Lenoir-Rhyne University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that college is not a game. It is not high school, therefore you cannot slack off and not complete assignments just because you do not feel like it. I would also say that making friends is vital to being a successful college student. No one wants to be alone at an unfamiliar school. It is always great to have friends to confide in and to share memories with.


You are bright. You are unique. You are hardworking, and responsible. Regardeless of what other students, teachers, and members of the community have to say about you, you must believe that you are enough the way you are, and that you will be successful. The opinions that people have formed about you the past four years in high school will be completely irrelevant the moment you step foot onto your college campus. College will be an entire new beginning for you, and I encourage you to make the best of it. Leave any negative thoughts you have of yourself behind, because it will be over and done with. Take pride in what you know is great about yourself, and strive to make your dreams come true. Senior year is going to fly by, appreciate every minute, even the unfavorable aspects of it. Do not focus on proving those who doubt you wrong, but center your intentions on proving yourself right. You know that failure is inevitable in life, but you also know success is highly achievable. Believe in yourself, and fantastic things will come about.


While I enter my senior year of college, I think back and realize how nice it would be if I could pass all the knowledge I have now back to a young high school girl nervously awaiting her college years. First I would say, it's okay if you don't know what you want to be. I would say it's okay to change your mind; you still have time to make this decision and it's yours to make. If I could go back, I would say don't let distance scare you. I would reassure myself that my family and friends will always be there even if I move away. I would tell myself that I'm not alone and there's a whole group of people going into their first year who are just as nervous as I am and they will soon become lifelong friends. I would tell myself that college is where you find yourself. Above all else, I would l look at my high school self and let her know that it will all be okay. I would tell her to relax and get ready for the biggest step of her life.


Well my mom died in my first semester of college, so I would really tell myself to spend a lot of time with her and to never take her for granted. I would let myself know that college is a wonderful experience, and nothing to be afraid of. I have really overcome many fears that I once had and am now comfortable putting myself in what would have then been an uncomfortable situation. I would say during this first year of college I find out just how much I can do. Then I would probably smack myself in the back of the head for not filling out scholarships in high school.


If I could go back and give myself some advice it would definitely be to get more involved in highschool and take more AP courses. They have really helped me credit wise and with saving money. I would also apply for more scholarships because I really need the help now that I'm in college. It's been tough because I'm the first one in my family to go to college and we had no idea how expensive it is. I would definitely tell myself to try harder for scholarships.


If I could go back in tima to myself as a high school senior, I would advice myself to save money and to get a part-time job at least. I also would tell myself to get an Amazon account because books for college are expensive. I would also advice myself to apply to as many scholarships as possible. I would also tell myself to watch out for the desert in the cafeteria because my health is important no matter how good it looks. I would have also told myself to be social and get more involved than I already am.


First I would say, don't be scared to ASK FOR HELP! Don't think you can do somethings all yourself. Secondly, study and figure out different ways to study, so you can get the best grade possible. Lastly, to not put things to the last minute. That is a major problem that young adults have and if you can stay away from that, more power to you. But if you are a night before it's due, don't be!


You need to work hard and make good grades to succeed in college. College is hard and expensive! Apply for alot of scholarships and financial aid. Enjoy summer and your senior year while you can but not to much, you will regret getting crazy later in life. Be wise in who you keep in your life and who you need to leave. Dont let anyone hold you back and grow closer to God to help keep you going. Learn to love reading and taking notes. Main thing enjoy life and make the best of every situation. Goodluck and never give up!


Anna, you're smarter than you think you are. Do not waste your time working at job that makes you miserable. While you're young, it is time to reach for the stars in the sky and seize your dreams! Start today by focusing more on your education now, in high school. College is not hard, but it builds on what you already know. Anything that won't matter in ten years, anyone who will drag you down with them... forget them. Don't give up on a class or a professor. Sometimes, the ones you don't like at first become the best ones! College is hard work, no doubt. Deadlines, assignments, group projects, tests. You are going to be the first person in your family to receive a college degree! You and your future family will live a better life than your parents ever did, or even you did, as a child. A teaching job is the most precious job in the world. People trust their children in your care, and you have the privilege to mold the new generation. Learn what you can, because you are learning for them.


Do not think that finding a job is everything, the money you make today is not evrything you think you might be having a goodtime now and driving a nice car now, all of this is just stuff you are able to obtain quickly "it's not worth it" all these jobs come and go so quick.......... get yourself and education and pick a major that you will be passionate about so that work does not seem like work, because without your education all you will ever do is "work"


Upon completing high school, there are many things students hope to receive from their college experience. Lifelong friends and loads of fun are the things that seem most important; that is, until you get to college. My focus completely changed when I got to college. I realized what would really be important in life: a good education. In high school, i was a slacker and procrastinator but at Lenoir-Rhyne I have learned many skills that have helped me to overcome those qualities. I've learned how to balance academics and my personal life, how to study, and most importantly how to manage my time (which really came in handy when I began to join clubs and start working). From Lenoir-Rhyne I have gained friends that are always willing to help, faculty that want the best for me, and values that will live with me forever. The small class sizes and campus support has definitely been worthwhile, and will definitely prove to be when I get into my dream grad school!! My focus has changed and I now have the grades and resume to prove it. If I could go back and make changes, I wouldn't.


Returning to school became a must after having my daughter, knowing full well I would be raising her alone. Previous to having her I suffered a critical, life-threatning accident, depression and anxiety: ultimately becoming disabled. I know that I cannot raise a little girl on my own, living on disability. So I fight everyday to get to school and too get good grades. I started at a community college, Rockland Community in NY, and I found that I thoroughly enjoy learning. A teacher let me in on a little secret: if you excel and get good grades, you can finance your education that way. I earned membership into Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society, and that opened up so many opportunities. Being a single mother, I cannot do all of the things I want to as far as extra-curricular activities are concerned. And, suffering from severe anxiety, I tend to keep my head down. But, I can tell anybody in a similiar position, I am starting Fordham University in the Fall. I am fufilling my dream, and learning first-hand how to beat my own disabilities and I will be getting an Ivy League Education.


My college experience here at my school has really changed the way I look at things. Ever since I attended Lenoir-Rhyne, I noticed that I am more social and outgoing towards other people. I would honestly have to say that living the college experience is definitely different from what I expected. I really enjoy being independent within the dorm room along with my roommate, able to make my own decisions, complete assignments, and meeting awesome new people. It has been very valuable to attend here because I feel at home. Even though I only live in the dorm for the school year, I consider it to be my second home. It is where I finish all my work, study for exams, and hang out with friends. I really do appreciate attending this school for it abling me to be independent and become more social with others.


Day by day i wake up knowing that, I am a college student. Its been a kind of hard transition out of high school , dealing with all the freedom, trying to carry out the responsibilites to the class. This is going to be my thrid quarter at Green River Community College, and what I learned so far is that I shouldnt take any class for granite because im paying for the classes. So far, my college expericence has been great, the instructors I previously had were very intelligent in the sense of helping peolpe with their every needs, having office hours that work fittingly with people's schedules, and they all took time out their day to assist me with certain material I didnt understand. Since ive been in college it has been valuable for me to attend, because i know im going to learn something new everyday that's going to have a positive outlook in my future. I attend because I want to make something of myself, I attend because I wanted to be the first in my family to get a college degree. I attend because I want to extend my learning capabilities.


Out of my college experience thus far I have learned college isn't as easy and fun as it seems and everyone make it out to be. College takes time, dedication, responsibility, and major growing up. In my college experience I have learned that procrastinating turns into long nights that turn into mornings, friends are a dime dozen, and you'll never appreciate where you came from and your raising any more in you life. College is hard and isn't all parties and being free from parents. Sure, there will be partie that you have to take responsibility for yourself..and others. You will miss your mom, regardless....rather it's her washing your clothes, fixing you a sandwich, or beng able to admit you just miss your Mommy and spending time with her. College this far has taught me more about myself than I ever knew I could learn, from religion to morals to friends to growing up.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take more AP classes and to learn to open myself up more to new opportunites and people. It would have helped me a great deal now if I had taken more AP classes and gotten college credit for them. It would have saved me some money and I would not have to take some of the classes that I am taking now. I would have myself open up more so that I could obtain more experiences with new people. I tend to keep to myself, and by opening up, I would be able to make more relationships with the people that I meet at school everyday.


I would stress the importance of studying not just doing homework. College is a different ball game. You are given the infoormation but in most cases it is up to you to put that information to use. Dont think college is easy. You cant do what you were doing in high school and expect that to be enough. It is important that you get those study habits now and then college wont be such a shock.


Go to a community college first and take as many hours a semester you can. Graduate with an Associates and a high GPA. Retain all your papers and books and refrence them often. Don't settle for a grade less then what you feel you honestly worked for. And if you don't understand, ask as many questions as you want until you do understand.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to take more AP classes and get the required grade to get college credit hours. It would help so much in the long run, even though the class may have been very hard. I would also tell myself to work more on my study habits, such as time managing and better note taking. It is crucial to have those skills so that when it comes time to study, you have everything you need and can focus on the most important points. Another aspect I would mention would be to shadow someone in your intended major so that I would know if it is what I really want to major in. It would save me the trouble of second-guessing my decision.


To stay on top of your studies and to become as active as possible in campus life while keeping your grades where they need to be. Keep things balanced.


LIfe is not going to turn out the way you have it planned! So take some risks and do what it is that you know in your heart to be true. Follow the big dreams and don't settle for less than what you desire. Don't worry about the little things like GPA and your silly girlfriend. The plans you think that you have and the way you picture your life turning out is going to be completely different in 4 years. My advice: TAKE ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT COME YOUR WAY. You are going places and these small oppotunites are going to take you to BIG BIG things down the road. LIVE HARD!


I would tell myself to not be afraid to go for what you want in life. Don't wait until your mid thirties to take that step.


don't give up on your dreams and listen to your heart


Moving into college is a big step in your life, a step that not everyone has the opportunity to experience. You only experience it once in your lifetime, it can be very hard for you to do this if you are not prepare. In order to get ready for this step you have to do work hard on a few things. First able you have to plan out how you are going to pay the tuition, contact your administration office of your recent school, talk to your parents and find out how they can help; whether they going to support you (if any support), you must apply for scholarships and grants. Once you have figure out how you going to pay for your college, now is the time for you to start looking for the colleges you desire to go, and find out what are the advantages of each college and choose the one that best suits you. When that day comes for you to depart to college, have your family and close friends (if any) come with you to help you move in. This transition is a big process in your life and it could be unforgettable.


Pick the school based on how the professors and staff make you feel. Not everything can be listed and be perfect, but you can't underestimate the value of good professor-student reltationships. That is what is most important for the educational experience.


The moment I got to the school I am now attedning i new it was the right place for me. Make sure you visit and possible school and if you do not feel comfortable their that is a definite indicator that maybe it is not the right place for you. Also make sure the school is in your price range. It will just be one big headache later.


Concerning choosing a college, actively seek what will give you the best broad education possible. Do not be timid ? hold each school liable to the highest degree concerning weaknesses and give due credit when you find a school that does something well. Use this to gage where your calling lies. This will be your alma mater, your school for the rest of your life. Take hold of the opportunity and pursue it with industrious fervor. And by no means are you to expect that once you are at school that your college experience will simply come to you. No! Be active as much as you can in all number of extracurricular activates, Greek life, music ensembles, and political activism. This is the college experience which you seek when applying to a school of higher education ? this is what it is all about. Much luck to you and your family as you begin the greatest part of your life so far.


I would definitely encourage students to visit the campuses that they have applied to. A visit will allow them to experience the college or university's atmosphere firsthand. When you actually begin college, go out and participate in extra curricular activities. This will help you find a group of people who share common interests with you and allow you to make new, longlasting friendships!


Making the final decision on what college to attend kind be extremelly stressful. It is important for the student and family to visit each college that they are interested in. It is also important that the student base their decision on the career path that they have choosen. I am a nursing major and I feel like the small school environment has helped me to excel in my academics. Being a socially driven person, the distractions of large schools could have lead me off path and into trouble. With all the many scholarships available, the cost of private institutions can be minimized. Go with your gut feeling, any school you choose will feel normal, just be sure that the decision has been well thought out and finalized for the right reasons. To the students, listen to your parents and advisors. Do not pick a school just because you like their sports team or just because your friend is going there. Look ahead into the future and imagine how you would like to see yourself in five years. Pick a school that you feel can help you reach that goal, because remember, this is why you attend college.


Get outside of your comfort zone!! It truly helps you to become stronger as a person, and to become more social which will, in turn, help you as you choose your career path. Pick a school with a lot of activities and clubs, it is great to get involved with people who believe in the things that you do!


figure out what u want to major in.


Talk to a career counselor before declaring a major to avoid wasted time as a undeclared major. Make sure its the right choice for you and the money will follow.


I would definitely advise every student to go to the campus(es) that you are considering and see if you could see yourself adapting the area. Also, I would consider picking a school not because of friends or relationships, instead chose the school that will help you in the future. The school that you will benefit you the best with your goals.


To find a college do not go to a college purely for an athletic scholarship or any other scholarship/financial aid package. The students must love the size and style of the campus as well as the opportunities the particular institution has for students. In short, this college is the best time of your life so you should be at a school you love.


First of all, I would tell parents and students to find a college that offers the student's known major. Afterwards, students should go visit the campus of the school of their first choice on a designated touring day and on a regular day. Get a feel for the campus and talk to the different faculty/staff available to converse with. Once you arrive at the college of your choice, make sure to get to know the students on your hall-believe me, they're just as nervous as you are. While at school, make sure to be involved in the things that interest you and always remember your first priority: doing well in each of your classes. If you have kept in line with all of these helpful tidbits, you're sure to reach success in your college life and in life after college as well!


Talk to students at the college-not just the ones admissions/enrollment are paying. Look up someone on facebook. Ask about stuff that doesn't seem like a big deal, just as much as the stuff that seems really important. Those little things become big things if they build up and it's easier know them ahead of time. Don't worry about what your friends are doing or where they're going. Choose the right place for you.