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People say their schools are unique, but Lesley University is the most unique school I came across in my search for choosing the right college. I have never been in a place that no one was judged and everyone got along so well. There is also a special event every week and they play a different movie every weekend for absolutely free.


The unique part about my school is that it is a hands on learning school and pays great deal of attention to everybody's different learning styles. It helps those that learn more visually to succeed and others that are more oral also a chance to succeed. This was one of the biggest reasons why I decided to attend Lesley University. The school also offers a lot for their majors. The amount of internships and study abroad programs one can do are endless.


Small class size, urban campus


Lesley University is directly attached to another school--the Art Institute of Boston--which is unique in location, class offerings, operation, and opportunities. College living isn't completely about academics; it's about new experiences, growth, and learning to live within and contribute to a community. Lesley and AIB--which are divided among three main campuses around Harvard Square and Fenway Park--offer students a great opportunity to grow both academically and personally.


The Art Institute of Bosotn at Lesley University, at its heart, is an intimate school, more an indie workshop than a factory. There are tight teacher-student relationships that are at the core of a great art education. In the studio classes (of about fourteen students), there's always a front-row seat: the chance to get up close and personal with some of the best artist-teachers in the business, ask questions about technique, and soak up the real skills needed to make it as an artist!


Lesley University has a good reputation as a school for teachers which is what drew me to it. I like being in the city and going to a small school, so it's a good fit for me.


I appreciate the opportunity that Lesley has provided me. Despite a less than stellar high school career the college allowed me to demonstrate my full potential. By accepting me based on a strong essay and interview Lesley restored some of the confidence in my academic ability that I lacked in high school. Throughout my freshman year I built on the feeling of accomplishment that my acceptance to Lesley stirred in me. The fact that Lesley will go out on a limb to accept students who have strong potential but have not proved themselves is something that many other schools lack.


Education and counseling are their strengths


Very tight community. Faculty and students all know each other, and that's the best thing about Lesley.


the size of the classes