Lehigh University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Lehigh definitely has a party scene, but it’s avoidable. Sign up for CHOICE (substance free) housing if you don’t drink – it’s not just for sheltered helicopter-parent raised kids; you’ll find resident artists, geeks and club leaders there as well. There are parties every day, but you won’t notice unless you pursue them – most are off campus. I almost passed by Lehigh because of its party school ranking, but I’m glad I wasn’t scared off. If you can find a group of like-minded friends, Lehigh is safe for the non-partygoer too.


That Lehigh has a very pleaseant and welcoming enviroment which makes it easy for new people to easily get confortable in the four years I will be living at Lehigh.


I wish I had realized that grades are not the most important thing. Your GPA matters less than you think. Rather, it is the practical experience you gain from involving yourself in various campus activities because everything you become part of shapes you as a person, and if you surround yourself with people who inspire you and believe in you, you will be far more motivated. I wish I had also recognized the value of befriending your teachers because their connections can help you go a long way and will provide much value for you in the long-run.


I wish I had a better understanding of the differerent meal plans so I could make a more informed choice. Although it was not obvious to me when preparing for college, eating properly makes a big impact on how I perform academically. Luckily, I randomly chose a meal plan that works well for me and I feel like I eat well. Some of my friend, however, chose meal plans that prevent them from eating enough and it adds extra stress to their life here.


Exactly how to study for colleg exams. Theyre so diffrent from high school, no one ever tells you that


How similar everyone is...my school is very homogeneous it seems.


I wish I had learned how to balance social life with my academic life. Here at Lehigh you have to know how to "Work hard and party hard." Freshman year had taught me a lot about this.


I wish someone would have told me the heavy emphasis on Greek life and how it may affect the social aspect whether or not I would have joined


I wish I had known about the hills. It is alot walking up and down the hills the first year, but it is great exercise and you get used to it, plus there are buses and transportation that can take you around campus, so that is nice.


I wish I had known the amount of work I would be doing and the amount of activities I would be involved in. At first I started off participating in everything, which was difficult. Now, I have norrowed it down to the things I'm really interested in, like my sorority, Mini Baja SAE, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and gymnastics. Also, I wish I had know that anyone who wasnts to do research or study abroad has the opportunity to do so; no one is turned down. That's why I'm studying abroad over the summer.


how hard you must work to succeed in pre-med, that there is nothing to do outside binge drinking


How wealthy people are that go here. I had no idea I was going to have such rich friends where money isn't really a problem for them.


I wish i had known all the things it really had to offer-especially more about the cross-disciplinary programs because i don't think i got as much out of the school as i probably could have.


The Upper UC halves the worth of the meal in a meal plan.




We work hard and we play hard.


snob factor