Lehigh University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Lehigh offers so much flexibility between their three colleges; it's no trouble to pursue any mixture of business, engineering, or arts and sciences. You can be who you want to be and do want you want to do, restricted by minimal hurdles or impediments. Lehigh prepares you for life by allowing you to discover who you are through trial and error, without penalizing you for the mistakes.


Lehigh has incredible opportunities and resources for a school its size. I was looking for a school that offered degrees in both Molecular Biology and Mechanical Engineering that still had a small campus feel, and Lehigh has met my expectations. Lehigh excels at science, engineering, and business, and people looking to delve deeply into or combine these areas will find limitless opportunities. As a freshman, I’m doing research in one of my professors’ lab this Spring. For a school with 5,000 undergrads, its course selections, degrees offered, and research opportunities are reminiscent of a large, research based institution.


The best thing about Lehigh is the work hard play hard atmosphere because the school highly encourages social interaction so it eliminates the cutthroat feeling that many schools of similar academic caliber have. The students are friendly and for the most part work to help each other both succeed rather than solely focus on themselves. Lehigh has such a beautiful campus and a relaxed environment mainly because the students know that if they work hard and utilize Lehigh's alumni network, they are likely to receive a job upon graduation. Knowing that eliminates much of the stress.


The faculty at Lehigh are helpful, passionate about teaching, and for the most part, are wonderful people. I am glad to have met them.


The campus is beautiful. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy here.


The best thing about Lehigh is the flexibility the students have when choosing their majors and minors. Students are given a broad range of classes that they can pick from each semester and are allowed to have a major a minor in different colleges within the university. This allows students to explore many different areas of interest and they are able to fully integrate their interests in a simple schedule.


All of the greek life activites and life long friends


I love that it is a smaller school. I am always able to talk to my professors and advisor. The professors are very helpful. I also like the students who attend the school. My school challenages me academically and there are a lot of activites for me to join. There is always something to do it you are not studying.


It is a place where you can earn a good degree and still have a lot of fun.


the social seen, no matter what group you're in, you'll find people who alike the same kinds of things you do


The best part of my school is the ability to balance academics with social and extra curricular activities.


The best thing about my school is how it helps each student to grow personally. The small class sizes allow for more discussion and bonds between the student and professor that help one learn material easier.


There is no one best thing about Lehigh University; it is equally great in all aspects including academics, social life and athletics. There is so much to do at all times and I really feel like I am getting a wonderful education. I am offered so many opportunities that many college students don't hear of at community or public schools. I love everything about Lehigh University because I feel I can do so much to impact the world as one individual.


There is a place for everyone here, even though this is not a huge school.


I love that i know most of the people on campus and there is always someone in my classes that I know that can ask for help and depend on. I do know that Lehigh has an amazing reputation and my friends have been very successful in job placement. I just wish that I took more advantage of the opportunities available.


The best thing about Lehigh is the educational opportunities. Lehigh encourages many students to go out and get a broad based knowledge on many different levels. Within a students specific major they are more than accomodating with post graduation placement, internships, externships. Lehigh prepares you educationally for the world by providing mock interviews and other such preparational tools. Their teaching strategy is also very hands on, with many different projects and group work.


It's a small campus that looks nice. Also, if you are a business student... you'll be fine.


social scene and the students here


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