Lehigh University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Lehigh is the perfect school for someone who wants to excel in a highly technical field, like engineering, but who also wants to develop the social skill necessary to thrive upon graduation. Lehigh provides a well-rounded education that prepares students not just to get a job, but to flourish in their field. Lehigh boasts one of the best Greek systems in the country, so students looking to contribute to their community in a meaningful way will be at home on Lehigh's campus. Lastly, Lehigh offers a number of excellent entrepreneurship opportunities that let creative minds run wild.


Prospective Lehigh University students are ones that seek to bridge gaps between typically isolated fields whether they be engineering and business, business and arts, engineering and arts, or a combination of all three. The integrated learning environment at Lehigh is paramount to its graduates' success because of how it equips them with a wide range of skills and knowledge.


Lehigh University has a place for everyone, as long as they meet a few requirements. They must constantly express the desire to learn, inside and outside of the classroom. A Lehigh student must never settle for anything below their dreams because there is no university better suited to get he or she to that place. Lastly, to attend Lehigh, a student must be prepared to work-- to let go of highschool, when his or her studies came easily -- to roll up one's sleeves and labor away, all in the pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves.


Lehigh attracts students nationwide with its reputation as one of the best engineering universities in the country. However, just because somebody wants to become an engineer, that doesn't mean that they belong at Lehigh. A Lehigh student needs to be able to live outside of the classroom as well as excel in a classroom setting. With so much time given outside of class, the Lehigh cirriculum caters to students who want to get involved with clubs as well as research. A Lehigh student needs to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities they have on campus.


Lehigh is known for its engineers, but it's also great for students interested in studying pure sciences as well.


A person who likes fraternity's and likes to do while while still being able to party and have fun.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be social and very ambitious. If you are interested in finding a job right after college in a chosen field, then the Business or Engineering schools are probably your best bet. As far as for the School of Arts and Sciences, there is often too much pressure on these students to find a job in comparison to the other schools (where there is a more clearly defined path for how to find jobs, internships, etc.).


1. Lehigh has renowned engineering programs. If someone is interested in engineering, it's a really nice choice. 2. Lehigh also has several reputable business programs, like finance and accounting. If someone is pursuing a business related majors, it's a nice choice. 3. Lehigh is a research school, but also a party school. If someone can balance the time between study and time. It's a good choice.


I would say that a person that attends Lehigh would feel most comfortable if he or she was white and in the middle to upper class range and very much academically driven. One of Lehigh's downfalls is that is not very diverse and while they are working to change this, currently, it is difficult for minorities to fit in. As well, students here are very much involved in greek life so a student looking to attend Lehigh should be wanting to participate in greek life.


Someone interested in heavy drinking and greek life with no strong desire to leave campus. If they want to leave camous for something they need to go to NY or Philly, about an hour away. If they don't midn doing it alone its not so bad, but most other people will not want to go or make the schlep.


Someone who is extremely motivated and career oriented


Someone who is ready to commit themselves to studying but can multitask with a social life (if they are social people). Also, they should take advantage of opportunities early and not just wait until Senior year.


A tunnel visioned person who only likes to drink and do their math problems and not think about life. If you are artsy in any way, I suggest not coming to this school.


White, preppy, upper-class


Smart hard working person.


Lehigh has an amplitude of oppertunities yet finding these oppertunities proves difficult amid the administrative bureocracy so students who are willing to put up with a frustrating administration will do well here.