, but it is a completely different environment from the actual campus at Lehigh University, I always feel safe on campus.


The worst thing about Lehigh is the exam schedule. Instead of mulitple tests throughout the semester most classes have two exams and a final, it's very stressful because your whole grade basically depends on three tests.


The worst part about Lehigh University are all the stairs. It's no wonder after four years of hiking up the mountain everyday Jesse Reno came up with the escalator.


I can't say a single bad word about Lehigh. I think it is perfect and my college experience is exactly what I had hoped it would be.


I think one of the worst things is the tendency for everything to be at a 45 degree angle and having to walk up over eighty stairs to get to the closest dining hall from my dorm. Also, for the boys greek life is pretty much a necesity.


It is very challenging getting around at Lehigh. There are lots of hills and stairs to get to my classes. It is also very cold at Lehigh. The weather is the only thing I don't like. Navigating the hills of Lehigh is very difficult especially with carriying books. Walking around increases my leg muscle and keeps me from gaining the freshment 15!


The hills! But I am in great shape.


I consider the worst would probably be the stairs, too many of them.


There is limited access to outside world.


It is very centered around the greek system. If you are not greek, there is not much to do, since it is a very small town.


While the strong presence of Greek life on campus is great for some students, it can be extremely intimidating for those who aren't interested in it. The social life of the school almost entirely revolves around Greek parties and drinking. Those who don't enjoy partying several times a week can be made to feel outcasts unless you develop a strong network of friends who feel the same as you do. The school is also quite racially homogenous and a little unwelcoming of anyone different.


The intolerance of the student body for people of another race or sexual orientation, because it creates a close-minded environment that seems hostile to people different from the "norm" or average.


Closed mindedness of some people. Lots of people join fraternities or sororities and close themselves off from everything but that. The Greek people think they are some sort of elite group on campus.


New focus on diversity is almost entirely racial. I think they should bring diverse ideas here! People think/act the same regardless of color.