Lesley University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Rahumai Rafaela

I used to "brag" about being at the Art Institute of Boston when it wasn't a part of Lesley University. Now that the Institute became just a faculty of Lesley, I rarely mention where I attend to school.


I proudly share the excellent education program that I am taking part in. Lesley Univeristy is known for producing teachers that easily find jobs once graduating. I also like to share the amount of internships I have already experienced.


Our award winning Cross Country Team


Lesley University is a great school to attend. Its located in a good beautiful city in Cambridge, MA. The education you receive here is among the best in the country. The basketball team is a great activity to be apart of. The school is very diversy so you can meet a lot of different people outside of your race.


The most impressive aspect of Lesley's education is the availability and dedication of its faculty. During freshman year when the college workload can be new and intimidating, support from the faculty is important. At Lesley this support is commonplace. Later on in the college experience relationships with faculty allow students to immerse themselves deeper into their areas of study. I have had the opportunity to critique my own work in conference with faculty and it has a positive direct connection with strong developed work.


The location of the school. The relaxed approach to teaching that some of my teachers have.


Minutes from harvard square. Great professors that are easily reachable and friendly.


Definitely my internship experience and my friends that I made while in undergrad. The internships that I had were what helped me to decide what I wanted to get my masters in. My friends that I made there will be lifelong and we still stay in touch even though we've all moved to different places. I also discuss my city experience and working as an RA for two years taught me many lessons and helped me to make many connections as well.


I like to brag about how nice our new dorms are and how close my campus is to Harvard University and Boston.